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re offender in need of support and help.

Hi all

Not sure if anyone here remembers me. I was on last year and lost over 2 stone. I then had family wedding, holidays,(excuses really) and fell off wagon. I tried(very determined) to start again earlier this year but didnt sustain it. I am really in need of help and support here.

I have gained all my original weight back and seem set on a roller coaster of destruction. I find myself in a spin cycle. I am admitting for the first time to anyone (even myself)that I have been drinking a lot for the last while, I dont know if its drinking to make myself look better in the mirror or drinking to forget what I have become but I now drink 2 bottles of wine a day. Something awful happened one of my children 3 years ago and to be honest I never got over that and prob turned to food and drink to escape reality. Am in tears writing this. I cannot seem to get myself back on track. I know if I can get back on the diet I will change as i did it before. Please help me to get back on this diet as I know I will loose weight and feel better. I just want to regain my self esteem. I am terrified that I have become an alcoholic and would ask people to please be honest with me about their own drinking habits as I know from reading threads that alcohol does seem to play a big part in peoples weight issues. I am focusing on the drink a bit and prob ignoring the fact that I eat way too much!!

This site has always brought support for weight loss but I just felt I had to be honest and admit everything before I asked for support this time

(sorry am afraid to give my name)
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to be honest i don't really no what to say but feel like a heart felt message like that deserves a response, so glad you have come back to this forum x
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Hi Electric Lilac

Thank you so much for responding. I have been waiting here hoping for people to encourage me and I really do thank you for reaching out to me. I do realise oh so much that by peoples lack of words means I am worse than I am. I am not blaming anyone as to be honest I am not sure what I would say to myself I just decided to put my heart out there and take whatever advice/criticism came my way.

I suppose the fact that no one knows what to say to me means I am looking in the wrong place. I suppose I stupidly hoped against hope that people would say " look there are a few of us in this boat and we can do it together" but I guess I am on a different boat to the rest.

Anyway thank you for coming back to me, I will try and get on board with the rest of ye and hope for the best.



Like a Renegade Master
There may well be others in the same boat as you on this forum don't give up yet. Personally my vises are food and cigarettes, at the moment obviously more cigarettes than food. I am very lucky i can take or leave alcohol but i am sure you are not alone, give it time for people to respond, some may just need to pluck up the courage as you have done...
Cheers(not meant to be a bad pun!!!)

To be honest it does take courage to admit things even to yourself. It took a lot for me to write that and hopefully it will help someone, me or someone else, by doing so

Thanks Electric lilac

I do appreciate it

Just saw this thread, and I know food and alcohol was my biggest issues. This diet has really helped me tackle both of these problems, and hopefully I won't get into bad habits again.
Hi yummymummy (I choose not you add the 'not' ;-)

I'm with caz on this LT TFT will just blow out all the cobwebs and be a great way to restart and take stock.

2 bottles of wine isn't excessive, if you are using it as a way to cope try find a replacement during the time you normally drink (maybe chatting on here!).. Be careful though it could leave down the road to am actual addiction if nit tackled now ... but if you know whats happening you can easily change it all for the better.

Good luck we will all be here ready to chat and reassure you should you need us!!!


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Oh my god thank you all so much for supporting me and not judging me. I went to bed miserable last night as just didnt know how to dig myself out of this hole. I have just read your replies this morning and am so heartened you wouldnt believe it.

I am going to do this. I am going in to chemist today and see what happens. i need to get back to myself. I was a size 12 all my life up until 3 years ago when this all started for me. I am now a size 18 and am uncomfortable all the time. I feel bloated, disgusted and certainly ugly right now. I am finding myself completely unfit and get short of breath going up the stairs!!! Its ridiculous, I have to cop myself on.

I am going on holidays in August and have been dreading it as I was going to be the proverbial beached whale. This morning I have decided enough is enough. I intend to be more like a skinny eel than a beached whale at the seaside. I am going to go out today and buy a new bikini(ok realistically a full swimsuit) and hang it up on full view in my bedroom.

Thank you all so much for giving me the courage to do this. I think if everyone had berated me and called me an alcoholic I dont think I would have been able to face it.

Once again many thanks and will be on here A LOT I would think.

good luck yummymummy - come on here as often as you can for support. hopefully staying 100% and losing the weight each week will give you the boost and the confidence you need. we're all here for you :) x

irish molly

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What a heartfelt message. You sound so tormented and in a vicious cycle of bingeing and drinking. Both bad habits and out of hand. You have made a great leap forward in admitting it and posting in here. Get started on TFR and the break will get the bingeing and drinking under control. You can and will do it. You will look in the mirror, sober, and like what you see!!!


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Hi Yummy! I feel for you. Had the same situation when my boyfriend and I broke up. I was in emotional distress and felt like food is my only companion. Didn't go out of the house for sometime and all I have are chips, sodas and meals in front of me. I gained a lot. Really lot! Until such time I realized I am no longer healthy. I am fine with being stout but I am more concerned of my health.

Before doing any diet program, you have to set a goal for yourself and focus on it. Do it for yourself and not for anyone else. write down in a sticky note the reasons why you want to lose weight, STICK IT IN YOUR FRIDGE. Lol. Then you can start.

good luck on your journey yummy.. it takes real courage to admit to urself where ur going wrong in life never mind coming on here and tellin us, i wish u all the luck in the world on starting to get ur life back on track xx

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