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RAHHHHH I understand emotional eating now!


Got to do it this time
I read a thread yesterday about emotional eating and how we get pangs of hunger (or what we think is) when we are stressed. This is me RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!

I a co-owner of a family business and therefore can't just hide out if things get rough as I am constantly be approached by employess and family and therefore have to maintain a air of professionalism when all I want to do is rip somebodies head off and eat a big fat baguette, crips, chocolate for lunch instead of my little bread with weighed out cheese sanwhich!!!!!!!!!!! RAAHHHHHH!!!

How do others cope when you just get so stressed you can't cope! This is only my second day of being really on plan :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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Got to do it this time
I know thats the problem - I know this will continue through the afternoon and then I have the vino challenge.......... flame why is like so hard and challenging?


synful soul
You really do sound stressed.

If food is your comfort why not take a better lunch. On S.W. you can eat so much....... Take a really tasty salad in a container, some chopped fruit mixed with yogurt,how about satsifying your choccie craving with an Alpen light cereal bar. It is important to feel you hae had a meal.

If that doesn't work the only thing I can suggest is


Seriously try and avoid the alcohol or go for a spritzer or several spritzers.

I suppose I sound like a fuddy duddy.I am not just someone who has tried seeing the world through the bottom of a bottle and it does not work.Depression sets in, sleepless nights follow..........

Good luck.

Cherry Blossom

In it for the long haul!
I too am very much an emotional eater. I don't drink, and I don't smoke, but boy-oh-boy can I hide problems away through food.

I hope your day got better and a good night's sleep allows you to start tomorrow with a fighting streak.

Was the article you read on minimins? I'd be interested in reading it.


Got to do it this time
I am so pleased you didn't have to resort to either murder or alcohol to have a good diet day.

The first hurdle is over !!!

It is such a great help to have this sanctuary to come to. To be able to pour out your innermost feelings or fears is such a bonus, especially as you are doing your pouring out to like minded people who have probably experienced everything you think is exclusive to you. It makes me feel so much better, has helped me no end and to be able to ask questions no one else could answer is the icing on the cake. ( sugar and fat free of course)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I dont drink or smoke, but for me the best way of getting rid of stress is to dance. Put on some music really loud and boogie away! Not only does it get rid of stress, but its exercise too!


Got to do it this time
Thats a good idea - unfortunately I am a smoker too.....

I have seen advertised 'dance on broadway' for the WII - sounds cheesy and sure it is but I love shows and it basically works like the other dance game on the WII where it shows you the moves and you follow them - but instead of to pop it's to songs from musicals.....

Need to buy it - anyone tried it?


wants a dancer's body.
If I were you I'd get some Tai Bo dvds or go start karate classes or running.:character00115: Get out of that mad place you work in and pound away the stress doing something physical that'll wear you out and do you the world of good. You'll feel really refreshed when you return. Oh and don't go with anyone from your family, get some peace! :pillowfight:


Gold Member
I had a really bad evening yesterday and could have easily gone and grab the first thing in site. Just had a Green Lemon Tea and an Alpen Light and called a friend and that seemed to make the difference for me yesterday!


Got to do it this time
Never tried green tea, or any herbal tea actually - are they nice? Presuming they are free and no syn???

Much better at work today - I think that's because I am prepared now for if the stress hits what I will feel like on a diet! I have dealt with it better - just had a lunch meeting and ate salad and everyone else had maccy d's - I feel so strong for it
Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee !!! Good for you. Did you feel all good and superior..MacDonald's yuk..................

Twinning do some really good fruit teas that actually taste like what they say they are. I like the Blackberry, Vanilla and Ginseng and the Pomegranate and Raspberry. I also drink an Indian spiced tea Pickwick's Indian Spices. It contains cinnamon and cloves and orange and is delicious.

The secret is to let them infuse for three or four minutes and then pummel the teabag with a teaspoon to get the best flavour from them.

They fill a gap when you are hungry.


wants a dancer's body.
That Pickwick one sounds delicious Fillymum! :bliss: I've just saved them all in my phone, going to nose about the shops tomorrow to pick some tea up. Where do you buy the Pickwick one? We have Twinings here but I've never heard of Pickwick. Daft question alert, is it ok to drink that much fruit, is it ok for the teeth? :D


Got to do it this time
Well thats why I've never drunk herbal tea before - if you drink alot they stain the teeth - expecially green tea (I'm a qualified dental nurse from a previous life) but nothing permenant!

If you have a regular dentist or hygienist when you have your gum gardening (clean and polish) done the staining would come off with the paste they use on the drill........

Lots of people drink them with no effect though - like red wine, curry, coffee, smoking - of which i love all lol

And the tea's are free fillymum???


wants a dancer's body.
Scals how often should I get a polish? I haven't had one in 3 years and although I floss and brush and use mouthwash my love of tea and curry is showing. Is bleaching worth it do you think? Maybe we should be like the Yanks I saw on tv drinking their Starbucks through a straw... I had no idea herbal tea had the same effect, it seems so healthy!
Years ago I made myself ill with stress & once I felt better it made me realise all that stressing & being ill change not one thing.

This made me think of how I cope with stress now. I like to be left alone to work things out in my head. I'm quite an organised person & tend to sort things out & 'talk' to myself.

I'm much calmer now. But I do like a glass of wine in the evening to relax.

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