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realy bad day today


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:break_diet:got up this morning not feeling to great . went to asda and then did the horses didnt ride as i didnt have the energy . wen got home i hated me and everyone around me dont know why .... then ended up crying ..this is my second week and dont no why iam like this it not totm as dont have them any more ... but that not the worst i spent the afternoon cooking . cookies cakes and puddings as i do weekly . and hubby did his and the kids dinner ,but i was still not good

i broke my diet i had dinner one potatoe 2 tiny slices chicken and veg . just was so low felt i needed it and hubby felt the same to . struggled to eat it and left some of chicken and half the potatoe . but i do feel better .

sooooorry thou . but straight bk on shakes in the morning now . no more hick ups ......:break_diet:
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Oh babes im so sorry you had a bad day i hope you havnt knocked yourself out of ketosis. I felt the same way in week 2 and 3 i was a nightmare my parents were really worried but it did pass. Just get over your slip up and start again 2moro.

Why did you eat in the first place? because you were weak or just fed up? you need to figure this out or it wil just keep happening.


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Firsty dont apologise.

Secondly - why do you think you needed it?

Personally i just think you were having an off day and used it as an excuse to think you needed to eat.
The shakes have everything we need. Could you not have had your shake or a black tea/coffee or some water? If you have already had your 3 shakes for the day you couldve had an extra one if you felt so bad ... one extra one one odd day isnt going to hurt but that food probably will.

Im sorry if thats harsh but sometimes truth need be told :)

That being said, i hope your eating doesnt affect your weigh in and dont let this get to the start of a slippery slope. Dont think cuz you have already eaten you might as well carry on and start tomorrow. And dont, if you lose weight this week think well i lost and i even ate - thats really is a downward spiral.

I hope you start to feel better soon though :hug99: This diet is tough at times but most definatly worth it :) xxx


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So sorry you feel so bad about your slip up, that's the first thing you need to deal with. We are only human and are bound to make mistakes so don't be so hard on yourself. As the others have said, don't apologise to us, it's only your own self that you should apologise to.

Again, as already stated, you need to work out *why* you ate. When I think about every time I've cheated any other diet I've ever been on (and trust me, that's a looooooot of diets :) ) I have to admit I only ate the *naughty* food because I *wanted* to, no other reason, I just wanted that chocolate bar, biscuit, cake, McD's, whatever it happened to be, MORE than I wanted to stick to the diet, because at the moment it happened I was feeling down or lonely, or fat and fed up, and I resorted to old habits of comfort eating.

Forget the meal you had, it's over, you can't change that, but what you can change is how you feel about what happened. Just carry on the rest of the day as though you never ate. Tomorrow is a new day and you'll feel that much better about everything if you don't continue on the slippery *eating* slope tonight.

Glad you are feeling a little better and well done for coming here and posting, you definitely did the right thing there, that's what we're all here for ^.^


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Hi Lisa
Today is a new day and I hope you're feeling better. Please listen to summergurl - she is so right. No one is trying to make you feel guilty but you really can't do LT and eat; that's the whole point of it. My second week (and some of my third) was tough but it really does get better. I'm still more moody than usual, and still have off days but when your clothes start looking really baggy, and you have great weigh ins it is all worthwhile.
If you really can't cope (and I'm sure you can if you got through the first week) then maybe LT is not for you. I truly believe that you HAVE to have your head in the right place so think really carefully about what YOU (not anyone else) want and then go and get it girl!!

Good luck Lisa



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S: 17st4lb C: 15st12lb G: 12st8lb BMI: 31 Loss: 1st6lb(8.26%)
thanks dunlop but read my thanks post

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