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Red Days Red Meal ideas!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Diamond Daisy, 5 September 2011 Social URL.

  1. Diamond Daisy

    Diamond Daisy Full Member

    Hi :wave_cry:

    I've been off this site (and SW) for a while now but back to basics after a shock when I climbed back on the scales last week!

    I want to try red days but I always end up hungry as I normally bulk my meals up with potatoes and pasta on green but obviously can't do the same on red!

    Please can you give me some meal ideas or point me in the direction of some recipes if possible!
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  3. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    I find a good steak is the best red evening meal!

    Chicken wrapped in bacon with melted cheese a close second!

  4. Diamond Daisy

    Diamond Daisy Full Member

    thank you, will get them both on my weekly plan!!
  5. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    On Red days I would normally have either...

    Chilli with ryvita (HE B) and Philadelphia (HE A)

    Bowl of chicken curry/jalfrezi with lots of chicken & veg

    Chicken breasts coated in Schwartz Chargrilled Seasoning with lots of veg (brocolli, B.sprouts, carrots, butternut squash etc and some gravy

    Chicken/ham salad

    Bolognese with Ryvita & Philadelphia

    Can't think of anything else at the minute :)
    Last edited: 5 September 2011
  6. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    also - how about a pork stir fry, prawn and salmon cooked in salt and lemon juice with SW wedges, Beef casserole, I could go on forever, i do a lot of red meals! x
  7. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    Yeah forgot about stir-frys they are GORGE! I add 2 tbsp of oyster sauce (its syn'd) and a tbsp of honey :drool:
  8. Diamond Daisy

    Diamond Daisy Full Member

    so you have ryvita instead of pasta??
  9. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    Yeah and I don't miss the pasta at all (I did the 1st time) its yummy and my children love it too, they still have pasta but also have the cheese n crackers
  10. Diamond Daisy

    Diamond Daisy Full Member

    I dont like fish, wish i did sometimes! lol

    Please feel free to go on, will do me a favour :p

    How do you make your beef casserole? With a packet mix?
  11. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    Packets are full of syns, such a waste!
  12. Diamond Daisy

    Diamond Daisy Full Member

    Oh ok, will have to give that a bash! Do you syn or use a HE?
  13. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    HE all the time, you can have 4 original ryvita cripsbreads or 6 ryvita crackerbreads (yellow box) feel like i'm eating loads its great!
  14. Diamond Daisy

    Diamond Daisy Full Member

    Agreed! do you have a recipe?
  15. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    I don't have a recipe for casserole.... unfortunately its something I just couldn't eat without potatoes :sigh:
  16. Diamond Daisy

    Diamond Daisy Full Member

    Wow that many! Lots of HEs have fallen off my radar since the EE plan came in!
  17. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    I know its great!
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  19. I_dream_slim

    I_dream_slim Silver Member

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    This thread is a great idea! Experimenting with red at the mo so gonna be trying a few of these!
  20. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    We just ate beef in mushroom sauce which was out of the little book that came with this months mag. We had cabbage & mini corn on the cob with it. Oh & a slice of bread (wholemeal from a 400g loaf hexb) which was needed to mop up the yummy sauce. It was very filling & I didn't miss having any potatoes at all.

    X X X X
  21. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    Damn I have just realised that corn on the cob needs 2 b synned on a red day!!!! Oh well I will make it EE & syn the bread!
  22. Ali*

    Ali* Gold Member

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    SW Jan11-Feb12/now CC
    Don't think so hun ... only sweetcorn needs to be synned on Red Day :confused: ... am I thinking of those little corns?? Oh dear ... I'm confused now! Lol x
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