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Recipes/Food plan for fussy eaters

Hi there :wavey:,

I know this is only really the 3rd /4th post I've contributed and it's all been me me me :slap: , but hopefully when I'm a bit more confident with what I'm doing and eating I will be able to be constructive and help people out too :cross:

Anyway, I have a friend coming to stay this weekend who is also on slimming world and I don't know what to make for her... Shes a bit of a fussy eater and doesn't like most vegetables and won't eat pork... She's here for about 4 "dinners" so I need some help on what to make her... :eat:

So far I have:

  • Slimming World Style Chicken (a breast roasted with a bit of spice on it, although she doesn't eat very spicy foods...) and SW chips...
  • Spaghetti Bolognese (with onions chopped REALLY finely/blended!)
  • Jacket potato...?

...and thats it.... I don't eat fish to throw another limitation on...

So any help would be so gratefully appreciated :help2:

Thanks all.x
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Really likes to cook
How about Couscous you can use it as a salad or with hot meals?
Hey guys, thanks for all the help. Jo, unfortunately she doesn't eat salad either :sigh2: but I could make her the all day breakfast (bar the bacon!)

Couscous however, might be a good alternative to salad - I'll have to check with her whether thats something she would have!

The beef goulash definitely looks like it might be a winner though! Looks good!! :D


Vegetarian who lives2eat
What about the quiche? If she likes mushrooms or any other veg you could pile it all in, maybe just serve with baby boiled and peas.
I would suggest :

slimming world chips with any of the following:
egg and beans (have a green day that day so you dont need to work about the third super free as much although i would still try and have plenty of veg)

chicken - i recommend cooking it in tinfoil parcels on some lemon with veg (if she doesnt want veg fine do extra chips for her but least your getting your third superfree

fish - done the same way but am guessing she might not like that either.

Or I would do:
Slimming World chicken tikka masala (its not exactly spicy) but you can have it with rice. She might not like it if its got onions / mushrooms / peppers.

Any casserole type dish (my favourite is beef casserole) which is cooked with potatoes and veg.

Or how about a roast served with potatoes and veg and a bit of gravy. She can have what she wants from that.

Or you could make a pasta dish but not sure what you would add to it if you miss out veg.
Unfortunately in regards to the quiche (and fish!) this is where I become awkward as I don't eat fish or mushrooms (haha - we're a great pair!!) :doh:

Geordie lass, those are some great ideas!! I know she quite likes mild curries so I could even do the Rogan Josh I have a recipe for (which is just delicious) and turn it down a notch spice wise...

A casserole is quite handy cuz I could then put veg in and if she isn't keen I tend to chop them quite large in casseroles, so she can shove them to the side...

Thanks again for all your help guys.x :eatdrink051:

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