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Red meals n green meals same day?


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Hi all can u just confirm

Is it ok to have a red meal for say lunch and green for dinner n still 2 hex b etc? Think it used to be called mix to match but don't know if u can still do it?

I dont plan on doing it regular but just thinking if I need to change direction half way through the day!

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No I've never heard of the plan being uses like that you can have a red day followed by a green and so on but the whole day has to be the same or it defeats the object! X


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To be honest, I've never heard of that one, but I'd be really surprised if you could. It kind of defeats the object... Perhaps that's why there is extra easy now? But with only one hea and heb. Do you have a consultant you can ask?

Good luck x
yes you can and it was called mix n match!Quite an old plan now just make sure you match your hexs to what ever meal you are eating unless you have them in between of course.The point of it was to give variety before ee was invented.
Oh right never heard of mixing a red day in with a green day! How would you match you he with meals?!
Ah ok! I see.
Not convinced it would work - goes against everything I've been told (dont do change lol) lol but good luck have fun with it!!! :D

i did this 4 years ago for a week and lost 5lbs but it was confusing to keep up with. if i remember rightly you can only snack on foods that are free on both plan, ie fruit and veg. so you have 3 meals say green-red-green and in between have fruit, yoghurt, salad


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Ah ok thanks guys! I don't intend to purposely follow this but sometimes I'd be having a red day then come home n other half is making rice n beans etc so last minute wanted to check I could switch without adopting the 'I've blown it all' approach
it was good for that but I used to get confused at times too-ee is much better.I have ee days but say for example I realise that I don't want carbs that day I'll change to red.If I don't fancy much meat I'll change to green.I have my hex's in evening so its easy for me to do it that way.
I still do mix2max and as far as I know the C's still have this as an option along with Success Express.

On mix2max it's 3 meals a day. Snacks have to come out of syns or hea/b's. Syns are taken at the hoghest value e.g. 6 on red, 2 on green so you count 6.

You have 2 hea's and 2 heb's. I like mix2max a lot.

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