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***rayvens funktastical food fest***


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Wednesday - Red day

Brekkie - 28g Shreddies (HEB) 250ml ss milk (HEA) & a banana

Lunch - Ham salad sandwhich (using bread as HEB), Carrot sticks & 3 babybelle lights

Midafty - Rice Krispie square (6), apple & flamin hot monster munch (5.5)

Dinner - Kind of a stir fry thing, with chicken, onions, mushrooms, baby plum tomatoes and green beans

Evening - Banana, grapes & strawberries topped with mullerlight & a penguin bar (5.5)

ATE LOADS today and cranked up 17 syns but feel relatively good about it as there are two (BIG) bars of chocolate in the fridge (aero and galaxy) and didn't eat them, even though they were calling me. Also cooked hubby and the kids fish and chips for dinner but stuck to my healthy option. :)
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Addicted to Minimins!
THURSDAY - Red day (there's a surprise! NOT! lol)

250ml ss milk for tea (HEA)
Midmorning - Carrot sticks

Lunch - Chicken, baby plum tomatoes, , carrot & cucumber sticks & 3 babybelle lights (HEA)

Midafty - 2 slices wholemeal toast (HEB) topped with beef & baby plum tomatoes & a mullerlight

Dinner - Turkey steaks, green beans, carrots, brocolli, baby sweetcorn, an aunt bessies yorkie pud and gravy

Evening - 2 Alpen light bars (HEB) and a mullerlight.

Have been good today but feel like i've stuffed myself silly. I only usually feel like this on green days so maybe i'm holding extra water, or maybe bubs is on a growth spurt!

TOTAL SYNS SO FAR IN 2 DAYS 23.5 :D First time in 3 weeks that i've stuck to my syns!!


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FRIDAY - Green Day (shocking, i know!)

Milk for tea (HEA)
Brekkie - Banana, Strawberries & Grapes topped with Mullerlight

Midmorning - 4 low fat rice cakes (4) cucumber slices & 3 babybelle lights (HEA)

Lunch - New potatoes, 113g tinned tuna (HEB), Lettuce, cucumber, plum tomatoes & spring onions made into a HUGE salad! (and ketchup 1)

Midafty - Apple & 4 low fat rice cakes (4) (am addicted to these on green)

Dinner - Jacket potato topped with baked beans and 85g bacon cut into strips (HEB) served with salad and corn on the cob.
Evening - Mullerlight and snack size dairy milk (4)

Over 3 days my syns have totalled 36.5 which means i'm having (on average) less syns than i have been. :D
MUST NOT mess it up over the weekend!!
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SATURDAY - RED DAY! (again ;))

(HEA) Milk used for tea

Midmorning - 2 slices wholemeal toast (HEB) topped with lean roast beef, 3 babybelle lights (HEA), baby plum tomatoes, carrot and cucumber sticks.

Lunchtime - apple (was still stuffed from the mid morning food!)

Midafty - 2 Alpen light bars (HEB) & carrot sticks

Dinner - 2 walls sausages (6.5 syns - although just discovered there's less syns in tesco Healthy Living sausages), 2 dry fry eggs, extra lean bacon & cooked tomatoes! (twas yummy)

Evening - Banana, strawberries & grapes topped with Mullerlight, Mini dairy milk (4) 2 lrg salt and vinegar snack a jacks (4) & 2 low fat rice cakes (3)

Ok, so the evening was a bit of a food fest but am still within the 15 syns a day so far clocking up 54 syns over 4 days which is an average of 13.5 syns a day! :)
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100% SUNDAY - first one!

SUNDAY - Green Day

(HEA) Milk for tea
Midmorning - 2 slices wholemeal toast (HEB) topped with baked beans, carrot sticks

Lunch - Risotto style thingy made with, onions, spring onions, mushrooms, petit pois, baby plum tomatoes, sweet corn and Uncle bens Savoury chicken Rice (2.5 syns)

Midafty - Apple & 3 babybelle lights (HEA)

6pm - 2 alpen light bars (HEB) & a bag of cheese and onion walkers baked crisps (5)

Dinner - SW Potato Wedges & tomato sauce (2)

Evening - (had the psychological munchies) Mullerlight, Snack pack cadbury's buttons (4), 2 lrg salt and vinegar snack a jacks (4) & a small wham chewy sweet (1.5)

Syns total for today - 19!! :sigh:

Although I'm totalling 73 over 5 days this week which makes an average of 14.6 per day - so still on track! :) This is the first week i haven't gone over the 15 a day - so i guess i'm taking baby steps in the right direction. :D
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(HEA) 250ml Semi skimmed milk
Midmorning - Apple & Carrot sticks

Lunch - 2 slices wholemeal toast (HEB) topped with tuna, 3 babybelle lighs (HEA), Baby plum tomatoes, cucumber and carrot sticks, Ketchup (1)

Midafty - Low fat rice cake (1.5) & banana & grapes topped with Mullerlight

Dinner - Chicken, 198g new potatoes (HEB), cauli, brocolli & gravy (3.5)

Evening - Mullerlight, banana & grapes & snack size dairy milk (4)


Total syns for week so far 83 so am on track for sticking to my 15 a day! Last day before weigh in tomorrow so gonna make it a good one too! (need a few good ones before the weekend as i know i'm going to be having a few extra syns then)
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(HEA) 250ml ss milk

Midmorning - 2 slices wholemeal toast (HEB) topped with tuna. Carrot & cucumber sticks, 3 babybel lights (HEA) & an apple.

Lunch - 2 chicken breasts served with tomato and cucumber salad. 1 alpen light (1/2 HEB - only had one left)

Dinner - 2 Asda Chicken Caesar Melts (5.5) with tender stem brocolli, baby sweet corn & carrots.


AVERAGE SYN PER DAY 12.6!! :D Am super chuffed with myself. Weigh in tomorrow and i have no idea what to expect. ;)



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Lost another pound last week! :D
However after speaking to my midwife this morning & there being ketones in my urine i've been advised to up the carbs a bit, so am on a green today! Think i will probably OD on carbs at the weekend as i'm going home though. ;)


(HEA) 250mil ss milk
Midmorning - 2 weetabix topped with banana, grapes, strawberries and mullerlight

Lunch - 3 babybel lights (HEA), Uncle bens long grain rice (1), sweetcorn & tomato

Midafty - Apple, 2 alpen lights (HEB) and a large salt a vinegar snack a jack (2)

Dinner - SW Potato wedges, eggs, beans, tomatoes and mushrooms! :p

TOTAL SYNS FOR TODAY 3! :D Am saving them for the wkend! :eek:

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