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"Ready Brek" vs porridge

Mrs V

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You can have 1oz Ready Break as a HeB, but should also have 1 Rivita Original/Dark Rye/Sesame as well.
Thank you :)
just fancied readybreak (no idea why) bit less lumpy than porridge i guess... have been ill the last few days :(

oats so simple sounds like the way forward though... i hate weighing stuff all the time :)

Sarah you have reduced sugar jam on yours dont you (have been nosing at your food diary lol... feeling very inspired *thankyou* )
is that jam syn free? xx
No probs, thankyou for posting it up... its definately given me some ideas for days :)
very inspiring too youve lost a lot of lbs!
well done you! xx


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Does it make it all pink when you stir it in? (like rice pudding)
Mmmmm.........ready brek! I had this for breakfast today with a little sweetner! :D


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I went through a hardcore Ready Brek phase recently - just loved that feeling of warm glue-iness sticking to my belly! :p

I got a bit miffed when I decided to try Ready Brek Honey instead of the Original, though. At first glance the same calories, but on closer inspection they'd yanked out a fifth of the wholegrain goodness and replaced it with sugar... left me feeling hungry again about 10 minutes later.

I'm on a weetabix kick right now. I heat up 150ml of skimmed milk and 150ml of water together in the microwave until nearly boiling, then add 3-4 canderel sweeteners (I know, ridiculous sweet tooth) and pour it over 2 weetabix. If you leave it for a couple of minutes, the weetabix really expand and soak up all the liquid and you get a huge warm bowl of loveliness that really fills you up for the whole morning!


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ooo i remember having weetabix like that when i was little...
have to eat quickly it though... it sets like concrete in the bowl lol!

yum :) xx
Aren't cereals just fab?! You can avoid the concretiness if you add the extra fluid - 300ml of mixed hot milk and water (or just milk!) with 2 weetabix gives you a soft fluffy bowl of lusciousness.

Making your own muesli is fun, too! But hey, don't get me started on cereals, carb-fiend that I am...! :p


Slow but sure....
Iris - I never thought I would drool over a bowl of weetabix, you certainly have a way with words - fluffy bowl of lusciuosness, wonderful.....thank you. X

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