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well done on getting to day 16 - an achievement in itself!!!

you're probably right - nothing worse than being stuck in on a sat night and you cant even have nibbles and wine to munch while you're watching x-factor/strictly!!!

I find it helps if I have my shake, then have a bubble bath, get into my pj's and curl up on the sofa. Just what I've done this evening....oh and keep sipping the water, that helps immensely.

Good luck - stick with it, you can do it!! x
thanks for the encouragement ,i think you might be right about the water ,not really had any where near my quota for the day ,i think i will fill up my wine glass with the finest coperation pop and dream.


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Don't Give In!!! You have done 16 days which is a major achievement!!!

Saturday are hard for me also as they are associated with being out and about and eating!

I am going to watch X factor, do some reading, have a hot bath and go to bed early... well that's the plan anyway:D

Have you tried our arcade? That is very good for distracting you from eating:)


Love Mini xxx
cheers for that ,just had a go of pacman ,that brought back memories from my youth ,every one is just so nice on here ,

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
I think everyone has days that they really find the going very tough. Hang in there. Keep up the water. Try some mineral water with ice in it as it does make you feel like you are drinking something different.


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Pacman was only recently added to the arcade by request!

every one is just so nice on here
I agree, we are very lucky and blessed that we seem to attract lots of wonderful nice people who are very supportive and caring.

Love Mini xxx
i have one more shake left for today ,i think i will make one of them mochas that i have read about on this site, once again thanks everyone.
Well done for getting this far; keep the water up! I think it took me about three weeks to get over the hunger, though, I suppose after ketosis kicks in it's more psychological hunger...

Good luck :)


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