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Ready meals.....do you?


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I decided to "go" lazy this week and bought 5 Tesco Lighter choices ready meals tonight, to use next week. I liked the fact they are all "Pointed" and thought I could have them with a big plate of free salad or veg.

Do you all make your own meals or just how do you do the family mealtime thing???
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i mostly cook from scratch as we only have a small fridge and no freezer. we do occasionally have ready meals as a treat but I'm just as likely to bung jacket spuds in the oven if I want something easy as having the oven on warms the boat up nicely.

We tend to live on salads in the summer though as putting the oven or hob on when it's hot out can be quite unbearably hot.
I've been really lazy & have been getting quite a few of the Tesco light choices ready meals for myself. I don't like a lot of the things my husband & children do anyway so it's been nice to have something I want rather than something I tollerate because of what everyone else likes.

I cook all their food from scratch & in bulk & freeze it in the right portion size. It makes meal times hassle free as I just do extra veg or rice/pasta etc :D and means I just do a lot of cooking one weekend a month, I am lucky to have 2 big freezers though :) I even cook & freeze mash potato for them so that's there when needed. It does mean I plan a months menus at a time but it's worth it & means we have very little food waste.
I haven't eaten a ready meal in about a year.

I like cooking (plus it means I don't have to wash up, I can get my sister to do it :D)

I use things like sauces from jars, but I don't like using a microwave at all tbh.



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oh I love the meals!! Farmfoods has really cheap weight watchers ones and lighter choice ones are lovely. I LOVE the chicken and Broc pie!! I take them to work. I also bulk freeze too which is great because otherwise I would eat a portion size for about 10 or be too lazy to cook and order a takeaway! lol
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seconded on the chicken and broccoli pie! I also love the fresh WW macaroni cheese ready meal. I too use them a lot when I'm at work as we have a microwave, and although there is a canteen its filled with greasy meals like pie/fish and chips, big stodgy cakes and cream filled desserts etc.. so I find it much simpler to buy a ready meal (also from Farmfoods - love that shop!).. Sainsburys BGTY ready meals also have your points printed on them, dont know about asda / morrisons but might be the norm now for the lighter ready meal choices??
I'm also a fan of bulk cooking. I used to live off ready meals but bow i find they don't appeal as i know what's in them!! I'm not someone who swears by organic or anything like that - i just figure that home-cooked stuff is better for you, works out cheaper and tastes a whole lot better too!
i have a couple of low fat ready meals in at mo for instance this evening the rest of the family are having curry i can have a lighter version and now exactly how many points im eating :)and dulk it up wiv veg or salad


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I must admit it is really nice when you have had hard day at work to just pop a ww meal in the Microwave and just add lots veg... with it all pointed for you, Brill!!!

I love the Beef hotpot with peas and brown sauce ... yummmmmmmmmy!!



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Ah its great just to pop it in the micro at night! I do try to cook from scratch and split it into portions for my evening meal but so easy for school! Our dinner school is all pizza and chips,we need Jamie Oliver!! lol


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Nah, my boyfriend and I take it in turns to cook. I don't even have a microwave. I think I could have one for lunch, but not dinner. Except I'm nowhere near an oven or microwave at lunch :p It's good for things like lasagne that are harder to make low point.


has started again!!
All really interesting stuff guys! I dont feel quite so guilty now about my ready meals!!

Mind you, I am about to point a pizza thats in my freezer as I want it for my anniversary treat tomo night! I have a feeling it will almost all my days points, but it will be worth it!

Its the extra special one from Aldi, with rocket on the top, utterly fabulous!!

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