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RB's last stone battle!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by RB.1991, 30 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    Hi everyone,

    Been around for a while now but today I am biting the bullet and making my own diary. A little about me -I am a SW veteran and restarted my journey Oct last year to shift my baby weight and it started really well. However I have been playing around with the last stone since May! I have got 4lbs away from target and now find myself a whole 14lbs again.
    So today is the day I fight back... I have 5months 10 days until my wedding and a fun loving 1 year old to chase around all day long.
    I can do this and I will do this!!

    So far today:
    B - weetabix (hexB), milk (hexA), banana and grapes
    Sn- diet coke at farm shop - was so hard resisting their homemade cakes!
    L- mugshot, bit of Toby's toast (3), satsuma and candyfloss grapes,

    Tea will be beef stirfry (3 syns) then just to think of something to snack on whilst watching X Factor tonight :)
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  3. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    Day 1 done and dusted.
    Ended up having a biscuit (3 syns) and hot choc (3 syns)

    A day of 3's so 12syns!
    Loving the candyfloss grapes too

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  4. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    Busy busy day!
    Took my little boy to my Mum's to see the air show, he loved it so nothing has gone to plan!
    B - Banana, satsuma, alpen (.5 B)
    L- sunday dinner ( mum does Sw too) 2syns
    Had some birthday cake 10 syns to be safe
    T- low low sweet and sour meal 2.5 syns and some left over stir fry veg
    Had an alpen to finish the day off (.5 B)

    No A choice today so will make sure to have it tomorrow!

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  5. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    So tired! One little boy decided he didnt want to sleep last night unless he was clinging to me :-(

    Food for yesterday
    B - apple and satsuma
    L - carrot and corriander soup and bread roll (b), mini cake (3)
    T- salmon, pasta in cheese sauce (a), salad, choc finger (2)
    Sn- hot choc (3), flump (1) curly wurly (6)

    Needed a choc fix after a long day
    Lets hope today goes better

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  6. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    So so day again
    B - nothing
    L- ham sandwich (b), apple, strawberries, ice cream (4)
    Sn- pineapple, melon, pink n white (2)
    T - jacket potato with beans and cheese (a) with huge salad, apple
    Sup - candyfloss grapes, satsuma, pink j white (3), hot choc (3)
    12 syns today!

    Lets see what tomorrow brings. No idea what to do for tea

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  7. LeahB

    LeahB Silver Member

    Hi :) food sounds great! I'm like you I had my little boy last October, have lost most of the weight but still have just under a stone until pre pregnancy weight! He's 1 next month. I stalled around May too!

    I keep toying around with slimming world but I do it for a few days and then give up. I really want to try and stick to it now! Would love to be back to pre preg weight by his bday!

    Anyway sorry for rambling lol good luck on your journey, I've subscribed to follow yours too hope you don't mind :)

    Leah xx
  8. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    Hi Leah! Thanks for subbing finding it so hard with all the coffees and cakes and playgroups we attend. Do you have a diary if so I willbpop along :)

    Today we went to a group called cake and chaos - the woman who runs it makes cakes each session yum! It was our first one AND I managed to resist the cake
    Been a bit funny today really didnt fancy tea so just had a tiny portion so that I was eating with Toby and having a larger snack now.

    B- weetabix (b), banana and satsuma
    L - linda mcCartney sausages (x2) and pasta. Grapes
    Sn - pinched a bit of Toby's cakey snack will guestimate (5) to be safe
    T - small portion of lasagne with salad
    Supper - apple, cheese (a), breadstick (2)
    Popcorn (3) probably some more grapes while im reading

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  9. Laurenm10

    Laurenm10 Full Member

    hey :) here to follow your diary!! I do weight watchers myself but I'm intrigued by different diets, seeing how they work and what not :)
  10. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    Fell asleep before posting last night!
    Busy day taking little one swimming

    B- banana and toast (B +1)
    L - very little a few mouthfulls of chickpea dahl and salad really didny fancy it after making it
    Yog pomegranate
    Biscuit after swimming (2)
    T- hunters chicken (2), chips, beans and salad
    Sup- grapes, popcorn (3), choc (5)

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  11. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    3lbs off this week. Had a few naughties today as found ourselves in a cupcake cafe but not worried as otherwise been good and know I can keep up with some good work.
    Heard today my wedding dress is due in start to mid Oct want to get lower again by then! My ultimate goal was the 1st by my hen party on 29th Nov which was just over 1lb a week. Now to keep the numbers going down x

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  12. Laurenm10

    Laurenm10 Full Member

    we'll find on the loss! 3lb is amazing :)!!
  13. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    B- banana and choc spread on toast (1 +1/2 B)
    L- /
    T- lasagne (A + 2), salad, garlic bread (4)
    Sup- hot choc (3), grapes, alpen(1/2b)

    Not feeling too great today not sure whats up and dont really know what I fancy eating either. So far had nothing but making little one a pizza out of half a english muffing and debating just trying the other half to save cooking and wasting anything.
    This evening hopefully I will feel a bit more me then I can hunt out some new easy lunch and tea ideas :) x

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  14. Laurenm10

    Laurenm10 Full Member

    you feeling any better?
  15. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    Feeling a bit more human thank you! Not sure what was up with my monkey last night up crying until midnight then fell out of bed at 3 and wide awake at 7 didn't help me much :-(

    Not been perfect sw wise today but just ate what I fancied
    B- /
    L- wholemeal wrap, salad, ham, sprinkling of cheese, biscuit (4)
    T- gammon, pasta n sauce and salad

    Went bowling today and whilst my friends had chips and larger and Toby had some of his fruit thingies I sat sipping my diet coke!

    Think i may have a wispa later unless I fall asleep first.

    How are you getting on this week? :) x
  16. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    Well today I am feeling much less bloaded!
    B - / had nothing in as putting off shopping!!
    L- sweet potato chips, beans and salad
    Satsuma, pinched some chocolate fingers (3)
    T- pork stir fry from latest mag, handful of prawn crackers (5)
    Sup- doughnuts (b) and 2 syns for smidging of peanut butter but was amazing!!!, apple

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  17. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    B- weetabix (b), banana, strawberries, pomegranate
    L- ham and grated cheese roll up, apple, yog
    T- mp curry packed with extra apple, mangetout. Bit of naan (5)
    Sn- doughnut (1), choc bar (5), pink and white (2)
    Heavy syn week this week feel like 15 just isnt enough.

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  18. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    Sorry for the delay
    Sat 13th wasnt too bad managed another 2lbs off somehow!
    Had a jacket potato in sainsburys for lunch then went out to a country park for a few hours near the llangollen aquaduct was lovely and little one loved being able to run around.
    Came home and made boston beef proper homely comfort food. Pinched some garlic bread (4)
    Then had meringue (3) quark (1) and berries for pudding
    Followed by a choc bar once Toby was in bed (9)
    17 syns overall

    Sunday 14th
    A nice lazy day! Just what we needed as got a cheeky 1hr30min nap together after lunch. Did pop out to a carboot sale in the morning as on the hunt for some wooden cars for stocking fillers
    B- banana
    L- omlette stuffed with mushrooms and peppers and a spoonfull of beans. 1/2 pink and white (2)
    T- turkey spag bol and chunks of cucumber
    Then had my evening snack of peanut hifi (b),wispa (8), hot choc (3)
    13 syns!

    The chocoholic in me has risen again lately and cant seem to shift it :-(
    Hopefully when OH comes back home I will be less likely to snack on an evening as think I mainly do it through boredom and being alone

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  19. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    I am back after going a bit AWOL which id showing on the scales :-( as back up to 12stone again this morning.
    However my wedding dress arrived on Sat and popped along last night to try it on... after all my worries IT DID UP!! :):)
    Only need minimal alterations to shorten shoulder straps and to take in the top bit

    Even still I need rid of this last stone make everything more comfortable for the big day.

    Todays food has been so so food wise - busy day as had appointment with my florist and the usual running around after an almost 16month old

    B- banana
    L- apple, banana, one piece of sushi (.5)??
    Sn- hifi (.5 B)
    T- River cobbler, pasta, veg sauce, cheese (A) and salad

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  20. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    Super tired this morning

    Yesterdays food diary
    B- banana and yog
    L- jacket potato, prawns and salad (1)
    T- !chilli and rice (1) tiny bit of garlic brrad (2)
    Snacks during day - melon, apple and cheese, hifi, small bit of cale (2), dreamie (5), hot choc (2)

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