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Red Days Food Info's

ok can someone just clear up the following food values for red days for me.

i have alot of coke, so i would like to know how much coke il be allowed in a red day.

how much would 1 packet of crisps be on a red day as well?

and how would 1 portion of chicken and chips be?

those are the 3 items i most commonly eat and very regularly. not much a chocolate or cake person. and many times i mix up chicken and chips with coke.
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Diet coke is free.

Crisps differ in syn value from 5 for something like french fries to 12 (ish) for Walkers normal crisps

Chicken and chips - home made? Chicken is a free food, chips if made the SW way, with the skins left on, you can have 227g potato as a B choice.

You would be better off having an Extra Easy day then the chicken and chips would be free!

Chicken and chips from a take away..... don't go there!!

Hope this helps. x
wow walkers crisps...thats alot...i think i will switch to french fries.

diet coke is ok if your thirsty, but then it starts tasting salty eurgh...i will get some diet coke now, but how much for full fat coke?...

and lol, yes my chicken and chips always comes from a takeaway/fast food shop. and i have that like 3x a week, maybe more sometimes depending on if im out with friends and home is more than 20 minutes away.

and oh yeah, how much for a chicken burger? (from a takeaway)...
One can of full fat coke is 7 syns!

Chicken and chips from a take away really is a no-no. The chicken will be deep fried, with the skin removed it would be a free food but the chips will be something like 25 syns. A chicken burger from KFC for example is 20.5 syns.

I'm sorry but if you want to lose weight on SW you really will have to change your eating habits!!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I agree with Jaylou...you could adapt these favourite foods to the SW way, but you have to make the effort.
I agree with Jaylou and Mrs V. I loved Indian takeaways and missed them enormously at first. Now, I make my own SW-friendly versions and guess what, I actually prefer them. I would now rather have my own than the high-fat, high-salt versions.
OK brace yourself

a standard portion of chips from chip shop is 27 syns on red day
17.5 syns on green day

a large portion is 40.5 syns on a red day
26 syns on a green day

A chicken royale burger from burger king is 28.5 syns each.(nearest I could find to a take a way burger)

coca cola is 3.5 syns for 150ml can
4 syns for a 182ml bottle
5.5 syns for a 250ml bottle
10.5 syns for a 500ml bottle

sorry to keep bothering you guys.

ok what if i ate chicken from a takeaway with the skin on, but no chips. how would that fair?...

or what if i did not have any syns for a few days, then could i have the synful meal?...

wow giving up chicken and chips is gonna be very difficult, even when im with the girls we have it. (and sometimes they wanna go nandos, which costs like £8 for chicken and chips lol)...

and about indian takeaway currys. at home we cook basic currys, with very little oil etc...but believe me when i say this, indian takeaways are dangerous. my dad owns one so i can tell you from first hand experience. they use oil and ghee, ghee is like butter but even worse...look it up if you wish...and indian takeaway curry is full of ghee and oil...the pillow rice has ghee and oil, so plain rice would be better.

i eat there if i work, and after i eat the empty plate is yellow because of all the left over oil and ghee. lol.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
The lower synned takeaway Indian meals are the ones that are dry like tikka, rather than a sauce.
You can still have your treats a week, just dont have it so often..limitation is far better than deprivation!
Try to choose healthier options when you go out, or reduce your syns a couple of days before and a couple of days after. This wont necessarily help you loose the weight each week, but you shouldnt gain as quickly either.
didnt realise chips were so bad...ok i will eat less chips from now definitely...

coke i cant really quit, but i will do less. i have a few problems, i dont drink or smoke cigarettes or any drugs to give me a buzz, and if i drink high cafene product (like cofee or redbull) i get really really tired...so i somtimes need to drink a bit of coke just to give me a bit of energy...

hmm i think its gonna be 2xfried chicken instead of chicken and chips from now.
does slimming world consider training regimes?

i will be doing running on treadmill and weight lifting about 3x a week...
No, the exercise is a bonus for you, it doesnt gain you extra syns like WW would give you more points Hun.
I dont drink or smoke, or do drugs either. You learn to adapt to other things.
Have you gone to a SW class??? Its worth speaking to a Consultant to get some advice about the plan from scratch, certainly if you have never done this before. We are here to give you advice, support, guidance when you are on the SW plan.
Also just noticed on your status, you have put casual SW....you cant just do casual eating plans Hun, you should either start with determination and motivation, or not do it until you are 100% ready.
ok thanks for your help....really appreciate it.

yeah i havnt started it officially yet, just tryna make little changes at the mo.

but in a couple of weeks il go 2 a slimming world class for sure.
Good luck for then...its definitely worth making those changes for...you will see!