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Ready Meals

me again!

I'm not a very good cook, and used to live off frozen chips, pies etc - you name it, if you could nuke it or stick in a tray on 180dgs for 20 mins until hot, then I'd eat it (which is why i now need to loose 5 stone! :eek:)

I am going to try and improve, but do you think if I ate ready meals of an evening it would do any harm? Tesco's do a Healthy Living range, theres so much variety, from meat and pots to pasta and curries, all of them are reasonably low in fat, and used to have the old WW points on them, I know I'd have to recalculate the pp's, but if I ate them of an evening with some extra fresh cooked veg, do you think it would impact my losses?

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Look at the people that eat diet chef etc they ate ready diet meals and work so should be ok the only thing there's lots of addictives in th I can't eat many bad ibs and ww ones kill my tum.

I have 3 children and they won't eat what I do so I cook for me seaperate, I made my first soup 2 weeks ago ww 0 point spicy butternut squash in the ww blue folder, easy cheap snd yum I'm making it tomorrow. I make pasta meals or chick breast jack spud free veg easy quick and v low pp. But I don't cook proper ww meals but will start as my daughters starting again with me.

Try making simple meals in large portions freeze in portions and you'll save loads xx
I've lost all of my weight by having ready meals slapped on free veg... I do a family meal for kids and hubby then do my roasted veg and baked butternut squash with a weight watchers meal on top for me :))
I have tesco light choices meals too, my fave atm is chicken, new potatoes and. green beans. My hubby even likes it and he hates ready meals. Ive lost 6lbs in two weeks and it looks like i might have a 3-4lb loss tonight aswell so i dont think they do any harm :)
Thanks guys, I'm off to Waitrose later to stock up, I was looking online this morning, and they do some really nice ones, I pp'd them up and most of them come in between 8 & 10 pp's

Purple Rain - you've done brilliantly, I hope I can have good losses like you. Good luck for tonight, I'll keep my fingers crossed, let us know how you get on x
My leader often says watch what is in those ready meals, but I had them almost religiously for 2 weeks along with my hubby and they did me no harm, in fact still lost weight, as I was pointing etc.

I do find (this is just my personal opinion) that some of the meals work better in the oven to microwave even though they often come with microwave instructions. I do them all in the oven.

But if you do want any other ideas just have a look on here at the section regarding what are you having for tea. http://www.minimins.com/weight-watchers/177594-propoints-what-you-eating-tea.html

One or two people wrote out how to make what they ate, and most things in there are pointed which helps.

My fav for a quick easy meal is pasta and chicken. All you need is pasta, chicken and some pasata to make the sauce, along with all the veg you want, and the herbs and spices you want to add, and a little oil to cook chicken and veg. For two people its less then 10pp each..

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