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as stated in an earlier post, I'm new have never done this kind of diet before but have probably done everything else. LT worked for a friend really well so last week I was so depressed at my weight that I thought I'm doing it. I feel ok and am very determined at the moment (day 2) whats bothering me is how to approach Christmas without ruining things for either my diet or my family. Am booked to go to my sisters for Christmas lunch and now don't know if I should aim to do 3 weeks then try the refeeding (not sure what this is yet but will look into it) but I might not be at the target I want? or do I go for it right up to Christmas and aim for a light Christmas lunch and them get straight back to it?

anyone want to share their thoughts / experiences.......

I really don't want to mess things up as I am the size I am because there's always an excuse.... a party... a holiday ... a night out... a night in.


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I have decided to re-feed the week before xmas as I cheated the other weekend and was really poorly, I think you need to introduce the food slowly. I will not be at my target by then but intend to go back on LT the 1st week of January.


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Hi , I had a similar dilemma when I had a weekend trip booked after week 4- I did the refeed and I wish I hadn't and won't do it again - It's all preference really but before I was on Refeed I didn't so much as cheat and was extremely head strong about it - didn't even want to eat the refeed food but reluctantly did - I know my weekend was a heavy one but Not only did I put on around 10lbs but I am still struggling to get back on it properly - I hope to do it up till xmas and just eat xmas dinner but not drink as I don't want to lose my mind frame again- We all have diff thoughts so do what feels right .:109:


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I am sticking to LT 100% at Christmas, I feel I am not at a weight to be re-feeding at the moment, I am looking at it this way 1 Christmas without eating is not going to kill me :D Hopefully I have lots more Christmas's To enjoy (Not over indulge mind you ;)) So Nope will be having a LT chicken soup at my family's Christmas dinner table :D