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Rachels weight loss for 2009 BRING IT ON :p

yesturday start day!!! -
drink- water
food- rasins (syns) , veg and tuna, muller light (free)
exercise - 30 mins exercise bike
some dancing and some weights

good start me finks :)

drink- water
food- veg and white fish (free)
exercise - 30 mins exercise bike, some weights and stomach work and step aerobics work :) and dance :)

so yeh im back basicly i went through some therapy etc and im all better now :) and pretty up for doing really well at the moment! i think its coz my job 2 cant be fitness instructor if im not fit myself lol but yeh i like feeling motervated spesh as of the new year new me :)
lets do it :)

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5th jan! 2009!

so down nearly 3 lbs so gonna call it 2 :) ooooooh yes lol thats in a few days but thats coz i havent had alcohol or **** in a few days lol so this week im guna kick arse!
went to psychiatricst today things are coming on nicely she reminded me not to concerntrate to much on food but on fitness but thats fiiiiiiiiine by me lol coz i love it!!! anyways todays-
food - bowl ov veg and a muller light x 2, a massiv bowl of veg and some cream cheese thingy (HE) lol
drink- water
exercise- hour on bike, weights and stomach work :)

so i have 2 n half stone to loose !!! ill do it :D

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Over half way to target
Your determination is brilliant - well done you.
Eating enough though? Missing some HexAs and Bs there. Calcium and fibre are absolutely vital to your overall wellbeing chick (and fibre gets things moving as well...!)
Good luck.
hey thanks hun yeah im updating them nw :) u okai?
whats the right stuff mean? please say chocolate lol :p


Over half way to target
If only!
Do you have the SW books? I may be teaching grandma to suck eggs (which are, after all, free on either day!) but you need 1 or 2 calcium choices and 2 fibre per day on top of your reds/greens.
According to my SW Consultant, people who eat a lot of calcium rich foods have faster weight losses.
Good luck chick.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
You need enough fuel to make sure everything works properly, when I missed meals I didn't lose weight as fast, good luck Hun.

hey guys need some TLC :(
i went to the nurse today only for a renew of my pill prescription and she took my blood pressure and weighed me! without looking at my notes told me i needed to loose about 2-3 stone and that i was obese!!!
when i had my chek up from the eating disorder women yesturday and thers half a stone difference between both scales!!!!!!!!! mine and my ED psychiatrists scales both say 12.12 but no the nurses said 13.5!!! i wasnt having it but it upset me so much i was thinking of just relapsing for good anyways i came home and cried so hard my mum was so annoyed and phoned her, then i cryed so hard i threw up everywer! i felt awful uno :(
i needed to share that im sorry!
id had such a good day aswell in work!
anyways i stoped crying n tidyed my room and then went on the exercise bike and danced a bit and now i realize! F*** wat the nurse says because i came to far for just sum1 like her to make me back to how i was and i wouldnt be ****ing things up for any1 else but myself so i exercised and now i feel tons better still gutted but hey its motervation to get this fat off once and for all and so she can shove it were the sun doesnt shine!!!! im chubby/fat but im certainly not obese and im not being big headed when i say that im being honest and from my past its quite impressive for me to say that lol anyways grrrrrrrrrrr bring it on cow nurse!!!! lol
food- veg and 2 muller lights, at night i had more veg, chicken (free) and extra light mayonaise (not much) synnnnns! lol and cream cheese (HE)
Im in love with veg !!!! lol
drink- water
exercise-45 mins on exercise bike! toning and stomach work and danced a bit! worked 5am-2pm then docs at 3 so tht workout pretty empresive for a shattered girl lol!
anyways sorry about the rant but its you guys i can talk to properly :)
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Spam Hunter
Wow I am so impressed by your strength and determination. That nurse is soooo stupid for not checking your notes. No you're not being big headed at all, you are most definately not obese and no one should tell you that you are. Well done for getting it all back into perspective. And don't worry about what the scales say, they are just numbers xx
going strong today :)

okai after yesurdays palava! i had all my friends around me and they made me so much better and i realize shes just 1 person and doing her job and she was only looking after my health at the end of the day and if she hadnt of told me i would have prob lost motervation faster still think shes a cow tho but ya cnt please everyone lol so yeh today im off work and getting my hair done ill feel goood wen i had that done! and im guna cum home and exercise then catch an early night so not realli a buisy day but im going to make sure its a happy 1!!!! :)

update- had hair done yaaaaaay was out allllll day so tired now lol had no time to do anything never mind eat much!

food -
muller light x 2
veg, white fish and chicken :) some cream cheese (HE)
kellogs cereal bar (he)
syns- belight caramel rice slims
drink- water
exercise- few crunches , save the best for later lol

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STRESSFUL DAY! not food wise though!

oh im glad to be home had a horrid buisy day in work! n people taking piss out ov me, anyways!
food (not much today had no time) :(
2 muller lights
drink- water
exercise- done 2 seshions will write it up later.

UP 5.30!! :)

woken up early to do workout 25 mins bike and then toning nothing major but i love it lol! i woke up feeling good today like everything the past week has payed off big time! i just need to eat a bit more! (mornigs)

exercise so far- 25 min exercise bike , toning (gym ball and weights)

please comment x


Spam Hunter
hey hun, yes you do need to eat a bit more! Try to get a balanced diet in you every day, you are doing a lot of exercise and your body needs the fuel to sustain that x


Over half way to target
Miss Rachyp - am a little worried about you chick, your food isn't enough to support day to day living in a healthy way, let alone all the exercise you're doing. Have a look in other people's diaries and check out what they eat and the good losses they still have. There is no point at all making yourself uncomfortable or, worse still, poorly - there's no place on SW for hunger!!

Telling off over for now (stern face gone).

Take care and keep posting.

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