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Rachels Diary :)

STARTING WEIGHT 13 STONE 2 (fatass lol) HEIGHT 5'8! started 4th august 2008

okai so i decided to do 1 thread ! lol
some advice off someone least ill have all the food diarys etc together to compare etc :) my days will all be green as im a veggie :) so i hope it doesnt slow me down! but im going to try my best ONCE AND FOR ALL ! whos with me :D

DAY 5!
mum said id lost weight and that i was so much more possitive these days YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :p i have about 17 days till my holiday and im going to kick my ass 100% :) told you im going to get better have my referal apointment on 16th august! so bye bye eating disorder hello life and slimming world healthy living :D i LOVE working out lol okai im babling on! ha!

free foods - pasta beans and 4 quorn sausages all mixed is so nice im addicted to it lol but its free so i dont care :p
(planned for dinner- slimming world quiche and beans free free freeeee lol and then a muller light yogurt a free 1 !

i have no clue about the healthy extras today or syns! if i do illl have weetabix tonight i refuse to night eat thats the only thing i have a problem with now and then id be sorted!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE- have eaten looooads today but all free :S lol o well xxx

exercise -
1 hour with weights on exercise bike! lots of weights and AB work and then a 20 min blast to end of on the bike with weights! i might do a bit more AB work before i go to work my bellys horrible lol!

questions -
still cant get the syns etc right? any one no a low syn flapjak i love them lol
is exercise a good part of this diet?
how long you rekon it will take to loose 3 stone ?
i keep seeing groups of people loosing weight whats that? like fbi or something lol sorry

thanks everyone!
love rach xxx
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thankyou :) x


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S: 20st4.5lb C: 17st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 2st5.5lb(11.78%)
The groups of us losing weight is a team thing we started to help encourage people, so pop in ono the threads and see if anyones got a space, if not just join the team that has the least members (we all started with 10, but some have droped out and new peeps have joined) theres SAS, FBI, FFF and SW Angels (if I remember correctly)
In answer to your question how long will it take to lose three stone then obv a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration, it took me about 5 months to lose 3 stone - but I started off weighing quite a bit more than you, realistically you can lose around 2 pound a week, more on occasions, but obv sometimes you have to accept a small gain or staying the same. Being a veggie shouldn't slow you down, mod-karens a veggie and she's doing sooper dooperly well.

Its entirely up to you, but just with you saying you dont know the site, ther is a separate sub forum for food diarys, but keep it on this part if its easier. I have my food diary in the sub forum and then on here I keep track of my general day to day ramblings! xxx

oh and as for exercise, Im a phobe and only go swimming once a week xxx
DAY 6!

okaiiii i feel good anyways :) i love green days i love the food! lol n im glad you cant eat too much free food (well you know what i mean) i didnt wake up till 11am today wooops day off though lol then i exercise as soon as i wake for about 2 hours for my metabolism !

intake -
pasta and beans and 2 qourn sausages and 2 quarn burgers chopped up ! i looooove it all mixed lol and muller light :)

planned - potatos with either beans or sweetcorn or spagetti and quorn or eggs??? not sure yet :) and of course muller light :)

i dont know how im going to work out the healthy extras and syns to be honest! cant think of what i want lol :S

workout -
im at home all day bored today so im going to do a whoop ass workout i dont the normal when i wake up hour on bike including weights intervals and weights and ab work! after my food setles in my stomach im going to exercise again simple reason i want to lol i feel in the mood! haha!

UPDATE - im not hungry after the pasta! lol so ill have the potatos later tonight!

how do i put a profile pic up? not to do with sw but this site is hard lol

how do u lot use ure healthy extras and syns?

low syn cereal bars???

thanks everyone
luv rach x
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S: 20st4.5lb C: 17st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 2st5.5lb(11.78%)
You need to have posted 50 times before you get full privileges like a profile and full signature space, pics etc. I have no problem using my syns - I like to try and use them on choc and sweets type things rather than in meals, and as for HE's, mine tend to be cheese and milk for A, and cereal, bread or alpen lights for HE B.
shall i go on a post from like 2006 and hammer it with posts lol


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S: 20st4.5lb C: 17st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 2st5.5lb(11.78%)
lol - have a look around the forum, read some diary's on here (mines on) and make comments, or go on one of the word game threads on here. It'll be harder today as ther doesnt seem to be many people on at the moment x
will have a GOOD look around now :) x
day 7!

last night i had a night with few of my mates buuuuuut i stuck to vodka and diet coke :) i was hangin and puked alot lol i only ate the pasta yesturday so yeh explains it! but i feel thinner than yesturday so i dont care! haha! but i feel sick! lol anyways!
going to the cinema can i resist temptationnn??? lol

fooooooooooood -
potatos, beans and eggs :)

pasta quorn and beans! and muller light!

workout -
do that later!
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I started at SW at 13st4.5 and I'm only 5ft2, imagine how I felt lol
had also weetabix , muller light and hi fi bar 2 lol :D


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That's a bit better. If you are going to be going out drinking then it's a good idea to have some carbs first

drum roll pleaaaaaaaase!
starting weight - 13 stone 2lbs
todays weight - 12 stone 10lbs :D
GET UP THERE :D ( -6lbs ) :D

last week i ate tonz! haha! wow it actually works ! HIGH 5! lol

intake -
green tea and water before workout!
jaket potato spagetti sweetcorn 2 quorn burgers
(all free)

planned - rice beans and quorn sausages (all free)

snak - muler light yogurt (free) and hi fi healthy extra bar :p

exercise -
2 hours worth!
1 hour exercise bike with weights to start as usial and then weights and toning work
bit ov dancing , more toning and last 20 min blast on exercise bike!!!

i have staff training in the pool today so ill be doing some swimming aswell :)

questions -
how do you put your weigh ins at bottom of post and keep them there ive seen loads do it but i have no clue how?

2 weeks till i go away lost 6lbs goal was half a stone, think i can make it 10lbs?

thnks evry1 xxx
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taz u online ??? x

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