Extra Easy Re-starting Slimming world-encouragement needed

Hi Everyone,
i did slimming world 2yrs ago and lost 3 stone..then got a little lost in life and put 2 back on :( ...i get married in Aug so really want to shed that 2 stone i put on! but can not afford to go back to group, with the wedding and all.

So.... i am pretty sure i know the diet but would just like a little re-assurance from all you lovely fellow SW followers:

i am doing EE and this is todays plan:

Went to a personal training session at boxing gym
Having Muller light rasperry yog for brekkie (Free)

Having salad for lunch (lettuce, tomatos, cucumber, spinach, ham, Celery cheese (HEA), cottage cheese with 2 ryvita(HEB)) (all free apart from HEA and HEB)

Tea: Chunky chilli (Extra Lean mince, passata, onion, green beans, butter beans, kidney beans, Tomotos,) (all free) ... i will have this with broccoli and green beans

Snack- hard boiled egg. (Free)

does this sound ok? am i getting enought SS food?
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More than enough!
Good luck with the plan :)


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Superfree is fine as you are suppose to be having at least 1/3 of your plate superfree and to me it looks like you are having at least 1/2. Make sure you use your syns, common downfall!