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Really need that push!

Im into my second week with slimming world, The first week I did it great for 3 days then sort of slacked for the rest, I lost 4 and half Lbs :rolleyes: I was happy with that.

This week (weigh in this weds) Ive done it to a T! A little less fruit and veg but I've included it when ever I can, Ive not had alot of tinned/packaged meals, it's been mixed like tuna pasta, Like today I craved a cheese burger but went home and ate a whole tin of beans and a jacket potato, felt good not to give in but my weights barely dropped????

I'm the type to just think sod it and give up and I really dont want to, even though the weights not dropped I feel slimmer, it's like ive lost 4 stone so I know something is working :confused:

It's hard to go from comfort eating, a take away everyday of the year, diet of chocolate ect ect to a good diet and not loose anything in the second week :break_diet:

Anything positive you can give, please do!

I have to say this is a great website, was doing my food shopping and googling syns on my phone and this site came up everytime, thankyou :)
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hiya cassie and welcome to minimins and SW,

sounds like you're doing great so far, well done

what goals have you set yourself? set yourself mini goals which are easily achievable,
planning is the key to SW success, theres loads of fab recipes on here so you can 'fake away' your faves, I tried the KFC Sw way and the kebab both of which were really nice, not quite the real thing but good enough

why were you having takeaways all the time before starting SW? if you can answer that question you'll be halfway there to getting out of the habit

a lot of people say after doing SW for a while when they have takeaways they find it difficult to stomach the amount of fat etc in them.

good luck on your journey and use the folks on here to motivate and support you
Hello thankyou for your reply :)

So far my mini goal is getting to a low ive not been to since I had my first child, Im only about half a stone from that, I havent got as much to loose as alot of people but I have very low confidence so feel like I'm huge, I'm 3 stone above what I should be but only want to loose 2.7 stone. This week id of been happy to get into the next stone seen as im 2lbs away.

I'm pretty sure I use eating as a way to cope with stress, I can't seem to find the middle, 9 years ago I starved to cope with stress went down to 6 stone and it was horrible and now I over eat to cope, back then the output was exercise but then it became OCD, these days im lucky if I can do any exercise, Im always in pain with my knees or back or i'm too tired cos I can only sleep for 2 hours a night tops (Im 23 not flipping 60 :cry:) In the first week I did some zumba (it's not my thing at all) but kick boxing wasnt so bad so think I need a boot up my backside and get some done.

I can already tell what you mean by people trying to stomach takeaways after doing SW, after 4 days I slipped but only had boiled Rice from the Chinese which is good but with a chip shop curry sauce, it gave me really bad stomach ache, After my weigh-in last week I had a tuna subway (expected it to be the healthier option of a bad thing) but I still felt "off" from that. Also been doing the odd carvery but choosing better, 50% of the plate is full of veg, one scoop of roast potato rather then 5 ect ect still had stomach ache though but nothing too bad.

Does the extra easy really work? I tend to stick to green but Ive done a couple of extra easy this week.
Thankyou :)

For some reason my reply has gone missing :( I took so long writing I had to sign in again lol.

Ill be sure to check out them ideas, thanks again :D

Can you tell me how I put my info on the left side? xxx

Never mind I just saw the "edit statistics" xxxthanks


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Hi Casey.
Welcome to the SW club, good advice from others on this forum. I write a weeks menu down and then I know what I need to buy and nothing else.
When I started I missed all the "forbidden" food, KFC chicken, kebabs, pizza, chips etc so I found ways round them, if you look on this site there are recipes to replace them with near substitutes, ok they are not the same but taste ok and importantly remove the desire to "cheat"
Once I tried to cheat and I had a kebab from our local chippy, he cooked the meat very well and I only had salad on it, no chips but you know what? I didn't enjoy it anymore as the small amount of fat left in it upset my stomach! The more you do it the easier it gets, it's nice if your family support us or even join you.
Good Luck, remember we are only a "click" away!
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Hi Cassy

Im really new to this too, trying to lose weight after the birth of my daughter 5 months ago. I can totally relate, maternity leave meant filling my time by going out for lunch! I also suffer with low confidence as all my friends are complete skinny minnies!

Good luck with the losses, i find it really helps to read through the diaries they can really inspire!

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