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Re_joined food diary red/green *lushx*


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Just started back after moving house and a hectic xmas of overloading on snacks aww
gained 5lbs but im back on it. have to start somewhere . i lost 8 1/2lbs before xmas so back down to 3 1/2lbs loss now. which i know was totally my fault.
my aim is to lose 3 stone. my starting weight was 12st 10.
so im now at 12st 7lbs.:break_diet::break_diet:

red day


2 eggs 1 slice bread nibble 3 syns


toasted sandwich nibble extra b
laughin cow cheese low fat extra a
muller yougurt with banana


chicken breast stuffed with
low fat cottage cheese 2.5 syns
steamed veg
small portion new potatoes extra b
muller yougurt :)
slimming world bar. extra healthy a

ive set aside 3 syns for sugar..
cant live without my morning cuppa
and one before bed. lol

then maybe some wotsits. alltho
not sure on the syn vaules

advice would be great
and any comments thanks lushx :flirt2:
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just a finally update before i go to bed.. i over done it on the syns :( had 3 to many. but im going to take these of tomorrow. lushx


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green day

omlette with beans and healthy extra 2 bread

pork chop healthy extra
with veg
new pototes. does anyone know how many i can eat? lol
gravy 1.5syns
fat free yougurt
slimming world bar

and maybe later on 2 eggs mmmm :p


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another green day
been kinda hectic so havent eaten much

coffee with sugar 1.5 sugar
2 bread nibble healthy extra B
with light spread 0.5 syns
2 slices of chicken.. Extra healthy B

for dinner ive made a home made chesse pie
potatoes mashed with extra light cheese sauce & flora light
mushrooms..onions..peas.. Boiled eggs
sprinkle of extra light cheese sprinkled on top.
Ive maded this pie enought for 5 people so
very easy to do.
Have added spices and free veg..
Sprinkle of cheese extra... 1 healthy option
very low fat cheese sauce 2 syns
flora extra light 1 syn

can any one tell me if mug shots the pasta ones can be eaten as a snack or are they a main meal.?

might have one of them later with a muller yoghurt and banana.

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does anyone know if i can have some of my pie i made earlier for when i get peckish later? or should i just keep to fruit between meals.. seems a shame to waste what is left.. x


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can some one please post.! lol
ive decided to have more green days this week.. but have read somewhere that green doesnt appeal to everyone. and sometimes u can have a weight gain.? awww is this true? im loving green days at the moment and ill have a red day before weigh in if thats helps thanks.. lushx


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I will do my best to reply

I only do green days as I am a vegetarian
I lost 70lb a few years ago to get to target - where I remained for a couple of years
then due to medication and a knee problem (so lack of mobility) I started to gain the weight
mentally I had to be ready to lose the weight again - an my time is NOW

I think in this cold weather green days are great

just dont forget to weigh and measure all healthy extras and syns
if you dont you will find your guestimate of a portion growns and grows

if you have a good look on my thread I do add some recipes that might be useful to you :):)

good luck


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hi how do i get to ur thread?
im loving green at the moment. but kinda strange eating loads potatoes. i made this massive home maded cheese pie yesterday .. with mixed veg.. was amazing..! lol healthy extra extra light cheese.!
was loads left over so had a bit before i went to bed.. was that ok.?
or should i of just kept that for my main meal and have fruit inbetween my meals? my mate said u can eat it when ever u like? is that true? many thanks lushx


I can see no problem with you eating what you like when you like as long as you are aware of any syns or healthy extras contained in it. It's only Extra Easy that SW have said to eat Superfree food i.e. fruit and veg in between meals. I wouldn't worry too much.

Good luck

I was under the impression you could eat as much free food as you liked (depending on your day) i'm finding it hard to come up with snacks on green though. Any ideas?


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i thought u could eat free food whenever lol.
ive only just swapped to green loving it.. snacks>> mug shots find these in asda.. or fat free yougurt with sliced banana.. boiled eggs.. i make a huge pasta bake and eat this through out the day. last night i maded a potatoe bake with fried mushrooms..onions. peas and cheese on top free foods are just that.. eat them whenever and how much u like till ur full not exploding.. lol lushx


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as i write this im in the middle of eating banoffe pie.. yummy.
im on a green day again today. maded this lovely cottage pie tonight altho i syned the lean mince the rest was bovil stock and free veg.
with mash on top..
i seem to be having a better week on green and im hoping for a good weight loss this week lushx


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awww :( ok wasnt sure if it was a good idea to weigh myself this week two days before my weigh in. but i wanted to see how i was getting on with green. as i havent done them before.. and it seems ive gained 2lbs..! is this normal i havent cheated once.! kept a food diary and everything. i feel so down now.. or should i just wait till thursday for my meeting? plese reply thanks lushx

well the scales are a funny thing like this morning i hadnt lost more than a pound today is my weigh in day and 3 hours later i was 2lb lighter not eaten anything so sometimes dont know how it works try to save your weigh in till the day it easy to get disapointed i am terrible i weigh a few times a week just cant kick the habit.

would love the recipe for you pie i cant get my head around green days never know what to have

do you have a nice pasta recipe?


soon to be mother of the bride
Wait for Thursday I have been know to put on more than 2lb for no reason then it just goes again for no reason
stick with the plan and take your food diary to your meeting (just in case) ask your leader for some help
and dont forget all sets of scales are differnt - you should really only use one set


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fingers crossed then for tomorrow..!
the recipe for the cheese and vegtable pie is
make mash potatoes mash with little flora extra light 2 syns
milk from extra healthy
carb sauce very low fat small tub 4 syns from asda
mix this into the mash with mushrooms and fried onions and any other free veg u like.!
spoon mixture in to a pie dish. cook for about 30 minutes on 180c
and its enough to feed 4 people so total syns would be about 2 per person.. i add healthy extra for the cheese which i sprinkle on top its lovely..!! hope u like it lushx


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pasta recipe..
cooked loads of pasta.. add qourn mince. fried onions. mushrooms
bovril stock and stir through
and any amount of free vegtables.. sprinkle very low fat cheese on top. bake for 30 minutes 180c. yummy..

i maded another pasta bake the other day
stir through 6 extra light laughing cow cheese triangles (healthy extra) into cooked pasta.
peas. sweetcorn and bake for 25 minutes 180c

also slimming world quiche is nice..
150gms cottage cheese
4 eggs
herbs. spices.
fried vegetables
mix together and spoon in to a quiche tray
and cook for 35 minutes 180c
totally free.!! mmmmm lushx


Hi lush, good luck for your WI tomorrow I will keep my fingers crossed for you :D I'm a red day follower so cant really offer much advice on green, I do maybe 2 GD a week , but it leaves me craving for naughty food lol :D not to mention bunged up, so I do limit how many I do.

When I do it though I snack on some bachelors savoury rice, I make a proper rice pudding with milk which gives me 2 portions, I made quorn bolognese pasta bake out of a sw mag, which is surprisingly nice (never had quorn before)

Banoffee pie sounds good. I would think if its within syns you can eat as much as you like, I dont eat much fruit mainly veg, so thats definitely not the only snack I have.

good luck