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Reasons to enjoy doing the Cambridge Diet!

The more I see clients and the more I analyse my own time on the diet I have realised that people who enjoy losing weight tend to be much more succesful than those who see the diet as a "prison sentence"

Therefore this thread is for people to say reasons for enjoying the diet and being super positive about why they are losing weight.

I'll start

1. You are becoming healthier
2. You are able to wear nicer clothes
3. You look better to others
4. You look better to yourself
5. The packs taste pretty damn good
6. The malt toffee bar is lovely!
7. It is lovely to buy clothes because you like them and not that they happen to fit!
8. You start at the middle of the clothes rack not take your eye out getting to the back.
9. You are statistically likely to live longer!
10. You can become the person you want to be.
11. You can help others lose weight when you reach target.
12. You get to be part of the VLCD crowd on here!

That'll do for now..loads more I know!
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You get to use cool words like ketosis and sound really clever!
You get to reach a goal you set yourself and then realise that if you can take control of yourself then you can suceed at anything you set your mind to.
You get loads of compliments from your friends and family....
You get to have a bath properly!!
After a few weeks your skin is lovely and clear due to the detox of the water and lack of back food.


Talks too much
hard exercise isnt really encouraged so u dont feel guilty for not running 5 miles every morning before u get the kids up and go to work like all the other super mums are doing... (liars)
For me the positives for losing weight are

1/ having more than two clothes shops to buy clothes from because i was a size 28/30
2/ Being able to have a meal in a restaurant and not have people look at what you are eating and thinking to themselves no wonder shes fat
3/ Son not being teased about having a fat mummy
4/ Having my sixth baby due to Doctor letting me have clomid due to my weight loss after 2yrs of trying
5/ Being able to have a bath with my children and not having to wedge them in a tiny gap
6/ being able to shave lady parts and see and not having to do it blindly over a large tummy,hit and miss.
7/ When im out with twin sister not being referred to as the bigger twin

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