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Really, really rubbish day - food mentioned


One day at a time!
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Had a rubbish day today - had a 13hr shift with absolutely nothing to do........read the papers, browsed the web (but can't access forums etc at work so couldn't come here for a dose of inspiration).... new ward directly opposite canteen so I ate:sigh: I'm so cross with myself as I had tetras with me. I had a chicken salad for lunch which I thought was probably not too bad - I'd agreed with my CDC that on some days I might do SS+ rather than SS, so felt it fitted in okay. Then this evening ate the most enormous portion of chips:eek: Now I feel like a complete failure and wonder how I'll cope with more shifts like this?

Also i wonder whether I'll have any loss this week now - WI on Tuesday.

Anyone got any wise words - or just want to give me a good slap?:cry:
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I'm not very wise so here you go :whoopass: ;)
What's done is done. Draw a line under it and carry on. Try and get into the mindset that you simply don't eat food. Don't do SS+ as once you start to eat you need real control to stick to the rules. It will be much easier to decide only to have CD and stick with it. Bring a bar on top of your other CD meals so that you can have that if you are desperate. I occasionally have a bar as well as my 3 packs per day and it stops me from eating a bar of choccy or a bag of crisps etc.

You CAN do this - spend spare time at work planning all the lovely clothes you are going to wear when you are at goal or plan healthy delicious menus for when you're maintaining.

Good Luck for your weigh in - drink lots of water between now and Tuesday :)


One day at a time!
S: 15st3lb C: 14st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 0st8lb(3.76%)
Thanks Alli - I needed to hear that. I will draw a line under it. Didn't think about planning my new wardrobe but will remember it next time:) I really appreciate your support, it's made me feel a bit better.

Ria C

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I totally understand where you are coming from..I had a few bad days last week and another today :-((

Im going to drink loads of water from now and still to CD as I want to get to goal before the end of July...you'd have thought so close to goal Id be more determined that ever, but for some weird reason the diet light in my head has dimmed a bit...!

Im sure you'll get back on track...Good luck babe! xx


WILL be Slim!
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draw a line under it and keep going....write down how those chips made you feel.....usually, a sudden carb overload will cause you to feel ill, bloated etc....so put all that in words and remember to check it out next time you hear the canteen calling!
You need to remember that your body isnt asking for that food....its your head! Why let a plate of chips ruin/delay your getting to goal!!!
You will have been firmly into Ketosis by now, so you arent actually "hungry", its just being bored...your head tells you that you are! Next time show your "hunger" who's boss......get some water in you and have a tetra...and then do some CLOTHES SHOPPING!!!! :)


One day at a time!
S: 15st3lb C: 14st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 0st8lb(3.76%)
Thanks Liz and Ria. You are right Liz - I wasn't hungry, just very bored. I even sat there and thought "I'm not hungry" but still went ahead and did it.......old habits die hard and I'm still learning! Feel much more positive today - this will NOT happen again!


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Hang in there your doing fab! Today is another day a new day..... The chicken salad was a good option, the chips not such a good option but hey its done and we are only human.
So just jump straight back on.
Keep smiling your doing fab x


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Oh Minxie I totally empathise - I too had a very very slow day on Saturday! I ended up going up to the "dark" side ;-) for a few hours in the morning and then to the "other" side late afternoon for a few hours. Was good as we decided to take it in turns to go upstairs so was alternating with the other person I was working with. I was torture smelling all that food though. Next time you feel tempted why dont you send me a text or phone me? We can talk about rubbish :)

You are doing so well and it is you that is keeping me going with this diet. I'm having a WI tomorrow morning too, feel good and hope that it is good news !!!
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Minxie, keep at it, this diet works when you do it 100%

Do you have internet access at work for those bored moments? I am totally addicted to the Arcade - it helps!


100% all the way!
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Never mind, what's done is done! 2moro is a new day.

Hmmmmmm Chips sounds nice, but I bet you didn't even enjoy them.......it's strange you think about food all the time on this diet and when you do have something it doesn't taste as good as you imagined...but maybe thats just me! xxx

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