Reductil success stories anyone?

Discussion in 'Orlistat (Xenical)' started by AmyLou1976, 3 November 2008 Social URL.

  1. AmyLou1976

    AmyLou1976 Full Member

    I'm getting so depressed about my weight now, I have tried everything. Weight watchers, slimming world, diet & exercise, cambridge, xenical!!! I've even asked my husband to pay for a gastric band for me! I just can't seem to lose weight now since I had my gallbladder removed earlier this year. I'm tempted to ask my dr tomorrow about reductil as a last resort! x x x x :cry:
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  3. yummymummy to be

    yummymummy to be Member

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    Hi Amylou,
    I also had my gallbladder out in April this year. I lost weight before as i was in so much pain and sick all the time, however I had twins 2 yrs ago and still can't loose the weight. I have tried everything, litterally just eating weetabix, soup and a low fat dinner with no carbs. Finally went to the doctor at the beginning of October and was given Reductil to kick start my weight loss. I'm 5ft 6 and was 13 stone so just made it into the obese bracket....which you have to be to have it perscribed. The first couple of weeks I was never hungry or if I did eat i could only eat 1/2 of what was on my plate. I have lost about 5ibs in a month so it's not bad, but the last 2 wks have been really hungry and the tablets haven't helped this or shifted anymore weight.

    hope this helps
  4. AmyLou1976

    AmyLou1976 Full Member

    Thanks very much its nice to know what experieinces people have before I ask my dr. Thanks hun x x x x
  5. charliegirl

    charliegirl Silver Member

    Gastric Bypass
    I have been on reductil three times over the last few years, they only helped me maintain the weight I was already at dispite the GP increasing the dose. However, it does work really well for some people and I am sure there will be plenty along this evening saying so....its worth a try if nothing else as you never know it might just be right for you...good luck...xx
  6. tracie_40

    tracie_40 Member

    reductil/low fat diet
    hi amylou,
    started reductil 2 days ago,
    have lost 1 stone 8 lbs before went on reductil by low fat diet.
    today i don't feel hungry,had a banana and 4 slices of melba toast with tuna and a slice of tomato,and lots of water.
    i take them a 8 every morning and around teatime i get a headache i take 2 co codamols and drink more water.
    hope the headaches are not a long term thing.
    so fingers crossed for future that they work.
    kindest regards tracie
  7. charliegirl

    charliegirl Silver Member

    Gastric Bypass
    Hi the headaches could be because they put your BP up slightly. I got headaches with them...xx
  8. tracie_40

    tracie_40 Member

    reductil/low fat diet
    hi ,charlie girl,
    spot on ! been for my blood pressure taken today slightly raised blood pressure but nothing to worry about,
    gotta have blood pressure taken every wed morn for next 4 weeks to keep check,but if ok in 2 weeks time i can go on higher stregth tablets.
    kind regards tracie
  9. AmyLou1976

    AmyLou1976 Full Member

    Hi thanks for the advice. My dr won't put me on them he says they're rubbish! Nevermind. So I've decided to go back on Cambridge. I'm on day 2 now and feeling really positive.
    Thanks anyway x x x x
  10. sammydd

    sammydd Member

  11. Claire13xxx

    Claire13xxx New Member

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    weight watchers
    Redutil is fantastic

    hi everyone a have been on reductil since sep and have lost 3stone 4lbs and have gone down from a size 20-22 to now a size 14:)
    the side affects can be really bad on reductil and sometimes dont get prescribed because of that. in the 1st week i hardley ate and lost half a stone and was quite lethargic but i really put that down to the quantity of food i was eating or not shall i say but after a week that stopped and i started eating more normal portions but nothing like wen i was bigger.
    I would recommend anyone to try reductil as the results are amazing. I havent really been taking them properly over the last 2 months and have managed to mantain my weight give or take a pound so i am really happy. The other thing I like them is that i am always very happy and bubbly and always on the go which I also think has a big part to play in my weight loss.
  12. nickelback

    nickelback New Member

    hi all
    am new and started reductil 10mg last monday and so far i have lost about 2.2kgs. i get it from my dr. just hope it works for me this time. as i have failed so many diets and xenical.
    so am giving reductil a go to lose weight.
    i need to lose about 35kgs :( :(
    i have a very long way to go.
    hope to make some friends as well.
    take care all
  13. laa68

    laa68 Silver Member

    Hi, thought i would share my experience of reductil.I started just before xmas while on holiday from school.evryhting was going great and i lost about 2kg but when i went back to work i found i was really worked up, anxious and jittery all the time. sometimes my heart was beating so fast i thought i was gonna have aheart attack. I decided to stop taking them about 2 eeks ago and feel i am now back to normas. i dont feel as depressed or so stressed anymore. i decided it wasn't worth it so am now back to ww andgood old exercise!

    lesley x
  14. caroline4013

    caroline4013 Silver Member

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    Like Lesley when I tried Reductil i became very anxious, couldn't sleep and incredibly bad tempered! I certainly don't recommend them
  15. foxykazz

    foxykazz New Member

    i have just been prescribed reductil first tablet tommorrow fingers crossed hope it doesnt affect me too much in the sleep department already an insomniac any advise gladly received thanks kazz
  16. sbridge7

    sbridge7 Silver Member

    Maintenance after CD
    How does reductil compare to Xenical?
  17. startedmoving

    startedmoving New Member

    The main ingredient in Reductil is sibutramine, which works in the body of a patient by producing the feeling of fullness. A patient feels like having eaten sufficient food. Consequently, he or she eats less food and during the course of treatment attains considerable weight loss.

    works by targeting the absorption of dietary fat in your body rather than suppressing your appetite. Xenical works locally in your digestive system to block approximately one third (30%) of the fat you eat from being absorbed.

    Between the two, i would vote for reductil.
    Usually with people like me who have an :) XL appetite; it helps in reducing our intake of food. And by the time we are ready to leave the medication (say a few months) our stomach size would have shrunk and we would atleast be eating 50% less.

    While on the medication, what we eat is our choice! we might be eating 50% less, but if choose to eat the wrong stuff then we will not get the max benefit.

    The obesity levels are measured by the doctor who takes your BMI test when you do a consultation. If the BMI is more than 27, then the doctor prescribes an obesity treatment drug.
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  19. Princess Sausage

    Princess Sausage Silver Member

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    I tried reductil a while back. I had dreadful side effects. I usually have a normal blood pressure. I suffered headaches and my blood pressure went up. I felt anxious and had palpitations. Then one evening I had a headache where I literally couldnt move, I have never had a headache like it and thought I may be having a stroke. After a few hours it went away but I will never forget it and never took another tablet again. I am still battling with my weight but I felt these tablets put my life at risk.
  20. Babynurse

    Babynurse Full Member

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    I also had a bad effect after taking Reductil. I was ok whilst taking them, however, when coming home from a holiday in Turkey, I felt really hot. No-one else with me was feeling like this, anyway, I decided to stop taking them as I began feeling strange. I began to feel like I didnt want to move, began crying and felt very depressed. Ive never suffered from depression before and dont want to again. It was an awful experience and ive not taken any since. I thought taking the tablets would be the answer to my weight loss but having started on Lipotrim 8 weeks ago, this was the best way for me.
  21. margaretmc

    margaretmc Gold Member

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    Hi I`m waiting for surgery (bypass or sleeve ) and was put on Reductil for a few months and put on 7 kg and I was only eating weight watchers meals from Iceland . And fruit , 2 slices of toast and cornflakes . But I think the scales at the Diabetic clinic were broke . So I`m back on Xenical with my fingers cross that I loose something .
    Good luck and take care .
  22. Flubber68

    Flubber68 Full Member

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    I am on week 5 of Reductil and have lost 10kg, only side effects I have had are dry mouth occasional headache and LESS HUNGER :) my Bp and pulse have been fine. Everyone is different on it so you need to just try it and see how you go. I am doing slim fast with it and finding it very easy. Your BMI MUST be above 30 for your GP to px it.
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