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Really strugling now

Hi Ali,sorry to hear your having a bad day,ive just been bad and had a biscuit :(

Im just thinking its not long till bed time,im planing a nice bath and an early night.

Hope you feel better tomorrow x
hi ali
sorry you are feeling crap.
i'm feeling a bit 'hungry' too - tho i know i'm not as im in ketosis - i popped in this afternoon to check.

have just sat round the table while everyone was eating a chinese - i had a bowl with some savoury drink in, i pretended it was hot and sour soup as i haven't told anyone i'm back on packs!

i have lost 6lbs tho - on day 5 - so am pleased about that

think about your weigh in and how good you will feel when you see the results!

daisy x
ps i'm blinking freezing too! my toes and nose are like ice


Back to the grindstone!!
Hi guys, yeah, the feeling of being cold has kicked in and I am sitting here at work with the heating on full blast! The other guys in the office think it's the middle of summer!!! lol
It is tough, I want to have something to eat badly but I know that it is just my mind and not my body that is telling me that as I am in ketosis too (lovely stinky breath!!!).
Guess the thing that I am focusing on is how happy I will be come christmas that I have stuck to it (again) and how disapointed I will be in myself if come christmas I have not stuck to it.
It's not forever, just a few months is my train of thought just now.


Happily pro pointing!
Well I managed to get through with just an extra pack, so not too bad, but a bit disappointed as I didn't stray once last time. At least it was a pack and nothing else.
Feel better today, another 1lb off, hopefully ketosis will kick in today properly.
Hopefully it will get easier from now.
Oh Ali - come on chick - you can do this!!!! You know you can!!! Stay strong, get through today, and take it one day at a time!!! Don;t give into complacency - so easily done once we have been through it!! Be as strong and wonderful as you were the first time around. You ROCKED it then, you CAN ROCK it now!!!

Chin up - put it aside, and press on!!!!



Back to the grindstone!!
BL, can I just say, you are a hunni!!! I love your posts.
Makes me smile and remember why I am doing this and that it can be done (again) and that maintenance is possible.


Happily pro pointing!

Thanks for the pep talk, I did read it last night and it really does help.
You are totally right, I can do it, and will.
It reminds me of when I gave up smoking, the very last time.
I had tried and tried and tried for years to give up, then 8 years ago in October I finally decided that is it, I am giving up and for good, I never want another cigerette ever again, and at that moment I knew I wouldn't, and I haven't and never have the urge to either.

Now I have the same feeling about this, I feel 100% that this is my time and I will lose all the weight, get to goal, follow through maintenance.
I know there will be struggles along the way, but I feel I am ready for it.

What a difference a days makes! :D
Aww, hon, that has REALLY made me happy this morning. Glad you are feeling brighter!!! It's natural - what you had been feeling I reckon - but now is the time to put the dissappointment aside, as you have done, and soldier on! So glad to see you feeling so positive!!!

Good on ya gal!!!

hi ali
glad to hear you are feeling better about stuff today
daisy x
Hey Ali,

Is it going better? I hope so. I went to a Virgin Vie party last night... those things with the snacks and wine, etc. are so hard. I can't wait until I can sit there and just not be interested -- that is what happened the last time was ssing... and it can't happen soon enough. Also, I am feeling very cold -- but I am not sure if it is the diet or the damp.



Happily pro pointing!

I am feeling great now I am into the swing of things.
I am really cold too, it was one of the things I wasn't looking forward to so much. However, on the plus side, I have just ordered a warm dressing gown and a poncho/cape thing to keep me warm and it won't matter when I shrink, they will still fit me.
Hi ali,

Hope you've warmed up a bit and the hunger pangs have gone down. You're doing so well and as Blondelogic sais - you rocked it last time. You were such an inspiration on minimins.

Not long till a slender Spring.
Glad the hunger has abated but rubbish about the cold. I am looking at thermal vests - why are we doing this in winter? At least, it's a time of year when we don't look daft in loads of jumpers.

I'm doing ok so far - I feel hungry but am doing relatively ok today as its my first day and I had a good lie in. Tomorrow and Monday wil be the really bad days and I guess I'll be on here crying out for help at that stage! Right now I'm sat with a mug of green tea nad getting excited about losing this weight.

I've just counted six weeks to Christmas on the calendar. Last Christmas I had already but half the LL weight back on and now I've put the other half back on - LOL. By Valentine's Day I'll only be a week shy of the equivalent of Foundation - last time I lost 4 stone so who knows what I could do this time. I'll try not to think about it too much and use BlondeLogic's moto of one day at time. And today I'm ok. :)


Happily pro pointing!
Glad you are OK Ally. That is one advantage to doing it in the winter. People round already think I am mad when I wear a jacket through most of the summer, but the weather in Scotland is a lot cooler than Kent/Surrey, where I am from. If I started wearing jumpers they would give me a special one that did up at the back LOL.
Hey Alley and Ali,

That is one advantage of having lived in Florida for so many years... I can use that as my excuse for always being cold. lol


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