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Raising an eyebrow


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What do you do in your weekly healthy eating plan that makes others raise an eyebrow :confused:

I always have my full quota of syns i usually have about 5 during the day and 10 at night.
Usually hubbie will raise an eyebrow at my huge portions but not say anything outloud.

Tonight we have had a takeaway, indian not chineese like planned so i had
Chicken Rogan Josh 6 1/2 syns
pilau Rice 2 1/2 syns
and now that i am munching on my curley worley ( 6 syns) he just cant resist and has asked me how my diet is going:rolleyes:
Im sure he thinks i am fibbing when i tell him its all within my allowence lol
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Totally with you! I have one biscuit and my family look at me and someone has to make a comment! I could actually hurl the biscuit at their head!

Just show him your shiny stickers and think how surprised he will be when you can wear what ever you like and look fabulous at your next party in a new dress!
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so i had
Chicken Rogan Josh 6 1/2 syns
pilau Rice 2 1/2 syns
IS this right?
I thought indian takeaways were hurrendously high, but this seems low/reasonable to me.
Nice to know could do takeaway and still be behaving x


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Flaming Nora you got me worried then that i got it wrong;)
But just double checked yes it is right.
Usually i have chicken Byriani but that is much higher in syns i think about 12.
I had rogan josh for the first time tonight and its lovely. Usually if i go for rice its egg fried rice but i think the pilau rice is just as nice if not nicer for less syns:D and i have had my chocolate fix too :cool: :17729:


Put the kettle on
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This is why I dont discuss dieting or healthy eating anymore cos someone always has something to say about it. Just ignore it and enjoy the curry.

As for the syn values do check the portion size as the syns in the book are for a certain portion size. What you actually get from the carryout can be significantly larger. Dont wanna put you off, just a word of caution.


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Oh always comments on my portion sizes! I do eat alot! But I'm usually within my allowance and I usually use my syns on chocolate. Last night I sat eating a wispa and I got a few funny looks! I was working the other day and tucking into a a sausage, bacon and egg sandwich and people look at me like I'm crazy or lieing that I'm on a diet!!
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Hubby raises his eyebrows at my piled high plate (of mostly veg)!
Still proof is in the pudding!
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I know exactly what you mean!

Lunch today was a homemade pasta salad - pasta, tuna, peas, sweetcorn, celery, tomato and cucumber, mixed with ff fromage frais and a little mint sauce (1 syn), all piled on to a bed of lettuce and garnished with cress.

OH, sitting with his full fat cheese sarnies, soup and mini pork pies, looks at my plate and yes, up goes the eyebrow! His knowledge of nutrition is zilch - mine is improving daily. I don't even bother to try to educate him, but hope he will lose weight through my stealthy provision of food optimised meals!

PS I don't buy the pork pies - he does!
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Sugar in my tea lol
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Wine. According to my consultant, the average bottle is around 30 syns. I have a bottle of wine a week. Sometimes all @ once :) A stone has gone forever (in only 3 weeks). My hubby can't get over it!


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The fact that I DON'T have my Syns raises eyebrows at my group. They say if I don't, then I will end up bingeing.

Sadly they've been proven right, but I don't trust myself around Jaffa cakes :eek:
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That I eat an ice cream Mars almost every day or that I eat 4 slices of cheese a day. My dad insists you can loose weight eating cheese or eating late I night (we never eat before 9pm!).

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