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Ready mixed shakes

Hi everyone quick question,
I have not purchased any of the ready made shakes thus far, but am wondering what is the difference taste wise, and carb wise? Do you have to drink more water with them? I always make my shakes up with approx 10 floz of water as I prefer a weaker taste, can these be diluted if need be?
Planning in advance for when I have days away and thinking this might be easier that taking my blender with me :)
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Hi Tillyfloss

I am a huge fan of the ready mixed shakes and do not have the powder shakes/soups at all now... the flavours are somewhat richer but I know some peeps on here do add water (hot water to choc to make hot choc) or crushed ice to make smoothies. Some people freeze to have as ice cream!! I think the carb content is the same as powder so give them a go! Its so much easier for work etc not to have to worry about mixing/blending.

I absolutely could not live without the choc tetra... the banana is ok (if you like banana flavoured things) and I haven't tried it but the strawberry is supposed to be fab.

Good luck!!!
I always have the tetras too, they are thicker and creamier, i add them to coffee or just add hot water to them or just slurp them straight from the carton, you should have extra water with these and the bars .xx
i find the best way to have your extra water with a tetra is to add it to the tetra, i pour my tetra into a water bottel and then add the same amount of water, shake it up a bit to make it frothy and drink away. IT last longer and still taste just a creamy.
I think it just means you need to drink more to make up for the smallness - ie I make up a powder shake to a pint so would have my 200 ml tetra and then a glass of water - thats all.
I love the choc tetra frozen it is like icecream!!! mmmm
defo worth it - take it out well before you want to use it though - or you have an impenatrable block!! or I put in the microwave for 20 secs on low - if I am in a hurry!! I stick my tetras in the freezer as soon as I get them now!


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im so scared of meddling with them in case i dont like them lol!!! i might try that tomorrow though. i have two tetras a day so if i dont like it, i always have another one to look forward to!!! x


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Hi tilly, personally i didn't like either the banaba or strawb tetra tasted too chemically for me. love the choc one though and i use it for when i'm in the office and split it into 3 and each one i top up with hot water, makes luuuverly hot choc!

They are sooooo much better and more conveniant so dont mind paying a little extra for them!! The chocolate is delicious!! Im not so keen on the strawberry as the taste of the multi- vitamins is very strong and ruins the taste a little.

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Ok I am willing to give the tetras a go... itsgoing to be hard chosing what to have next week.... Am in love with the banana shakes, I love fake banana flavouring! yummy , Reminds me of kiddies sweets.

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