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re-starter 26/7/10 - 2 months till my hols

Hi all, :D

i have decided to bite the bullet and join SW. i currently weigh 13 stone in a 5ft4 frame. my dress sizes seem to be creeping up to a size 16/18 and im getting out of breath and tired easierly.

so i want to change this!

i did ww for 4 months a while back and lost 1 stone, but found it hard to keep my b/f intrested in eating the food. so hopfully sw will suit us both as it not like other diets out there ive been told. so im really looking forward to joining on wednesday and learning more about the plan.

i understand the concept of red and green days, but i tried to research the EE, but havent really found anything in detail about this, so hopfully the consultant will be able to explain as it sound good from other ppl reports on here

so i just wanted to say hi, and feel free to read my diary :flirt2:

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hello x I have been on sw for 5 months this time am doing quite well, EE is good but you have to eat your superfree foods every day to ensure the loss, hope you get on well
Good Afternoon All,

well i went to my first class today, lovely bunch of people of all ages (i was the youngest tho , i think)
had a mini induction and weighed, i wasnt far off my guess for my weight
i weighed in at 13stone 2.5lbs and i want to get to 10st 8lbs at least!

i think im going to start with EE option as it seems so untrue so i need to put it too the test lol

just about to write a shopping list to buy in some of the ingrediaents so i can start to cook, think i may cook the chicken tikka curry that is in this month mag

well did some shopping today

Wed 30th Dec - EE

Alpen Bar heathly extra B
spag bol - lean mince, garlic, mixed herbs, celery, tinned tomartos, onion with spagetti
muller light strawberry yogurt FAT Free
light quavers 5.5syns

even tho i didnt eat breakfast as i went to wi , i do feel full with what i ate.

looking forward to making ministone soup from one of the reciepes
Thurs 31st Dec

B - 2 mackerel without skin, 2 lean bacon without fat, 3 eggs scrambled , no fat used

L - quavers light 5.5syns

T - ministrone soup - tinned tomartos, veg stock, cerlery, carrot, onion, soup mix eg) lentils ect, canniello beans, and 2 handful of pasta twirls

Desert - bowl of chopped up fruit - fresh pineapple, pear, kewi, organge - very yummy

im offically stuffed and i havent used all my syns
i may have a full fat coke seen im taxi for everyone tonight lol

Happy New year Everyone xxx
well i did really well NWY, as seen above, i went out for the night and i stayed away from all the crisps. whoop so proud
i had diet coke / lemonde for most of the night, but had a j20 orange and 1 ful fat coke .
new years day we went to my b/f parent who laid on a lunch for everyone.had a fab time, even tho i wasnt fully 100%, been seen as ive been really good , i thought id try some xmas cake

Friday 1st Jan

B - 1 alpen light bar strawberry & 1 muller light peach yogurt

D - 2 small bowls of stew contains) lean meat, carrot, mushroom, onion & stock (NO pototao nor bread!)
but i did have 1 white bap (without butter) , lean cuts off a gammon joint
small helping of xmas cake

S - seron ham, fresh of the bone and 2 biscuits

only drank water all day
well de clutter the house full of xmas stuff today, and cleaned the tropical fish tank out, gonna start diner in a minute, feel like haveing a lazy day today, make take the dogs out later and see my sis.

Saturday 2nd Jan

B - tropical fruit salad , pineapple, kewi & orange , 1 muller light yougurt strawberry & 1 apine light bar

D - jacket spud, tuna & spring onion mixed in 1 tsp fram frais & 1 helemin light mayo to make dressing, serve with salad of lettic, red onion and tomarto

T - SW mag Rec chicken tikka Curry with rice

I joined SW this morning not suprising the class was full, We were told about the 3 plans But I just cannot get my head around it and feel totally lost.

I lost 3st Jan to Jul09 to fit into my wedding dress doing any quick fix diet and excerise, since my honeymoon and other celebrations I'm only 5lb short of where I started this time last year
I am desperate to loose 3st by May as I'm going on a hen weekend and then being a bridesmaid in July.

Can anyone help me make this diet easy I've heard such good reports about it.

Where do I start.
Sat 2nd Jan

well i made a different tea than mentioned in the end
i went round my sis and she was getting a chinese, so i did really well and took my own tea round lol
i took chicken and pasta round which i happly ate, so proud of my will power
Sunday 3rd Jan

B - 2 slices of toast (8 syns) , spagetti hoops and lean bacon with no fat

D - muller light yogurt , alpen bar (HEX B) , 3 tangerines

T - gammon (fatty bits cut off) , potatoes, broc, carrots

Diet coke & water


I can do this............
Hi there!

Just catching up on some of the new diaries just wanted to say hi really!! Good luck on your slimming world journey!

One thing i have noticed is you dont seem to be having both you healthy A and B choices? Might just be you have forgotten to write them on here!

Good luck on your first weigh in and well done on being so good on NYE! x
Mon 4th Jan

First day at work and it dragged, glad to say ive had a 100% day whoop whoop

B - mullerlight yogurt, 2 tangerines

D - (another portion on last night tea) gammon, carrots, brocolie and gravy

T - omolet contains (eggs, cheese, tomartoes, spring onion) spagetti hoops

Dessert - tropical fruit (pineapple, kewi,banna)

Snacks - Diet coke, weight watchers corn crisps & 2 cups of tea with milk hex a
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Tues 5th Jan

well not at work due to the snow, it was 6inchs at 11am and its snowing really heavy still, so probly more by now
already built a snowman, snowball fight with the street and took the dogs out in it lol

freezing cold now tho, gonna make a yummy recipe out the sw mag for when the other half gets in

B - readybrek & semi skinned milk (hex A&B) , with a banna cut up into it

D- tropical fruit ( pineapple, kewi, melen) with muller light yogurt

T- SW easy peasy potato bake, contains potatoes, green&orange pepper, onion, tomartoes, spring onion & veg stock

Snack , 2 tangerines, diet coke
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Wed 6th Jan

went to work, i hated the drive it was very scary and not nice!

B - nuthink

D - Omolet contains ( eggs, milk, peppers, onions, tomartos)

T - 6 breaded and baked chicken with breadcrumbs & 4 Kewi's

S - diet coke, Twirl,
Thurs 7th Jan

2nd day back in work and its also W.I later today. so i will update again later

B - apple

D - ready break & milk HEX A&B with a chopped up banna & 2 kewi afterwards

T - Pizza Express Restaurants Leggera Gustosa Pizza - 25 syns for full pizza, but came with a salad lol[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

Snack - Diet coke, water, hot chocolate
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whoooo been to W.I and .............-4lbs loss.......yay

very happy seen as i had NYE & NYD Party too, so im very pleased indeed
well ive not been on here for a few days, been busy and a bit naughty on the food front but not realy bad i may add lol

Tues 11th Jan

B - banna

D - 2 tangerines, 1 apple, asda ceral bar

T - SW quiche, sw chips and spagetti hoops

Snack - pepsi max, half a melon, bag of light quavers

had a good day today, so back on track

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