Reasons I will succeed this time!


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Hi everyone
I've been off/on SW for about 3 years. I've had some success but ultimately I give up every time. I now need to lose about 6 stone to get to my really reasonable 10 stone dream!

I am rejoining my group on Wednesday. I have the full weeks menu planned and Tescos is delivering on Wednesday morning.

So now just the motivation bit.....

I thought this might work better if I saw it in black and white. Feel free to add on to the list and maybe just maybe it will be my year!

Why I want to lose:-

- So my 6 year old will no longer look at me with disgust! (true... He is way underweight and won't eat cos he says he doesn't want to be like me)
- Show both my boys how to eat well
- Be fitter, healthier and ultimately happier with me
- To wear what I want!
- To not have to judge if I will fit between the wing mirrors of 2 parked cars.
- Feel good about me!

Sorry for the over long post though Im sure I've missed loads out lol ;-)
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Fab reasons hun, you can do it!

My reason is simply because failure is no longer an option. I'm happy with almost everything else in my life and yet my weight is the one thing that constantly gets me down. Not anymore! X


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ONE of my reasons (one of many) is because I have so many friends that are much smaller than me and I find myself not enjoying myself around them, I concentrate too much on covering my belly or wondering if my thighs look too big in my jeans! I am determined to do it!


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one of my (many) reasons is that my sister is actually embarrassed to go with me now. I too have about 6 stone to lose.... It's very hurtful that people ONLY see the overweight person - they don't see the person that's inside :cry:

Anyway, more than anything, I would love to be WELL on my way to slim this time next year..

I think I've finally figured that I need to take it day by day (even meal by meal) but not the way I have been doing it - ie: in 6 mths I could lose X.... The long term scares me as it's too far away and I want results NOW.... so I'm taking it day by day!

Good luck all1


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I think im the same Nona I want the magic wand! i want it now and once i hit a bump or its not going fast enough then it all falls apart. Not this time! This is our year :)

Miss Lindsay

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What a great thread!! I have a few big reasons why this HAS to work:
1: One of my best friends is getting married next spring and I'm bridesmaid. The bride is a size 6 and my other best friend, who is also a bridesmaid, is a size 8. As i'm 5th 7" and they are both just over 5ft, I stand out anyway!
2: It's my bf 30th in April and I'm taking him away and don't want to be embarrassed in the pictures or only have them from my chest up!
3: I'm 30 in just over 2years... I do not want to be frumpy at 30!
4: my twin sister lives in Canada and being fit and healthy is just a way of life where she lives, she is super fit and slim and I when I go visit her in September I want to be able to keep up with her and the dog and impress her as she's always trying to get ppl fit, she use to be my encouragement as she always wants to be active.
5: last time twin was home we went riding and had to give our Height and weight and I was mortified when they brought me a shire cross horse!! For those who don't know what a shire horse is, think cart horse. My mum asked was I ok as my face was mortified!

Went on a bit! Sorry!!

Linds x


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oo well one of many for me is to get me out of my maternity daughter was 1 on 14th december!!!* hangs her head in shame*
and i when i walk past a shop window and catch a glimps of myself i will actually look slim and not that horrendous blob i normally see.

there is lots more but i dont want to bore you all to death :)
i signed up this morning, normally by now ive convinced myself it wont work and would be tooking into a shed load of toast and lurpak.....but hey im still positive and ready to kick my big fat bottom if i get even an ickling of day at a time she shouts from the roof tops.
good luck all xx


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ONE of my reasons (one of many) is because I have so many friends that are much smaller than me and I find myself not enjoying myself around them, I concentrate too much on covering my belly or wondering if my thighs look too big in my jeans! I am determined to do it!

My friends are all skinny and I tell them "Everyone has a fat friend and I'm glad I'm yours" lol


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i can relate to you all! I too want to lose about 6 stone and this time i will succeed too. I want my kids to be proud of me. My eldest son already tells me im fat and that i will break things if i sit on them! I want to be a role model to my little girl....not a rolly model!! I think its great that there is a site like this so that people can motivate each other :)


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I have many reasons why I need to lose weight but the main ones being:
1:so that I am a healthy mum for my 2 children who are only 7 and 4.
2:so that I can walk down the street with my boyfriend and not feel like I am an embarrassment to him
3:to be content with myself and be the confident person I want to be

My list goes on and on....


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What a great thread and so many reasons I can relate to.

Why I want to lose weight-
1. To be able to shop in any shop I want to and buy whatever I want to like my friends have always been able to.
2. To not have to drink alcohol to make myself feel confident in pubs and clubs and to be able to "hold my own" talking to men and feel that I'm having some attention from men.
3. Not to wonder when any man talks to be whether his mates are sniggering in the back ground.
4. Not to sit well anywhere and feel I have to make myself look or seem "smaller".
5. To be healthy

Just a few of the reasons as much as they do seem to be shallow reasons!
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whats the lowest syn alcohol content as i go out clubbing alot on weekends and constantly drink at least 6 bottles of rose wine from friday-sunday lol :( xx


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My reasons are very similar to others:
-I feel embarrassed around my boyfriend, we talk about my weight and I'm glad he's honest with me but at the same time, the truth is hard to hear.

-I too am the fat friend in some of my circles and can't remember the last time I was told I looked good by my friends. It's not their fault, again, I'm glad they don't say it to humour me coz I know that when they do say it I'm on my way to achieving my aim.

-to just generally stop feeling so down with myself all the time, I used to be a confident person but the weight makes me feel unattractive and useless so would like to be able to hold my head up high!!

The reason I know I'm going to do it is because for the first time in the 3 year that I've known him (although we've only been together 6 months) I had a truly frank and honest convo with my bf about my weight and rather than him just suggesting that I cut out some meals (which works for him) he listened to why I do slimming world and why I think I have a poor relationship with food, etc. it was a really nice convo and he took me to class tonight (he waited outside, but still!) and when I came out and had sts he said 'that's not too bad is it' (which coming from him is a compliment. Haha). I eat out alot with him so having him support me and think about places that would be better for me to eat at is a huge help.

Oops, sorry for the long one. :D


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Great thread - I can relate to lots of this. My reasons, in no particular order, are

1. To feel better in myself. Like clareel above I have so many things to be happy about in my life (kids, hubby, job etc), but negative feelings about myself and my weight seem to seep out and stops me enjoying life to the full. I know losing weight on it's own isn't enough, I have to change my mindset, start channelling my energy into positive action, to get out of the vicious circle of self-criticism and comfort eating/drinking.

2. To set a good example for my kids (6 and 3). I want them to grow up fit, healthy and active and need to practice what I preach.

3. To have more energy - I'm currently carrying aroubd the equivalent of my 6 year old in excess weight. Think how much more energetic I would be without that burden every day.

4. To buy/wear what I like and use clothes to express myself again, rather than to hide myself.

5. To get healthy. I know being this overweight, and my bad habits can't be doing me any good, even if I am generally ok at the moment. I have to make a change before I do permantent damage to myself. I want to be a round for a long time to come!

Sorry it's a long one!


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What a great thread. I've got quite afew reasons;

1) To be healthier

2) Hopefully losing the excess weight will bring my blood pressure down so I don't have take meds for it

3) So a nurse (or any other health professional) will tell me off about my weight again and to also not feel so ashamed when I have to be weighted at the doctors/hospital

4) So when OH and I set a date for the wedding I know I won't be a fat bride

5) I don't want being overweight to hinder our chances off having a baby once we're married

6) Pretty superifical but to be lighter than OH (only afew pounds in it now though)

7) To not be the fat friend or sister anymore. Being 1 of 5 sisters where the other 4 are and have always been size 8/10 makes me very self-conscienous when we're together

8) I lost a hell of a lot of weight before I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and I'm hoping when I get to target I'll have the same self-confidence/self-esteem I had when I was at my smallest then

I could go on but think I'll stop there before I bore you allto death xx

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Hi realslimlady, i totally empathise with you about you points for losing weight. I find that with a house, job, 3 kids,husband etc i normally come last and that i have not been looking after myself enough. I dont have time for meals and eat the wrong things that are quick, rather than a huge amount which stero typically overweight people are 'meant to do! I WILL do it this time though as the older i get the worse my confidence seems to get. I hate my body and avoid mirrors at every available point!!
Its nice to see that so many of us have similar reasons to loose weight and that we are not on our own.


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Because I'm 30 in September-I've been overweight for 13 years and peaked at my heaviest a year ago. I don't want my 30's to be a weight struggle like my 20's have been x


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This is a great thread. My reasons are pretty much the same as others -

1. To not be the fat friend

2. To not be the only one of my friends who is single. I put this down to my weight, and the crippling effect it has on my self confidence.

3. Not to be fat at 30

4. To generally feel happier


I want to lose 2 stone and i know i can do it i just need to crack on with it. but my reasons are
1) to be fit and healthy like my son fighting on the front line out in Afghanistan ( i want him to be as proud of me as i am of him)
2) so i can look amazing for my husband
3) so i can order a smaller uniform when i qualify as a Paediatric Nurse in Sept
4) the most improtant one... i'm doing it for me.