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really feel like giving up today

Really having an awful morning, I'm having to go to the pharmacist (15 miles away) again this morning as I'm on placement for a month starting from monday 9-5, she wont let my husband just pick up my sachets for me... Which means on top of the £84 we are already paying for LT, 2 sets of travelling and parking expenses on top of that too..

I'm grouchy and have been awful to the kids

To top it off, my sister has offered to babysit for us tonight, the first time in over a year (just like his mam did when we started this diet, it almost feels like they are mocking us!) and the idea of spending the night with no food or drink is just depressing me :( We never ever get to go out (possibly twice a year at most) and now when we can we literally have no options at all.

Don't know how I will cope on placement making shakes up infront of complete strangers

Just generally want to cry :'(
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Awwwww noooooo! Chin up there...do a fast forward and have a little fantasise of what you will be like/doing etc in 6 weeks time. Do you have something your aiming for? A holiday, wedding, fun day with kids etc if so still it to the front of your kind today to keep you focussed on why you doing all this hard work! :)

Its great your doing this with your OH, at least your are both in the same boat. Plan something tonight that doesnt revolve around food/drink...dont waste your night of freedom :)

Heres some ideas from me:

Cinema: get there just before the film starts and buy tix online then you can just zoom on past all the food/sweets etc. And dont sit by anyone...get on the back row for some cuddles. Hehe.

Romantic bath: bubbles, candles, music, 2 in the bath. Pamper each other with facepacks, body scrubs etc and maybe some sexy time...lol, im a cheeky buggar i know!

Couples walk: go for a nice walk/chat have a gossip and get some fresh air.

Plan something: i.e a holiday, a party...if you have an event coming up you could spend some time planning etc. I love holiday planning even When im not planning a holiday. I like looking at my fantasy places and planning what i would do there. Im a travel bug. Check out the french polynesia, i lose a good few hours planning my fantasy holiday there.

What ever you do have fun together. Hope your days picks up!

JB xxxx


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ohh chin up!! sorry your having a rough time! would your pharmacist not let u weigh in every 2 weeks i know my pharmacist doesn't mind that??? at least u wouldn't have to go every week. I went bowling a few weeks ago an had a great laugh and there wasnt much temptation there!! other than that most coupley things revolve around food and drink!!!
hope your mood is picking up a bit its not easy but you have been doing so well keep it up . take up your sisters offer and head to the cinema , I saw "3 days " the other night it was very entertaining you probably would really enjoy!I find the cinema easy you just get the tickets and pass by the sweets and sip on some water . Or if there is a theatre near you a show maybe? whatever you decide do go out it will do you good !
Awww babe don't feel like that! DO NOT GIVE UP :D think of what you want the most, surely to feel absolutely confident? :D Walk right out of that place with the bloody Lipotrim logo showing off to everyone, least you're doing something to improve the quality of your life! When I go to the pharmacy I embrace it, I give it the 'I'm gunna be skinny and gorgeous and you're not!!!!' attitude :p xx
Thanks, I stayed 100% We asked my sister if she could have them in a few months time, and spent a lovely night in front of the TV relaxing :D

I know what you mean Pigtotwig but every single person I have told about this diet has been negative and tried to put me off/get me to eat and I just dont really want to tell anyone else now :(

Hope everyone is having a good day :) x
They do that because they don't understand how important it Is to you. When I did it last time I turned down invites to stay in control. You will soon feel better and once your at goal you will appreciate food so much that I'm certain you will control it and not the other way round . It is hard I wish I had known about thus site first time around . Good luck and stay strong x

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I have told a few of my friends that im starting, the only reason they seem to be shocked is that they don't understand how it works, i have told them i need support and don't offer me or talk about food lol, i hope they do!
That is the worst thing. Thankfully my close friend and I do it together and to be honest last time I would have failed without her. Texted each other all day and it kept us sane cos noone else understood. How many times do you have to say no thanks to a latte before they get the message lol x

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I get sick of "You can have a tiny bit though, it wont hurt" or "Surely not eating for THAT long is bad for you?" ...well no, being 5 stone overweight is bad for me :p

Wasnt actually as bad as I thought, I explained I was on this diet and actually everyone was really supportive and said they admired me for working so hard to be fitter and healthier.

Hope evryone is having a good day :)
Almost without exception everyone is really, really negative! I just sort of dropped out of social events for a couple of months, spend time at my house in France and just stayed in touch with my friends by text or Facebook. Then, two and a half stone lighter, I turned up for a girlie lunch and literally blew them away! We haven't all met since before I had my op and I'm thinner still, meeting up on Saturday and I'm a size 12 now....can't wait!

This is sooooooo worth it:D
I bet that feels great Sandra, i'd love not to see ppl for a while then see theie reactions:)
I bet that feels great Sandra, i'd love not to see ppl for a while then see theie reactions:)
Claire, I'll be perfectly honest and say that a day doesn't go past without me getting compliments at the moment:D I'm getting quite big-headed.....anyway it's making me all the more determined to stay like this. Oh and wearing all my old clothes again is a fantastic feeling, back last summer I had only two mouldy old pair of trackies that fitted cos I couldn't bear to go shopping......

You'll get there sweetheart, just stick at it x
Hi stick with it imagine what it will fell like to get dressed up in clothes when slim and in clothes u want to wear rather then what fits food will never taste that good :D. Go to car on your break when u have to take a shake and have it there thats what i do when im at collage ;)
I can completely empathise with the thrill of getting back into old clothes and buying some lovely new ones too instead of dragging on the same old pair of jeans and Sainsbury's baggy T-shirts because I don't want to spend lots of money on clothes while I'm this size. It's only day one for me but I've picked out an outfit I'm hoping to fit into in a couple of weeks and have also ordered some stuff from a catalogue - one of the blouses was a size 14! I know that that's completely doable on this diet but for so long getting back into a 14 has felt nigh on impossible.
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Yeah it is nice to be told you look fab. Does not go down well when it's men and in front of your partner though x

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My OH isn't the jealous kind and he's as thrilled as I am that I've got the old me back! I've got lots of friends who are guys and funnily enough they're more complimentary than my girlfriends....
Can't wait for the day I start getting compliments :) Good for you though Sandra, you deserve them :D

Gutted I'm not going to be able to have my 4th WI tomorrow, but hopefully Saturday will bring a good loss :)

Hope everyone's had a good day x

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