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Really struggling :-(

Hi been to wi tonight and put on half a pound! I'm so gutted just needed to lose a pound for 2 stone!

I started SW back in may n thought I would have lost alot more than 1stone 12 1/2 lb!!

I Havnt stayed to image therapy for past two wi's cos I'm scared I'll just break down in front of everyone when I go on about how gutted I am!
I'm gonna do same again this week but really push the ss foods!

Anybody else have any tips for me??

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Sorry to hear that... Have you got a food diary you can post?? Might be worth letting others have a look and make some suggestions.
How about a fishy week? Seems to be working for me. Or upping your superfree from 1/3 to 1/2?


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Sorry that you have had a gain, it is so frustrating, like you i have been doing SW since May and i have lost 14 1/2 (did lose 22lbs , but huge gain over Christmas New year etc.) I had a gain last week of 1/2 and stayed to group for IT. It really helped and i felt ok about my gain and have been focused 100% this week. I was advised to eat more Superfree foods and was given the Speed Soup recipe (also on Recipe forum). This is delicious and my clothes feel looser already, will have to see how i go tomorrow at WI.

If you have a gain and are worried about staying for IT try and have a quiet word with your C.

Don't be disheartened, you have done so well already, try and keep on track this week and Good Luck


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Are you drinking enough water? Sorry I feel like I am pedalling this solution all over these forums but honestly... It has worked ridiculously well for me- I was having unexplained gains and I upped the water drinking (by loads though. I'm on 5 / 6 pints of the stuff a day plus the odd tea or coffee) and hey presto my losses have suddenly gone up loads despite me being near to target!
I'm not really a big fan of fish! So dong think a fishy week would be good :-/

I'm gonna stay for IT next week for def cos if I dont I'm gonna get into the same routine as the last time I did SW and end up quitting!

I hardly drink any water but I do drink SF dilute juice? I get bored of just flavourless water!

Made some super speed soup today for my dinners and when ever I get peckish! I'm off work this week (annual leave) so I can plan my meals! ( I work shifts-mainly lates and we have a cook!) So don't think it helps when I'm at work all the time and I think something is SW friendly when they have probably cooked it all in oil! And she makes tempting puddings!

Meal plan this week
Tonight - chilli beef noodles ee
Tomorrow - Speed pasta with HEB chicken - green
Fri - chicken curry red
Sat - shepherds pie ee
Sun- chicken dinner red
Mon - spag Bol red

Porridge +1 scan bran for breaky
Speed soup for dinners
Fruit for snacks or mullers

Does this seem ok??

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booboo29 said:
any ideas why the increase of water works? I'm off to get myself a big glass now! x
If your drinking plenty of water it keeps you hydrated which in turn stops you from retaining water. Plenty of water also helps move fibre through your body, this helps clear out your intestines, which helps you lose weight.

Hope that wasn't TMI. I did some nutrition and biology courses. Lol.
You might want to try and bring your own food into work if you think its all laced with oil, and may help you avoid those puddings?
I feel your pain hon, I have been stuck for weeks despite sticking to the plan, its so blooming fruastrating!!!! I am really hoping to lose something tomorrow or I reckon I will finally burst and eat the malteasers bunny I have stashed in the fridge lol. So fed up with sticking to the plan but not losing!!!!! I am now down to 5 syns a day cuz I don't know what else to do!!! (hence why I can't have the bunny!!!)
Not to worry girlies, it could be time of the month or a little blip, carry on! X

Oh that water thing is so a good idea. I really try to do tht but i find it hard to keep it up for some reason lol


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gemmaxgemma said:
Not to worry girlies, it could be time of the month or a little blip, carry on! X

Oh that water thing is so a good idea. I really try to do tht but i find it hard to keep it up for some reason lol


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Yeah that's a thought about time of the month,... Im on the injection so I don't have them so I never no when TOTM is!!

I am gonna try drink more a's I hardly drink anything at the mo!

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Yes totm is really annoying (apart from obvious reasons!) It messes up my weigh ins completley i always gain a few lbs and feel like shoving it all in!


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