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Rather disheartened!


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Yeah!! Dukan has it's own forum!!!! Hope more peeps join and give loads of advice and encourgement!!
Must go and munch on some crab sticks!!!

Looking forward to my PV day tomorrow

On the menu: -

Breakfast - Oat bran galette with ham and extra light cheese or creamy mushrooms
Lunch - Fish medley with white sauce and mixed veg,
Tea - mince with bouillon gravy and mashed squash or maybe chicken curry

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I am so pleased I asked if we could have our own forum yesterday and got mail back to say as it got more popular we could have one. Guess it's more popular. Wil go and tell everyone on facebook.


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Hey I'm so glad to see that this forum is up and running...

I'm ashamed to say that I'm back in Attack phase myself - back from a week's holiday in the UK and I'm afraid to say that if overeating were an olympic sport, I'd get a medal!

So what are you eating today?
well that didn't take long. happy this diet is getting popular as was doing atkins but was never too sure about the whole cook everything in butter.this is a diet i feel better about on the whole.into my second day of dukan.


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Okay well today was a PV day for me, to be honest I may get told off for this but because of work I eat similar things during the day then its my evening meal that I alternate with.

So today

Breakfast was Dukan Cinnamon Flavoured Porridge.

Lunch was a couple of boiled egg and a substantial amount of wafer thin ham. I chop it all together and I have to say I really like it.

Dinner tonight. Had a couple of grilled chicken breast (with Piri Piri seasoning). I then make a disgusting looking mess which tastes divine. Fried onions (with frylight) when softened I add, a bit of tomator puree, some dried chillis and a dollop of ex light philly and either a bit of ff fromage frais or ff yoghurt. If I am on a veg day, I add leeks, peppers, asparagus etc

On Sunday it was a pv day and I made the above and had a really large portion of broccoli/cauliflower cheese (sauce made with 1tsp cornflour, philly cheese, skim milk and teeny bit of mustard)

Monday I ended up staying the same but this morning I had dropped almost another 1lb.


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Another good day today but not looking forward to PP tomorrow. Really need to experiment but when I come home from work I just wanna chill out and end up sticking a chicken breast in the oven for the next day.
Tomorrow for brekkie I am having a gallette with tinned mackerel in tomato sauce (my gallette sorta collapsed!!), lunch is rather boring but filling, chicken thighs, and a small homemade burger, boiled egg and cottage cheese. And evening meal, not quite sure but have some steak in fridge so might fry it up with a bit of onion. Will have a couple of yoghurts too.
My fish in White sauce today wasn't bad and the carrots and turnip were just heaven!!!!! :D
jumped on the scales thus morning and had GAINED 0.25lbs!!!!! Staying focused tho!!! Did a 13 mile cycle around the country roads so hopefully that should help!!! (love cycling):p

hope you all had a great day xxx


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Hello there,
I'm finding all this really fascinating as some things seem very different to the French diet! For info, the tomato sauce (in French book at least) is to take off on a PP day! And onions are only for flavouring, not as an "ingredient" on a PP day.

Love the broccoli/cauli cheese sauce idea though... hmm... philly cheese equivalent?!

My PP menu today:

Breakfast: Dukan muffins (made with Galette recipe... baked in muffin moulds with a bit of smoked salmon in, and 1/3 crabstick on each)

Lunch: Salmon poached in a little skimmed milk with some cumin with runny yolked boiled egg (yum!). Chicken breast. Fat free fromage blanc.

Mid-afternoon: fat free yoghurt... bit of leftover chicken

Dinner: BIG sirloin steak grilled with some garlic
Dukan coffee flavoured baked egg custard (egg, skimmed milk, instant coffee)
Couple of crabsticks to nibble
Woohoo we got our own forum!

I got mixed up on my phases/days lol
Supposed to be on the cruise phase now, but used part of the menu from the Attack phase.

So, breakfast was yoghurt and wheat bran, with ham
Lunch, just chicken breast
Mid afternoon snack, ham and quark
Dinner, pollock
Evening dukan oat bran galette.
Definitely lol. Where can I find a recipe for galletes please? :D


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What's pollock?
Thanks Vicky! You could do allsorts with those pancakes, they look delicious. :p


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mmm. i think im gonna miss my mayo :(

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