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Really bad stomach pains ...

Does it feel like it's just below your ribs? And can you feel it in your back (kind of around your right shoulder blade) at all?


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I was thinking that KM, possibly gallstones?
Does it hurt more on one side than the other? Or does it feel like you've been hit in the stomach (kind of pain and like you've been winded)?


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yeah I suppose its more like when winded. It hurts more bang smack in the middle of my tum and I have a very slight ache in my left kidney (only slight)
See if it's on the left side I wouldn't say gallstones, but you never know because when you get an attack of them it feels like it's just hurting everywhere at times.
If in doubt get yourself down to A+E girlie, don't mess about with abdominal pain.
Have you taken any painkillers?


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thanks hun

Yes Ive taken 2 annadin and it seems to be wearing off. If it is still there by morning I will defo get myself to the emergency docs.

Thanks babes xx


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Or ring NHS direct 0845 4647, it'll put your mind at rest, definitely not worth 'risking'.
Even if it goes by morning I would still make an appointment to see your GP next week and ask him/her if you can be checked out for gallstones. Just explain to him/her that you are currently on a VLCD (they can be triggered by this) and you were getting abdominal pain (he/she will probably ask you to discribe the type of pain you were in).
They should hopefully send you for a scan just to check it out.
Sorry I couldn't be of any more assistance.


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Thanks to both of you. Appreciate your help.

Ive rang NHS direct and they said its trapped wind and see how it goes by the morning.



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Oooh, glad you rang them! Hope it puts your mind at ease. And I hope you have a good fart soon!


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Try moving around a bit, go for a walk, try and get your insides moving a bit!


has started again!!
I had real agony recently with trapped wind & its no laughing matter is it? I had to massage my upper abdomen really hard to shift it. I really hope you get rid soon, however that happens!

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