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You can do it! go and have some water, phone someone, do a crossword, go into the minimins arcade, just occupy yourself! Have a pampering bath..
You are doing well to be on day 5, the first couple of weeks are the hardest. Keep posting!:D:D


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Drink more water, hot or cold...though if im hungry and craving food I find hot water does take it away.
Do stick with it though ....it really is worth it.


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Hi there. I thought day 3 was the hard day. I waited and waited to feel bad but I didnt. I thought I'd got away it...until the next day!
Day 4 was the toughie for me. I nearly gave in but come about 7.30pm I thought there's not much of the day left I should just stick at it. That was nearly 4 weeks ago. I've not felt bad since then. I've actually coped fine.
Please stick with it, you'd kick yourself if you gave up after doing so well for 5 days.
Imagine in 9 days time you can chew again...CD bars-yum!
Good luck and think positive.


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hang in there hun its so worth it
Come on Princess Boo - you CAN do this! You've made it this far so stick with it, it's well worth it when you see the scales drop.

Today is a new day, you're a little bit lighter than yesterday and that feeling is better than anything you could've eaten yesterday. Stay positive hun :D
Help!!! I am struggling today....I am in my first week, (day 5) and today I am craving baked beans, pizza and chicken.....I MISS CHEWING!!!!! HELP!!! I am so determined to lose the weight but today is tough!!!!!!


Im on my 5th day as well!!

feel like death today though!, just keep on drinkin and you will be fine. i was craving lots of delicious things up untill now but it will pass soon i promise!


i love minimins me :)
morning hun

i felt like this too, its wierd how jus chewing on something can make such a difference, cravings are awful, i have them everyday, i even dream that i have eaten food n wake up feeling upset, hhahahah crazy diet :)

hope ya feeling more postive day, what ever u do dont give in like i did, cos i really just cant get back on the cd wagon :( today is day 1 again hahhah

and emma u can do this too :D we can al be skinny minnies by the end of the summer cant we :)



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YOU can do this please be strong coz if u cave its like going back to day 1, the hunger comes back and u crave even more. I know coz im at that stage now. This is day 2 of me being totally determined, so keep going you will be so pleased with yourself when u get weighed!
OMG - I have dreams that I have eaten stuff in the night and wake up unsure whether it was real or not too!! This diet certainly is crazy!!

Stay strong chick and try not to think about food - as hard as it is. Go make yourself a warm drink and try drinking through a straw! Not only will it take you longer to drink, you somehow feel fuller/more satisfied and the whole time you are drinking it you won't be thinking about food.

Don't fall off the wagon now when you are doing sooo well. It will so be worth it when you jump on the scales and see a fab result xx


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Hey Princess,

I hope day 6 is going ok for you.

I know it doesn't seem like it now but the longer you can stick this diet out the quieter the voice in your head demanding that you eat gets.

I don't crave food half as often as I used to now - unless I can see/smell sausages :drool:.

I used to think carbs were my kryptonite but noooooo I think it is sausages :sigh:
Hey Judy,

Yeah, I drink my shakes always warm and through a straw - so much more satisfying than gulping it down in one go. It seems to last forever and you get more flavour that way!!! Use the really small narrow straws not the big fat maccy d type ones. LOL!!! xx


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I struggle nearly EVERY day! You're not alone - we all know how hard it can be on this diet. But those scales are SOOOOOOOOOOO good to you if you stick with it - its worth it come weigh-in day! :)

I've found it helps to "just be good TODAY" when the cravings hit. So when I'm driving home from work and I'm hungry and I have to drive passed a KFC, a Burger King AND a McDonalds (I really need to find an alternative route home...!! :eek:), I tell myself that no, I won't cave in and go through the drive-thru, I'll be good, just for today. Maybe tomorrow I'll be naughty. :D And that gets me through the cravings that day.

As long as I'm good, just for today, everyday - I'll be OK!!!

But seriously, one day at a time. Don't look too far ahead (except for when you're dreaming of the lovely summer dresses you'll be wearing NEXT summer!), just focus on getting through today, and congratulate yourself for every day done. Buy yourself something lovely to have when you've lost, say, a stone. Look forward to that, and KEEP DRINKING THE WATER!!!


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Stick with it, every time you fall offthe wagon it gets harder to get back on, in a few days you will really start to feel good, you will see the weight coming off and people will start noticing and you will have the reall feel good factor.



Well, thanks to all of your support, I got through yesterday and guess what.............I HAVE LOST 7LBS IN 5 DAYS!!! I had my first weigh in today and I didn't actually start the diet until 5 days ago, so I thought I wouldn't have lost that much, but I was stunned!!! Thanks you so much to all of you!! You have been amazing and I SO WOULD NOT have got through yesterday without you!!!!! BIG MASSIVE THANKS XXXXXX :hug99:


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:party0011: WOOHOO!!!! :party0011:

Well done for hanging tough and many congratulations on a fabulous first loss - and not a full week either!!!.

Hey you go girl!!! How pleased are you that you didn't indulge those crappy cravings!!! More water is always the answer even if we do pee loads LOL!! That's a fantastic start and motivation enough to continue and leave the food alone ha ha !!! Keep it up hun, you're doing just great
:clap::clap: xxx

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