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  1. Rachel1903

    Rachel1903 Silver Member

    Hi everyone! I've been following the Slimming World diet for the last few months and initially did lose about 3 pounds... but in recent weeks I seem to have gained it all back! So I don't think SW was for me. I have in the past done WW and have lost about a stone! I just thought I'd try out another diet as I did find that with WW I was often hungry.... but I really need the portion control! So I'm back as I know it is successful!

    I don't expect to lose anything between now and the New Year, but thought I may aswell set myself up a routine to try to stick to until it becomes a full on diet in January! So I'm going to try to stick to it as much as I can.

    I have previously been a member of WW online but sadly this time around I can't really afford the membership so I'm hoping this site will help motivate me and educate me on all the new pro point values! It's also really good to see what other people eat on a day to day basis, this helps me plan out my weekly meals!

    I'm aiming for a stone loss between now and March... I think it's kind of achievable.... but half a stone would be great if I don't manage that! Mind you I'll be happy to lose anything right now!
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  3. Rachel1903

    Rachel1903 Silver Member

    Diary for today:


    Cinnamon OSS - 3pp
    1 tsp Golden Syrup - 1pp


    Alpen light 2pp


    Pea & Asparagus New Covent Garden Soup - 4pp
    2 x Ryvita - 1pp
    Mullerlight Orange with choc sprinkles - 2pp


    Melanzane Parmigiana - 4pp
    BNS chips
    Salad - 1pp (mayo)

    Snack: Kelkin Chocolate Rice Cake - 2pp
    cheesy footballs - 4pp
    Ww toffee dessert - 5 pp


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  4. Rachel1903

    Rachel1903 Silver Member

    Day two of the diet! Didn't over eat yesterday, used 3 of my weeklies, so that's OK! I'm working an event tonight so I probably won't get home until about 9.30pm so I'll have to grab a sandwich or something. Will probably eat into a fair few of my weeklies!


    OSS 3pp
    1 tsp Golden Syrup 1pp


    1 chocolate WW digestive 1pp


    Square wrap 4pp
    mushrooms, onion, puree, parmesan & mozzerella 2pp
    2 babybel light 2pp
    Muller Light 2pp


    Kelkin Chocolate Rice Cake 2pp


    Good to Yourself Cheese & Onion Crisps 3pp
    Sainsburys be Good to Yourself Tuna & Cucumber Sandwich 8pp
    Jaffa Cake Bar 2pp


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  5. xxrebeccaxx

    xxrebeccaxx Silver Member

    Hiya, your doing really well! Well done! I've previosly done this diet after I had my baby but only lost about 6lbs! My head wasn't in the right place! I then moved to the Cambridge diet and lost 2st! Now I want to eat food haha so I'm back and tomorrow will be my 1st WI back!

    Do u feel less bloated etc???

    21lbs to goal
  6. Rachel1903

    Rachel1903 Silver Member

    Thank you :)

    I can imagine you would lose a lot on the Cambridge diet from what I've heard it's quite a tough diet! I think WW will definitely work for you, it just takes time, which is the best way! I love the flexibility to be able to eat what you like!

    I do feel less bloated today, I think on SW I was having massive portions! But I suffer with IBS so I do get bloated quite often :(

    Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow! I'm sure you'll see results :) x
  7. Rachel1903

    Rachel1903 Silver Member

    I feel like I'm coping quite well so far! Not feeling too hungry! Found a good website full of WW recipes - the WW food products website! I'll be using some of those next year :) I'm looking forward to having a normal meal tonight :)


    OSS 3pp

    1 tsp Golden Syrup 1pp


    WW Jaffa Cake Bar 2pp


    Square wrap - 4pp
    Tomato puree, cherry tomatoes, muchrooms, shallots, basil
    tiny bit of grated cheese & parmesan 2pp
    Muller light 2pp
    2 x babybel light 2pp


    Chicken breast 4pp
    stuffed with soft cheese light 1pp, mushrooms, garlic, shallots, basil, cherry tomatoes (slight experiment!)
    BNS chips
    Roasted carrots
    Ketchup 1pp
    cheese 2pp
    Mayo light 1pp
    Ww toffee cheesecake 5pp



    Might sneak in a little treat later using up some of my weeklies! :)

    I think in the New Year I will start taking photos of my food - keep me motivated!
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  8. Rachel1903

    Rachel1903 Silver Member

    I had a mid week scale hop today and it was nice to see a lb off! Been fluctuating up to 11st3lbs lately but it's currently saying 11st 03/4lbs, so that's good! Let's hope I don't have a binge fest this weekend..... My dad is back from America to visit tomorrow so he'll be ordering lots of takeaways and I also have a Christmas meal out on Sunday! Will try not to eat too much! Will stick to it on Sat religiously!


    OSS 3pp
    1 tsp Golden Syrup 1pp


    WW biscuits 2pp


    Square Wrap Pizza, veg & cheese 6pp
    half a muller 1 pp
    2 x baby bel light 2pp


    Jaffa Cake bar 2pp


    Steak approx 7pp
    veg & salad
    mayo & ketchup 2pp


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  9. Rachel1903

    Rachel1903 Silver Member

    square wrap 4pp

    jaffa bar 2pp

    busy day! x
  10. Rachel1903

    Rachel1903 Silver Member

    After a fab Christmas and new year and an unwelcome addition of 3lbs I'm back on my WW diet! I turn 30 in March so I'm hoping to get down to about 10st7lbs by then! So I really need to keep up the will power!

    One big problem is the stash of chocolate I have collected from gifts... fills up a whole storage box! It's out of site so hopefully I won't think about it too much... and I'll probably have one little thing a day to keep me going. Like a single chocolate! :/

    CURRENT WEIGHT..... 11st2.5lbs

    Breakfast: OSS 3pp with 1 tbsp Golden Syrup 1pp

    Snack: Apple, kalken choc rice cake 2pp

    Lunch: Tuna Light lunch 7pp, muller light 2pp, cheese 2pp

    Snack: Jaffa bar 2pp

    Dinner: Omelette 4pp with veg, tomato sauce 1pp, BNS chips, Salad, extra light mayo 0pp


    No doubt I'll have a snack later which will probably go into my weeklies!
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  11. Rachel1903

    Rachel1903 Silver Member

    Well the fist day on the diet was a bit of a failure due to fainting!! Only from a tiny but deep cut from preparing tea. The sight of blood doesn't tend to make me squeamish, i think I thought a little too much about how deep it had gone and then i just went!
    Due to the fainting episode I ate quite a few sweet things to regain my strength! Still feeling bad for it today, I don't know why, I can't remember banging my head but I feel really unusual. I don't know if I'll fully stick to the plan today... I'll see how I feel!

    Breakfast: OSS 3pp 1 tbsp Golden syrup 1pp

    snack: Alpen light 2pp

    Lunch Wrap 4pp, cheese 1pp, ham 1pp, ww yog 1pp

    snack: apple, yog 1pp

    Dinner: Hairy Dieters Korma 8pp with rice 4pp


    ww dessert 5pp

    plus choc and sweets! ooops. I think I need to start over again already!
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  12. Rachel1903

    Rachel1903 Silver Member

    Well day number three and I've not really succeeded at sticking to my points so far! I know I can do it though as I have done it before! I really need to get some extra motivation... does anyone have any tips?!?!

    Breakfast: OSS 3pp with 1 tbsp Golden Syrup 1pp (4)

    Snack: 2 WW biscuits 2pp (2)

    Lunch: Beetroot salad 0pp, Warburtons thin 3pp, ham 1pp, light mayo 1/2 tsp 0pp, WW yogurt 1pp, WW crisps 2pp (7)

    Snack: WW yogurt 1pp, Caramel Tea 0pp, 2 mini gingerbread men (3)

    Dinner: Might try out the 0pp Vegetable Curry - may even make a big batch so I can bring some to work tomorrow! With a brown pitta 4pp (4)

    After dinner treat: WW Cheesecake 5pp, WW hot choc 1pp, (6)

    26/26 -

    7 weeklies going on 2 marshmallows and a handful of haribo!

    I think I'll stick an underwear photo up somewhere in the kitchen to remind me of how bad I look! Might stop me eating the extra naughty things!
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  13. Rachel1903

    Rachel1903 Silver Member

    Yesterday was a far more successful day! Didn't over eat by too much, just had about 5 sweets out of the Christmas jar :)

    Today's food:

    Breakfast: OSS 3pp with 1tbsp Golden Syrup 1pp, blueberries.

    Snack: Jaffa Bar 2pp

    Lunch: Warbutons Thin 3pp, Tuna 1pp, cheese 3pp, WW yogurt 1pp

    Snack: WW yogurt 1pp, apple, ham 2pp

    Dinner: Mushroom & Spinach Risotto 8pp

    26/26 (1 for mars)

    Weeklies used for:

    Marsbar Icecream 4pp, Options Hot choc 1pp, 2 marshmallows 1pp, 2 mini gingerbread men 2pp


    I really do have a sweet tooth!
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  14. Rachel1903

    Rachel1903 Silver Member

    Day 5 back on the diet and I feel so hungry! I think I have a while ago until my stomach shrinks down to a normal size and the hunger pangs disappear!

    I shall try my best not to pick at food!

    Breakfast: OSS 3pp, Golden syrup 1pp, blueberries (4)

    Snack: 2 x ww choc digestives 2pp (2)

    Lunch: Warb thin 3pp, tuna 1pp, feta cheese 3pp, ww yog 1pp (8)

    Snack: WW yog 1pp, apple (1)

    Dinner: Not sure yet as heading back to my parents house! Will update later!
  15. Rachel1903

    Rachel1903 Silver Member

    I feel like I'm getting heavier and heavier!!! :(

    Breakfast: OSS 3pp, Golden Syrup 1pp (4)

    Snack: 2 choc WW digestives 2pp (2)

    Lunch: Feta salad 3pp, Ham Warb thin 4pp, ww yog 1pp (8)

    Snack: Jaffa bar 2pp (2)

    Dinner: Jacket 5pp, cheese 2pp, beans 4pp, shape delight 3pp (14) [4 weeklies inc]


    3 cadbury roses 3pp, popadum 4pp, snack size skittles 2pp


    oops a daisy on the weeklies! Had the mega nibbles / sweet tooth last night! :/
    Last edited: 15 January 2013
  16. xxrebeccaxx

    xxrebeccaxx Silver Member

    Aw Hun I'm sure your not! Your meals look nice and healthy!
    I've been starving lol the scales aren't budging! I do get on them every morning tho lol

    16lbs to goal
  17. Mets

    Mets Gold Member

    Hey Hun, how are you getting on? I'm 30 in August this year and I'm determined to get to goal by then!
  18. Rachel1903

    Rachel1903 Silver Member

    Hey hun,

    Oh I really am! I'm not eating as much as I did over Christmas but still picking at things. My stomach definitely expanded over the festive period! Need to get used to not eating as much! The meals are reasonably healthy, but its the snacking that puts me back! I do find I need to stick to it religiously for the scales to move! I went through the habit of weighing myself every day, always deflated me when I weighed the same! I try to do it only once a week now haha.

    How is your diet going? x
  19. Rachel1903

    Rachel1903 Silver Member

    Hi Mets!

    Thank you for your message. I'm slowly starting to get back on track.... finding it hard with all the extra chocolate I have around the place! I seem to eat well at work and then I get home and pick at things! I know once I get into the routine I'll be fine :)

    Do you have a diary on here? Will have to have a look! Fingers crossed for the both of us to reach goal by our 30th! My goal is to lose about 10lbs - 1 stone.... But I only have about 9 weeks to do it! So I think the 10lbs is more optimistic....
    I will extend the goal target to August after that as I'm visiting my parents in America!

  20. Rachel1903

    Rachel1903 Silver Member

    My Weight Wathers Complete Kitchen book is on it's way! I also ordered a CD that someone created with 500 recipes on it! Hopefully this will help me out with my meal plans!
  21. xxrebeccaxx

    xxrebeccaxx Silver Member

    Sames lol I feel I'm so much more hungrier but it's jst getting used to not eating much! If I have 1 little bad thing the scales don't move lol but I can't get out of the habit of weighing everyday! X

    16lbs to goal

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