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really mental dreams!!!

Hey everyone!
How is everyone doing?
I just thought I'd share with you the weird dreams I've been having over the last few days (I'm on day 6 of SS)!
I have been dreaming that I'm in a party or having a meal with family and i end up eating loads of carby delicious grub! I always feel gutted in my dreams cos i have ruined my diet, then i wake up!! It's bizarre because I've ben having it every night over the past 4 days! My partner thinks I'm obsessed with food, but I don't feel like I am (when i'm awake!)lol!

Has anyone else had these dreams? xxx
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Gone fishing
This happens to a lot of people on VLCDs. I know I had a few of those types of dreams. Enormous sense of relief when I realised it hadn't actually happened, and some of the dreams were rather amusing :D
Glad to hear that! Yeah, they are quite amusing because in one of them i was even having an eating competition with my elder brother (who is 6ft 4!) and i won because i was never full!lmao!
well done on your weight loss by the way KD! If you don't mind me asking, how long did it take you? I want to lose 4 stone by 1st weekend of august (got a big wedding). Do you think that would be possible?
Thanks :)
OH yes im also on my day 6 of cd ss and my dreams are the same in the past 4 days iv owened a restrant, been at a wedding and ate all there cake and it came out on a try ready for bride and groom to cut and it was half gone and every1 stood looking at me as i had the cake round my face and cloths,

i also asked this question
i think its are bodys way of saying EAT!!!

then i feel so bad when i wake up thinking iv eaten somethink, so i dont eat cos i no i will feel bad whoooo xxx


Gone fishing

well done on your weight loss by the way KD! If you don't mind me asking, how long did it take you? I want to lose 4 stone by 1st weekend of august (got a big wedding). Do you think that would be possible?
Thanks :)
Thankyou :)

It took me 9 months, but I had a couple of diversions (mainly non-diet related health issues which meant I had to come off plan).

I lost the first 4 stone in 3 months, but we all vary. Do it 100% and you'll lose the most that you can possibly lose. You can't do more than that:clap: Best of luck :)
Oh i dream about food and eating it pretty much every night! They say your dreams reflect your thoughts throughout the day - very true in my case as ALL i think about is food!


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This is very common with things that are important to us. I previously used class a drugs and I always dream about them. I find it very therapeutic cos when I wake up, I realise how gutted I was in my dream and that makes me more determined.

My brother got married last August and I had a reoccurring dream that my outfit didn't arrive!

Enjoy eating in your dream and feeling awful and then waking up and realising that you are still going strong!
i love the fact that I can eat in my dreams and still lose weight! plus I have dream-cheated a lot and I always feel really bad so I will never do it in real life! I think its a great motivation!
I dream about food all the time, though in my dreams I don't feel guilty in the slightest. I just shovel in the food, enjoying every minute until I wake up.

I don't even feel guilty when I wake up. I just breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I really didn't eat all those calories.


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I've been on SS for 11 weeks and last night I dreamt that I devoured a cheese and tomato takeaway pizza and a Cadbury's easter egg in one sitting!!!


Carpe diem, baby!
Oh man, dieting always gets the foody dreams going...actually they are quite nightmarish, consuming whole choccie cakes and the likes...I used to wake up feeling very worried and then being relieved when realising it was but a dream...even dreams of cooking meals, smelling food, having tables full of food to just ogle in the dream, or even food being present when the dream is not even food related?! Talking food anyone hahahaha!
It was only my first day yesterdy and last night I dreamt i had eaten 4 chocolate bars, literally thrown them down my throat and then I was trying to make myself sick but nothing would come up!! Weird!!!
oh my god i suffer from this too! first night i had a dream i was tasting wedding cakes and was furious with my boyfriend (yes bf not fiance he has never mentioned marriage - so even weirder!!) for letting me eat it! haha! last night it was 'time outs chocolate bar' - in my dream i ate alot - a lot!

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