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Racist Comments

Why do some people still think its amusing, funny and OK to make recist remarks still? Especially grown adults!!!!! Wouldnt you think people would have learnt by now??

Seriously, really annoys me.

Its just that a group of fully grown men between their 40's and 50's were making racist chinese remarks to my other half earlier as he was biking home from the train station. How bloody rude is that. Some people have no consideration for others. Pisses me right off.

Sorry for the rant xx
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Obviously it wasnt their turn to have the family brain cell today !!

My hubby is has red hair,and when i was pregnant someone actually asked me if i was worried that the baby would be ginger !!! Told them if i was worried about that would i even be with someone who had ginger hair !!

some people just dont think !!!


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And I bet the toads would be the first to go for a Chinese takeaway!
You cannot legislate for other peoples stupidity, we have to have folk like them so that we can feel superior!
I retire this year and part of my pay off will be spent on a trip of a lifetime to China! I have practised acupuncture for over 10 years. I have nothing but respect for the Chinese culture.( if not their govenment)


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Leave them alone - every village has to have an idiot ;););)

Joking asside it is totally uncalled for but their narrow-minded attitude is to pitied and not worth getting yourself upset over. They are the ones who miss out the diversity of the world and all the wonderful things it brings :confused:

As far as the "ginger" debate - do you have any idea how much money I have spent over the years at the hairdressers to achieve that look? :p


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Its ridiculous isnt it???
People really should engage brain before mouth...as the others have said they had the night off from the brain cell.
I am a red head and can remember going home from school for being picked on (was also over weight - not a great combination)...my Mum turned around and said to me..."one day people will pay lots of money to have the same colour hair as you"..she was right...Ive seen some disastrous attempts! Lol


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I can't believe it still goes on in this day and age!! Surely the world's gone through enough together by now for it to matter anymore! You'd think people would have far better things to concern themselves with and it's so much more fun and makes people so much happier to just get on with others, whoever they are and wherever they come from! Isn't that what makes life beautiful, that we're all so different?! Maybe I'm just a naive idealist!!X


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I'm totally with all of you.

I was born and bought up on the East London/Essex borders and had peoples of all nationalities/religions at the schools. My first job was for a company that had people of all nationalities (plus they actively employed disabled people) BUT when I moved to work for a stock brokers in Docklands I was shocked at the racism on the streets.

There was a small clump of shops about 10 minutes walk away that I popped to one time and one day in particular got myself in to sticky situation when a group of adults were hurling inults at an asian lad of about 11 who was out on his bike, simply because of his colour. Being a gobby b***h I had to tell them what i thought of them. Fortunately 3 of the guys I worked with came by at tha point as the 'natives' weren't very happy with me!!

Racism etc is all very cowardly.


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I have stopped asking new arrivals here in the ex-pat community in France why they decided to move from the UK. The response is often "We got fed up of all the immigrants in the UK". They don't see that they are now immigrants themselves! On the plus-side, I'm a translator and sorter-out of people's French admin problems, so these are just the sort of people who need my services most!
Guess what leapfrog most of the expat community here say the same , unbelievable in a predominantly Black Muslim country !!!! Makes me wonder about them (the expats) lol
I was born and brought up in Slough, which for nearly a hundred years has been a place to which immigrants - from other parts of the UK, like both my parents, and from all parts of the world - came on a regular basis.

It was normal for us, growing up, to be surrounded by people of all races and types and it never seemed a problem to me.

People are people and there are good (mostly) and bad, no matter where they are from. Those people who are too ignorant to see this are to be pitied.

I live in Reading now, where there is an incredible ethnic diversity. If I go into town I like to listen to the voices around me - all the different languages and accents.

And living in a diverse community means that there are all sorts of wonderful foods available too!!

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