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does anyone have any ideas on what to do with the shakes other than have them as normal shakes - oh and i have the chocolate one as hot chocolate late at night to help me sleep - its a bit thick but i can put up with it.

Does anyone know if you can half your shakes so i could have 2 seperate hot chocolates instead of the one thick one?

just an idea....

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you can split shakes. there is debate about whether or not it hinders losses though... and you MUST make sure you have the full 3 sachets worth every day.

You can add more than the recommended amount of water by the way :) lots of people have them really quite dilute - it helps with water intake too for those who struggle.

I have vanilla shake made up with a good dollop of espresso powder, for breakfast.

Others like the vanilla or chocolate made up with (cold) peppermint tea. But certainly the 'mint chop chip' was not for me so i've never bothered with vanilla version!

You could also add coffee to the chocolate, that's fine as well. And you could have either version hot :)

I have seen people mention they use some of their vanilla shake powder as 'milk' in coffee. But again, make sure you have the full shake sachets every day as you need the full nutritional value they provide.
There's a long list of 'recipes' on one of the threads, do a search for 'recipe'. I gotta go now but will find it for you later if you have no success locating it.
I don't have any recipes but I love the shakes.

I make them up as slush puppies with a straw and everything! They'll like a little treat to me and I imagine I'll miss them when I come off LT. Saying that I'm only in week 3, remind me of this post around week 20!

I crush some ice in the blender, add water from the fridge then add the shake powder, a quick blast from the blender and hey presto a lovely icy slush puppy. My one at lunchtime gave me brain freeze!
hahaha Betsy what a good idea - i will give that a go tonight.... i want to try the chicken soup as well then i think i will feel like i have had something "proper" for my tea.... but for now im sticking to the shakes and spending all my time running between the water machine and the toilet haha.

Do try it, it's lovely. I find the water has to be in the fridge though, the colder the better.

Try the soup as well. I personally thought it was the worse thing I have ever had in my mouth and I'll eat/drink anything! It reminded me of vommit. Although I did have it on the first day when I was feeling like poo and wanted to beat everyone up so maybe that clouded my judgement a little haha! Some people do love it though, so I recommend you give it a go.

It's strange as I was always a big water drinker so my bladder was used to large quanitities and I didn't run to the loo too much, but like you said I am spending half my day running to the loo! Maybe it also has something to do with ketosis?
I am a fan of the shakes too - i have each flavour every day and lots of ice when I can get ice, but ice cold water too. REally nice - choc's my fave.
my fav shake is the vanilla one - i dont understand why on day one they all tasted powdery to me and now only a few days later on day 4 the vanilla and the strawberry taste so creamy - just having probs with the choc one - i have it hot at night - time and it is so thick... so i wondered if i could maybe split the sachet and have 2 drinks one around 7pm ish and the other half when i normally have it at about 9.30 ish...... dont want to do anything to knock me out of Ketosis now ive arrived hahaha
Me too Elle-Emm! I have stawberry for lunch, vanilla for dinner and chocolate for supper. Chocolate is also my fav and as you said ice and ice cold water mmmmmm. Haha I'm all excited now thinking about my next one! Me sad? No! Not at all!
hey betsy.. nothing sad about those wk 1 and wk 2 WI's - just hope i manage a good WI on Monday......
The powdery thing is strange as that is the way is was for me too. I thought it was powdery until I got into practice making them, don't know weird. Maybe our tastebuds have changed so they don't seem powdery any longer?

I've never had hot chocolate so can't help you there. As for splitting the shakes, I've read some people do, I personally wouldn't. I don't think splitting them would not knock you out of ketosis. Carbs, sugar, naughty things would.

Yeah I've been amazed at my losses, so unexpected but I'm realistic enough to know that those big losses will not last and I'd be more than happy with a 3-4lb loss on Monday. I think my big losses have to do with the fact I do not stay still but this week with my ankle I've not been as active.

You'll do brilliantly on Monday, I bet you'll achieve a double figure! Stick to the plan 100%, that's all you can do, your best.


Mix with coffee for a kind of latte effect.

You can add ice to this combo for an iced latte.


Mix with coffee for a Mocha Choca.
Make up peppermint tea and leave in the fridge overnight (With bag in) to get really cold. In the morning take the bag out and use the tea instead of water with the chocolate shake for a kind of mint aero shake.

Also stick loads of ice, a little water and any shake into your blender, blend it up REALLY REALLY well, if it isn't thick, add more ice. This makes an ice cream!! It tastes really nice, and best of all you can eat it with a spoon!!!

Hope this helps!

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