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Ramblings of a Fat Girl

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by poppybird, 6 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. poppybird

    poppybird Member

    Let me introduce myself. My name is Bethany, I'm 5"6, and 20 stone and 8 pounds. Food is my weakness, and I have only just started to understand that.
    I know this seems a bit like your ordinary wight loss thread. It isn't, and it won't be. I do aim to lose weight, mainly because of health reasons.
    Don't get me wrong - I'm happy being the size I am. I feel beautiful and I have a great support systems in my boyfriend and friends who encourage me in who I am.
    I have chosen to start losing weight, through the miracle that is Slimming World. It seems great so far! Granted I only started properly today.

    I have three goals for this year.

    1) Lose weight.
    2) Start to learn to drive.
    3) Figure out what to do with my life.

    I'll probably write on each of these things, among other things that remain important in my life.

    Short post I know, but this is just an introduction.
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  3. poppybird

    poppybird Member

    Day One!

    Day One -
    Yesterday started off as a good day, I had boiled eggs on wholemeal bread, it was good despite the fact that I don't really like eggs.... I am now, however, finding myself like them more often. What is it they say, if you keep eating something you dislike you soon start to like it?

    Seeing as I had this between 11 & 12, I didn't eat again until 4, when I had a few biscuits - bad idea! I may have to ban cups of tea as the digestives always seem to find their way out of the cupboard, into the cup of tea and then into my stomach. Either that or I should just stop buying biscuits.

    For tea, I did a nice Tuna Pasta bake thingy, along with lots of fresh salad. This finished my syn quota for the day, and I thought I'd be stuffed as I had a bigger dinner than usual, due to most of the ingredients being free. (Apart from the 30g of cheese, but I counted this as my hex)

    I had a nice relaxing bath, and started to read a book - which incidentally ended up being really inspirational, a history professor (a dream of mine), who was overweight as a child, used to get bullied for her weight etc... and then it was your usual romantic slush. It just seemed a lot of the qualities of the lead female character, mirrored a lot of my characteristics & memories and therefore I was able to believe I was her. It's a good book - say if you want to know more.

    But when I got out of the bath at 9:30, I fancied another cup of tea - oh oh. You can tell what's coming. The biscuits. By the end of my dunking session, I realised that I had eaten half a packet (including the biscuits from earlier)! That's completely ruined my syns intake for the day.

    I got hungry again, at midnight - I need my job to start soon, this weird sleeping pattern is ruining everything! So I made some fried eggs (again, starting to dig eggs!) with the low calorie spray, and a couple of rashers of back bacon. It was good.

    No exercise yet either, as I'm still getting over a rather nasty cold, plus I'm in denial about the fact that I start work tomorrow and just want to sit around relaxing... which is a bad thing.

    Food Count For Day One:
    2 x Boiled Eggs = Free
    2 x Wholemeal Bread = either 5 syns or 8 syns - I am still yet to completely understand the bread syn quota.
    Pasta = Free
    Tuna = Free
    Pasta Bake Sauce = 3.5 syns
    Cheese = HEX
    Lettuce = Free
    Tomatoes = Free
    Cucumber = Free
    Watercress = Free
    Apple = Free
    Fat Free Natural Yogurt = Free
    Apple = Free
    2 x Cups of Tea: Free (Milk = HEX)
    Biscuits: unknown amount of syns... put to pot!
    Eggs = Free
    Back Bacon = Free

    Anyone else failed so badly on their first day? feeling a bit disheartened at the moment!
  4. Alexa93

    Alexa93 New Member

    Funny, your 3 goals are the same as mine (although im nearly there with the driving). Yesterday i did what hundreds of other successful people do and planned! I made 5 freezable slimming world meals and put them in plastic containers ready for the freezer! Now i have no excuse! Anyway about your question, yes i failed on my first day and went for my childs haribos, then wept after as id been so good before hand. Think all we need is a good think and support, do you have anyone that could lose a few pounds and join up with you? That seems to work!
  5. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Well-Known Member

    You only fail when you stop trying :)

    Was that a better food day than pre-sw? If yes then don't worry about the biscuits, you probably had a lot less calories yest than before. Also, you could count the syns in the biscuits snd flexi syn for the rest of the week so you haven't 'ruined' it.

    Are you doing EE? The wholemeal bread will count as your HEB if so. You get to have 1 slice from an 800g loaf or 2 from a 400g loaf.

    Hope this helps xx
  6. poppybird

    poppybird Member

    In my house, everyone are skinny girls! haha. But they're all mega supportive and aren't afraid to challenge me. One housemate is gonna start coming swimming with me, so hopefully that will help! My boyfriend is also starting to eat healthier as he wants to lose a stone.
    The hardest thing of the last two years where I have probs put on 4 stone is being with a guy who's a good size, and can eat for England! Although he is starting to put it on now as well.

    I think I will probably start the meals on Sunday! That seems like such a good idea, espescially for when I start my new job tomorrow! (Eeek!) xxx
  7. poppybird

    poppybird Member

    I've been a lot better today! Only had 2 syns so far! Feeling pretty good about it, and it means I can have a little treat later and still have some left over. I am doing EE, that's a good idea! Never thought about it being a HEB :)

    It helped so much! - Thanks :)

  8. poppybird

    poppybird Member

    I've been a lot better today! Only had 2 syns so far! Feeling pretty good about it, and it means I can have a little treat later and still have some left over. I am doing EE, that's a good idea! Never thought about it being a HEB :)

    Actually thinking about it, it was a lot better yesterday then pre-SW
    You've helped so much! - Thanks :)

  9. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Well-Known Member

    No probs.

    You sound so positive which is great.

    Well done :) xx
  10. Alexa93

    Alexa93 New Member

    Good luck! My partners trying to gain weight which is extremely annoying lol, hes been banned from bringing chocolate in the house! Well im off to see my doctor tomorrow as ive got pcos and im struggling to lose weight with it, or maybe im just using it as a excuse but ive defiantly gained since been diagnosed. I would say to defiantly give the meal prep ago and keep listening to everyones support and sure you will get there! If its chocolate/sweet things thats your downfall like mine, you can try save your syns for the evening and use them for a treat, i save 9 for a ripple!
  11. poppybird

    poppybird Member

    Thats exactly what I did this evening and had a portion of Angel Cake which was 10 syns :) that with a cup of a tea was lovely! xx
  12. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    You sound like you are doing great. Just make sure that you do have your B choice and your A choice otherwise you're tweaking the plan. I always find if I haven't had my B choice, I have 2 hifi light bars in the evening with a cup of tea (may be a good substitute for biccies?). Also you have your syns for a reason so make sure you use em - they're the best bit!!!!!!

    I've done slimming world for a few years now and I restarted my journey at the start of this year. It's all too easy to get complacent. I am trying to put safety nets in place to stop me failing. Like I know I get hungry between lunch and dinner, so I aways try to have a small low synned choccie bar with me, like a curly wurly, a freddo or even better a chomp! Or a bag of low syn crisps like wotsits, quavers or french fries (watch the grams in the bag, they vary, multi pack bags are smaller so lower synned).

    I find slimming world amazing. As I said, don't get complacent. It's easy to do! Syn everything up. After a while you get to know how many syns things are but they do occasionally change so keep your eye out online and in group.

    Good luck on your weight loss journey.
  13. poppybird

    poppybird Member

    Thanks, I realised that today after the excitement of starting yesterday... more things have been implemented for today and tomorrow! It's really good getting advice as I haven't done it before! But I've seen it be so successful with so many people :)

    Thanks for the advice and I hope everything goes okay with you!!!!
  14. poppybird

    poppybird Member

    Day Two: A Better Day All Round

    Day Two - 07.01.14

    Yesterday was a better, and more positive day! I finished reading my book, which was awesome and inspired/motivated me in a weird way.
    I had homemade slimming world chips, with a garlic & herb chicken (made all from scratch) with 100ml of gravy. (2 Syns)
    I had a gorgeous Kiwi for pudding, I've found its a great substitute for pudding cause its sweet and lovely!

    For tea I made quorn meatballs & pasta in a homemade sauce. So everything was technically free.
    For pudding to finish my syns off, I had some angel cake (50g) ... 10 syns, and then finished it with a digestive biscuit - just one this time! (3.5 syns)

    For the rest of the evening when I got hungry I snacked on cucumber sticks and apples - and I really enjoyed it!

    I have also downloaded an app called the "7 min workout" - of course I plan to do other forms of exercise during the week but I find this is something good to do each day - and its still really hard for someone who's experience of exercise recently has been walking past 8 houses to the bottom of the road to the bus stop (to show how close my bus stop is!)

    Healthy Extra A: 30g of Cheddar
    Healthy Extra B: Dry Bran Flakes

    All in all, a better day than the day before :) hope all of your days have been good!
  15. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    Not sure if it will help but thought I'd let you know what I do. At the weekend I plan what food and meals I will eat during the week ahead. I plan each day and then make a shopping list of all the ingredients I need. I then cross off whatever I've already got in. I find this stops me buying stuff I don't need at the shop, helps me spend less (healthy food can be expensive, so only buying what you need helps) and keeps me on track. Sometimes I might swap the days over, so whatever I have planned for Thursday I might decide to do on Tuesday etc, but that's fine as I use between 10 and 15 syns each day. If I have food spare after a meal, if it's freezable then that's what I do - an instant ready meal in case one day I can't be bothered to cook - stops me getting a takeaway if I know I can just chuck something in the microwave for 20 minutes or so. x
  16. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

  17. poppybird

    poppybird Member

    Thanks for the advice yesterday - it really helped! I've been really busy today with work and then I had a brainwave about what I actually want to do with the rest of my life so have spent all evening researching different master courses!

    I've also had a really good day food wise, I'll pop up a full detail diary in a min :) how's your day been? :) xx
  18. Miller2

    Miller2 In it for the long haul!

    sounds like you've had an enlightening day! Tried a new meal tonight but didn't rate it much unfortunately so won't be doing it again. Going to try out one new meal a week if I can - got plenty of books to choose from! Not worth putting in my fave recipes thread I've started though: http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world-recipes/333628-hannahs-recipes.html

    Still, gotta try em once! Been good today but went over my syns by 2. I like kinder bueno's but they are 12 syns each. Each finger in them is separately wrapped though so I buy a pack of four from the shop and open all the packs, then put the individual fingers in the fridge and they are 6 each. Unfortunately I scoffed 3 at once. Good job there were only 3 left! Never mind!
  19. poppybird

    poppybird Member

    Day Three: Interesting!

    Day Three: 08.01.14

    Breakfast: Wheat Bran Flakes (2.5 syns) anywhere near with semi-skimmed Milk (Healthy Extra A) - Although, I didn't have anywhere near 250ml!) and a glass of water (Free)

    Lunch: Made myself some lovely tuna pasta with lots of cucumber, however got to my first day at my new job and there was a free buffet and it would have looked extremely rude if I didn't eat from it. So I dealt with it, and coped!! Even though there was fried bree, fried shrimps, sandwiches etc etc. I had half of a wrap which had chicken & salad in - 1/2 a wrap (5 syns) Chicken (Free) and salad (Free), I then had lots of veg & fruit - watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, tomatoes and carrot sticks. All of it free - I was really proud of the fact that I managed to steer clear of the other stuff!!

    By the time I got home, however, at 3:30, I was still starving so I had my tuna pasta with cucumber (Free) with some extra light mayonnaise (1.0 syns) and some skips to finish my quota for syns! (4 syns) and a slice of wholemeal (Healthy Extra B) with ham (Free)

    Made myself two eggs (Free) on top of some gammon (Free)
    11pm: I found myself slightly peckish so I had a kiwi & an apple before bed - yum!

    Also put a limit on what I drink, so I try to drink a lot of water, and then a couple of cups of tea a day. :) In addition to this, I also chose to walk home from work rather than get the bus... so that's 30 minutes of power walking and £1.50 extra in my pocket!
  20. poppybird

    poppybird Member

    Sounds like you had fun today! Don't worry about it - today (I go a day behind in this thread so I can give a full food diary) I treated myself to two fingers of kit kats - and luuurrved it! I've not had chocolate since like last Friday (nearly a week!) and the chocolate felt like heaven in my mouth! Definitely tastes better after you've waited a while to have it! xxxx

    That is such a good idea for the recipe thread! I will deffo keep an eye on it xx
  21. poppybird

    poppybird Member


    Sorry that've I've been AWOL for the last couple of days - been quite busy! Had two good days where I stuck with things for the majority of the time.... but the best news is this:

    IN my first week, while not sticking to the diet 100%, I have managed to lose 8 POUNDS! WOW! I cannot actually quite believe it! It's really surprised me, and its the best motivation to carry on! Slimming World rocks!

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