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Red Days Red Day Lunch & Dinner Ideas for a Veggie?


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
Hi MM's!!

I was wondering if you could give me some lunch and dinner ideas for Red Days, I am a Pescetarian (I eat fish but no meat) as I have come to a plateau with my weighloss and one of the other girls Allie recommended that I do a week of Red Days to see if that helps my weightloss.

So far I have thought of Tuna and Egg Salads for lunch and a "Fry up" using Quorn sausages, Quorn bacon, Eggs, Beans and tomatoes but I am stuck on any other ideas.

Any suggestions welcome as I step into the unknown of Red Days!!! ;)
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Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
p.s Just to add I only have access to a microwave, fridge, kettle and toaster in work for my lunch so I can't cook "fry ups" etc in work.


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i am the same as you hun apart from i dont like quorn! i look forward to the replys and ideas xxx
if you're having fry-ups with Quorn or Quorn chilli I would have thought you may as well have a green day 'cos its a neither-red-nor-green day really?!

Herb crusted haddock with new pots (Hex) and veg
Fish pie with swede topping rather than potato
Prawn stir fry
Thai prawn curry
Tuna steaks with ratatouille
Tuna jacket pot (Hex)

For lunch at work I tend to eat leftovers from whatever I made the night before, which you can heat up quick in the microwave. And / or have a salad (with tuna / prawns / mussel meat ...).
Smoked salmon salad
Smoked salmon and scrambled egg on toast (Hex)


Mostly Harmless
I like Pangasius (or Vietnamese river cobbler) heavily coated (on both sides) in paprika and chilli powder with a sprinkling of salt and garlic powder (to taste), a spray of fry light on both sides and fry (not too hot) in non stick pan. I had this yesterday mmmm. I generally eat this with lots of veg.

Before doing SW I used to make a similar mix with flour and added spices and coat the fish in this, but some curry powders can get all sticky on their own and dried herbs don't generally stick without the flour, so you don't get quite the same effect.

p.s Just to add I only have access to a microwave, fridge, kettle and toaster in work for my lunch so I can't cook "fry ups" etc in work.
Oops I read this after reading the original post, well maybe for this evening :eek:
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Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, it's going to be much harder than I thought :(

Prawnchopsuey the reason I am moving over to Red Days is that I have done Green Days since I started SW in January and have hit a plateau with my weightloss, hopefully a few (or a week of) Red Days should kick start my losses!! :)


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
Ok here's my menu for tomorrow onwards, can someone check it is ok:


Egg Salad
Tuna Salad
Prawn Salad
Quorn Pieces Salad
(all with SW Coleslaw)


Quorn Sausages, Mixed Veg (cauli, broccoli, carrots, roast onions) with Bisto

Quorn Sausages, Quorn Deli Rashers, Eggs, Mushrooms, Tinned Tomatoes

Prawn Omelette & Mixed Veg (probs Broccoli, Cauli, Carrots)

Quorn Shepherds Pie with Carrot & Swede Mash

Quorn Chilli with Cauliflower Rice

SW Quiche and BNS Wedges

"Surf n Turf" Quorn Peppered Steaks, Prawns, SW Wedges (using HEB) and salad

Hope this looks ok, I must admit I am not looking forward to starting the Red Days, I don't like the unknown!! :rolleyes:

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