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Really not good at all!

Feel awful, started RtM roughly a month ago or there abouts. First week - lost 3 lbs, got myself down to 10st 11 but ever since that weigh in I have fallen completely off track and have since gained roughly a stone in a stupidy short period of time. Am now bordering on 12 stone and am not happy. I've seen pics of me at lower end of 11 stone and I feel I look fab and am now up near 12 again! So today i'm getting on it - i'm coming off RtM and i'm going back onto food packs to shift this stone and to get myself ready now for when food comes back in (again!). I am hoping that to shift this stone i'm looking at 1 month or just over back on 4 food packs a day and i am properly starting to work out meals etc now for when i'm back on RtM. Never thought that this would happen to me - I am so disappointed in myself.
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Don't be too hard on yourself. You should commend yourself for recognising your weight gain and making changes. Rather than get angry about the weight that you have gained. The fact is that now, your going in the direction you want to take.

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You will rectify this in a few short weeks. Nobody said LL was magic, some food issues will remain which you have discovered. Having this knowledge means you now know why RTM is important and you know what you don't want to do next time.
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I remember you talking about speeding up RTM and combining weeks. Just wondering if that is where it went wrong? The plan is laid out specifically based on a lot of research - so if you did not follow it - that might be why - and not that you did anything wrong or revisited bad habits, etc., if you see what I am saying?

In any event - grab the bull by the horns, and knock it back onits head and then have another go. Keep the determination and you will work it.



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Don't be hard on yourself, it took a lot of courage to come on here and admit what has happened.

I was actually thinking about you yesterday cause you did so well in foundation and got to move on before the 14 weeks was up! You will lose that stone in no time and will have the bonus of learning from your prev mistake when doing RTM!

Hold your head up, we all make mistakes!
Good for you - welcome back

Don't beat yourself up over this.
Be proud that you've acted quickly before it's slipped too far.
Our LLC says we wil all lapse at some point, be it foundation, development or RTM. and we will learn from it. Look at your triggers. Don't get complacent.
I think it's like being a recovering alcoholic. We can never let our guard down.
Good luck, welcome back.:psiholog::grouphugg:
I am so glad I realised before i'd gained on 4 stone - at least it was just the one! Am cracking on and am hoping to go back onto RtM in roughly 4 - 6 weeks. NO lapses this time, cannot believe i'm so silly as to have gone back to my stupid old eating habits. Am so disapointed it's unreal but am so glad there is a way out and that it should not take me long at all to be back where I want to be.
It's weird because I came on here so proud of myself and wanting to support anyone who needed it, as luckily for me I did find not eating easy and I did finish short of the 14 weeks, but now I feel like a complete hypocrit as I've slipped back. So annoying!
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dont be hard on yourself, ya have obviously thought about this and worked out where ya are going wrong so now its the time for ya to make the change and I believe that ya have the confidence to do so. Gud luck
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Oh hon - don't think of yourself as a hypocrite. :(:) It's not like that at all.

THink of yourself as a student...and you just need to re-take a class to further your learning. THat's all. :)

:flowers::patback: CHin up - you are doing something about it. Thats the important thing - many would have throwin in the towel and considered it a failure.

Good on ya CC - go for it! :)

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