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Recommend Me Some Scales

The ones that i have are from Lloyds Chemist. They are meant to show your body fat percentage and everything. But i dont think they are very good. I use them to get a general idea of how much i weigh but i seem to weigh more on mine then i do on my CDC's digital scales, my manual sclaes and other digital scales (friends scales).

I am thinking of getting some new ones too. I might see if weightwatchers have one. I think i read somewhere that they are good, but i cant remember if they were bathroom scales or food scales, lol.

My friend had some good digital scales, they show weight (in whatever format you want), the amount of fat in your body and the water content of your body. I will ask her the make and where she got them from and let you know.

I'm sorry i cant reccomend one right now, i guess i haven't been of much help there. But i think there is an old thread on this topic. Why dont you try and search for it.

xx :princess:
Much as I LOVE WW diet their bathroom scales are awful. I got ones and they just wouldnt settle, showed me about 8 stone lighter than I am lol

Someone else on the WW forum got the same ones - same problem.

Their food scales are fab mind you
I must have read about the food scales then lol. :D

I guess you could use your WW scales when you're having a bad day. I'm sure them showing that you are 8 stone lighter will make you feel better, even though you know its not true, lol.

Thanks for the advice

xx :)


Not dieting ATM!
I think Tanita scales are the best. When I next get some new ones I'll get them the best ones I can afford. I want the ones that measure, weight, body fat, water, etc etc so that I can get a complete picture of my changing body through diet and exercise.

I currently have Salter scales which also measure body fat. They measure weight very accurately but I'm not too sure how accurate the body fat measurement is.

Dizzy x
Thanks everyone. I went and bought some Weight Watchers ones off ebay on a whim and now after reading reviews they are meant to be pants and eat through the batteries like crazy. Darn I should have read this thread first :whistle:


Wants to be a yummy mummy
You could always put them back on ebay again??!!!

I would definately add another vote in for tanita scales, mine are great!! When I used to do ww (shhhh.. lol..) the ww scales were always matching mine exactly - so they are acurate!!

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