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Redkoala's Weight Loss Mission 2009/10


Go on smile! =)
Decided to create my own thread, kinda like a blog where i just post random rants about how im doing, what i've done today that kinda thing.

So about me?
Well im 23 and come from Leeds. I woke up August 17th and decieded to change my life around. A week later i had my doctors appointment and discovered the wonderful world that is Xenical.

I started Xencial on the 24th August 2009 and weighed in at 19.5 stones. Which i was surprised about as 4months prior to this i weighed over 20stones at my last WW meeting. :)

What my goals are?
I'm taking my weightloss more as a life style change than journey, after all i plan on keeping up with my food habits and exercise long after i reach my goals.
This been said i'm planning on hopefuly reaching my goal for my birthday in may 2010. I set myself a goal of 14stones, but my main focus is getting my bmi to a healthy state. I'm also a very strong believer in Cancer research as i have lost alot of people i care about to this, so its my mission to raise atleast £1000 for this worth while charity.

What am i doing?

I joined a gym for the first time in my life, i know shocking huh?! I wasn't gonna do it but after talking to people i decided to go for it, i love every minute of it. Along with exercise i am eating ALOT healthier i only ever eat 3 meals a day now lol with plenty of vegies and salad. And 'trying' to get my 5 a day lol. Do starburst count? :p

I hope you'll all join me on my weightloss journey and fine this thread interesting. I've meet some great friends already within my first weeks on minimins (you know who you are :p)

Well thats me! I'll try to update this whenever something fun or exciting happens to me :) For now thats it, take care all. x

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gunna be a fatty for ever

what a nice post! Have u got anything planned on how u r gunna raise the money then yet?

well done on your weight loss so far! you sound very motivated and we all know u can do it!

post away!!

luv katie


Go on smile! =)
I've seen on the TV about people loosing weight, on my local news show. I'm might contact them hopefully go from there lol. Selling my old clothes is another option lol, i'm sure someone somewhere could use it as shelter lol. Oh the possibilities!

Red. x
oohhh you made great friends =D goood. we all need friends.. anddddd you will do this coz ure motivated and i knew that from day one , im really impressed with the way you have been working and you remind me of myself.. keep it up .. ill keep reading this and if you ever have a bad day you know where to find me of course..



Go on smile! =)
Aww thanks Punkii x
Updated first post with my NEW youtube channel, gonna start making some vblogs soon.
make it pretttty soon yeah :p.


Go on smile! =)
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you dont sound horrible =] its a great vid .. x
Good luck red - you'll defo reach goal!!
Great idea about raising money for cancer research i've also lost people to that horrible disease, including my mum - so i'll be very interested to hear about your plans! :)
Well another great day today, did my hour at the gym and dugg out some old dubells. I'm now doing 10mins in the morning and 10 minutes at night build up some muscle ;) Oh yea and i tried a mango today lol not my cuppa tea but i tried it lol.

I also watched a documentary about a 1000lbs man, i could believe how he got to that size. Sad to see people like that.

2x WB with warm milk, glass of fresh orange 250ml
Lovely tuna sandwich with lettace, a ski yogurt and a banana
Pure chicken breast stirfry with very nice vegies, WW caramel desert.

Thats about it for today x hope you all had a good day.

Ye it is something i feel very strongly about, me and Punkii might do a joint charity event :) Early days yet hehe.

Red x
Hiya lovely to see your own thread :) You're doing really well it's so fab to see!

You're going to be very successful


gunna be a fatty for ever
wooop!! i left ya a comment today!!

your doin fab!!!

anything for cancr reaserach is fine by meeeeee

hahaa @ the mango lol. xx
just commented on your vid - it's great! :) x
You are doing great! Your food plan sounds really good, might copy you & have the same to-day.
well done


My husband = My hero
Hi sweetie,

Saw you in the pregnancy section - lol

But saw your signature, and thought it was a great idea what you are doing, not just the fund raising but the whole changing your life aspect!! I was on lipotrim and lost 3 stone, had another 2 to go before i found out baby was coming, but just doing something positive was fantastic, and cant wait to get back on track next year!

Will be following closely, hopefully for every pound i put on (baby wise) u will loose!!

Good luck!

Hey red cola!

Better late than never! just catching up today! welcome to the forum, will check out ur vid soon! I totally envy u going to the gym!! Im defo gona look in to some gym time for me now!
Cheers guys, means alot and GL with the pregnacy Lauren! And well done on your 3stone loss thats great :)


My husband = My hero
lol thanks hun, most has gone back on to be honest... but will come off again!!

Have you lost any so far on the Xenical??
I got weighed about a week ago and lost 13lbs in just over 2weeks. Got my first doctr weigh in on monday ^^.

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