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refused liptrim so back to WW

i am writing here because i have started back on WW after trying lipotrim but because i am diabetic my doc had a freak at me and so i have dragged out my switch books, but looking at the website everything seems to have changed am i still ok to use the switch books etc, also i am not going to meetings as being a single mum at uni i can't afford the weekly fees and thought support on here is good, my problem is i can be really good all day but then get to the night time and my head goes mental and i lose it, any body got any suggestions please
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Hey hun, I'm like you with the night times it just feels right to have a munch while you're watching the telly! I just try and save enough points to have something late on because I don't feel deprived then. Today I'm going to make some no point soup for later on if i get peckish.

I'm not sure how much has changed on WW but do you have a points calculator? They're really good.
i have a shopping guide and a handbook and a old slide points working out thing, but have had a destroyed day due to really crap stuff going on and now feel really annoyed only second day and already fallen off the wagon :( did go shopping for no points food stuff tho so will make some tomorrow :)
Hey hun, draw a line under the 'bad' day and move on, this is a lifestyle overhaul and so this is just one teeny day...life would be pretty boring if we stuck to it like robots every day!
Hi and welcome back to ww. Your Switch books should be fine. I tend to eat in the evenings as well - if you save points for the evenings that's not a problem.

Have a good first week x
i got weighed today and am pleased to announce i have lost 7lbs, not a huge amount for first week knowing what i have to lose but hey its a start :) yipee
thanks :), i'm just glad its some have had a really bad week , been shut out by half my family over something really stupid so wasn't expecting any to go at all, and to say i'm doing it at home i will have to see how this week goes as i have my driving test on wednesday too (fingers and everything else crossed)
thanks for the support guys, i will be a new person lol, freedom and a good pair of jeans here i come :D
Oh yes, never underestimate the absolute joy of being able to wear a good pair of jeans! I've just treated myself to a pair from Joe Brown Plus to celebrate being down to a size 18, and I will NEVER wear my old baggy ones again!

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