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Racing for Life!

hi there
i am entering the race for life in may with my two daughters and my friend and her daughter.
i have done it before when i was thinner and managed to run nearly all the way round.

i wasn't going to enter this year as i was going to train up and do it next year, but a lady at our LL group has just been touched by this horrible disease and listening to her each week has made me want to do all i can to support those trying to find a cure. Also the sad story of Jade too has bought things closer to home.

so training starts tonight!
my 14 year old runs for the school cross country team, so will have no probs - my little one will be 5 - so i might just keep up with her, lol!

im actually thinking of trying to run it with my eldest and leave my friend with my 5 year old - she won't mind, but we'll see!

I'm not posting this to get sponsorship, as i know some are already doing it themselves and others will already be sponsoring people - but if there is anyone out there who wants give towards the cause and boost my moral,
wish me luck!
daisy x
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I'm doing it too :) will still sponsor you though :D. Good luck hun!

Emma xXx
FYM thankyou, thankyou! - make sure you put your link up when you do yours
daisy x
i'll sponsor you as you've helped me with my running challenge - even though I've had to postpone the start date because i'm poorly:-(

Good for you. It's a great personal challenge and a great cause xx
How are you feeling - any better than last week?

I'm sure you will be running your 'marathons' soon enough - i wish i could do more than 5k really, maybe in time.

tell you what tho i need to buy a better bra, just ran round to my friends (about half mile) and had to hold on to my chest all the way as my bras are all too big now and i have no support! lol

daisy x
Good luck on your running! When I was much younger I used to run cross country for the school, haven't been able to run for more than a couple minutes for years because of my size, I do miss it. I'm looking forward to being in a condition where I can start running again - even if its only a mile, that'll be a start.
i'm getting better VERY slowly but hoping to get back out on the roads within the next month which seems like forever but I have to take my time. I'm not sure how far I'll be able to manage to start with!

A good bra is definitely the answer to a good run (along with the right playlist on your ipod!) I've always worn the shock absorber ones and find they clamp everything down! My local dicount retail park sells them in 'odd' colours so I've got pink, red and orange ones which were £10 off the normal retail price. And running is so much easier now I've got smaller boobs!


Is back in the saddle!
How's the training for this going? I've often thought about it :)rolleyes:) but my friend who does it every year, and is so fit it's not funny, does it in about 3 minutes. I'd take about 3 months.

Sorry Yummy, only just seen you're doing it too!:eek:
erm... not the best -
my little girl would rather run round in circles than in a straight line ,lol!

i have been taking her out for a 'jog' to my friends about half a mile away to get her used to the idea of keeping going - its a good job that it is a few weeks away still, we may have got the hang of it by may!

daisy x


Is back in the saddle!
Your friend will have to run in front with daughters favorite teddy or treat in a back pack. :D:D
Thanks to those who have sponsored me!!!!
I'm really chuffed, we have raised our target to £300 now
daisy x
Wow daisy you're doing fab! Thanks to those who've sponsored me too xXx
you have passed your target - set a new one!!
daisy x

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