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Reasons we want to lose weight!!

Hey everyone,

I just thought it might be fun and motivating for us all to list our own reasons for wanting to lose some weight!!
here's mine....

1) To look and feel great in my bikini in June when I go to Vegas, and not be by the pool in my t.shirt/sarong covering myself up with embarrasment!!

2) To fit back in my fave size 10 earl jeans that I haven't been able to do up since 1996 - I love them!!!

3) To go out with my girlfriends and not feel like the chubby friend!! and actually have the confidence to go chat up the lads and get myself a new boyfriend!!

I will remember these goals every time i feel tempted by naughty treats!!! :D xx
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Still fighting
Hi Gabby you will get there hun - Vegas!! I've gone green wiv envy!! ;o)

mine are

1) to be able to go clothes shopping and be able to fit into the smaller sizes (why are they always so much prettier with loads more choice) without squashing into things that look awful!

2) to be able to wear my vest tops and shorts this summer without being concious if my fat is hanging out or getting changed into jeans if i need to pop down shop!

3) to show Other Half - I CAN do it ;0)


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Mine are

1) To be able to shop in other high street shops and not just Evans!!!!!!!!!!

2) To go next years Christmas Party and feel good about myself

3) To not feel avoid family get togethers .

hmmm I could go on for pages and pages here so will stop at 3 :)


mine are:

1) for health reasons i would like to be in the healthy BMI or closer to it (certainly not in obese range that i am now!)

2) to be able to bear more skin in summer / on nights out without feeling self conscious

3) so when people look at me, i can reassure myself that they're not thinking how overweight i am :D
1. health reasons
2. to feel happy with myself
3. be able towear any clothes i want without feelingself concious
4. to prove to myself i can do it
1) Feel/look good in my own skin

2) buy lots of clothes and ANY Knee length boots I want!

3) Be more confident so I can go out and find myself a man! ;)

i feel ya girlfriend!! i want a man too lol - we will be smokin hot before we know it fighting them off ha ha ;) x
1). Stop my knees complaining when they carry me around!! and to get much more mobile.
2). Like someone else said - to shop at ordinary shops rather than Evans.
3). To have confidence to go swimming again.


Hiya Chucks!!
My reasons are-
1.So i feel 100% confident.

2.So i can wear pretty/sexy lingerie+swimwear without feeling like the fatty flesh monster from hell.

3.So i can enjoy Summer without hiding!!
I would like to do it for

1 - Looking good in vest and shorts or any clothes i choose

2 -To be much healthier

3 - To start riding again


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I was to be there for my children as they grow up, I don't want them to have life without a mummy because I died of an obesity related illness & them think I loved food more than them or I'd have lost weight...


Don't worry, be happy :)
  • To be fit and healthy
  • To be physically fit whilst training to be a midwife
  • To be a role model to my girls
  • To look really toned and look like i 'put the work in' for my body
I was to be there for my children as they grow up, I don't want them to have life without a mummy because I died of an obesity related illness & them think I loved food more than them or I'd have lost weight...
thats the best reason i have read - thats the best motivation possible xx


Needs a kick
My reasons,

I've been with my husband 13 years and for the last 12 been unhappy with my body. So it would be nice to give him a break from my moaning!

To be a yummy mummy

To wear shorts out in public this summer.

Good luck with reaching your targets, we're already at least one step closer :O)
Like the sound of this ...

I want to be able to enjoy my children not be knackered and breathless as I try to keep up with them!

I want to feel good about my body and have the confidence to do all those things I keep putting off!

To fit into clothes from normal shops not just the out-size ones!

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