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Rehoming of an older dog


Radix lecti
I've been looking for an older dog for my 71 yr old mother. She's quite active and widowed in the last couple of years and decided she would like a little companion. We've done the rounds of the RSPCA centres but all the smaller dogs without any extreme behavioural problems are reserved or the dogs are extremely old.
I don't really want her to take on a dog with a potential lifespan of less than a year but neither do i think it is sensible to get a puppy or a younger dog.
She needs a smaller (think westie/spaniel size) probably aged 8+ but it seems difficult to actually find an available suitable dog. She lives on her own with no other pets.
The guide dogs for the blind rehoming (of which the rep turned out to be one of my old school teachers and the PE teacher at that :( ) have over a year waiting list and tend to all be bigger dogs anyway
Unfortunately i live 140 miles away so i can't pop out with her on a weekly basis to all the rescue centres.
She lives in the Bath/Bristol area - any ideas what i can try next - all suggestions welcome
I thought giving a secure, comfortable home to an older dog woud be easy but it has got to the point where she is giving up any hope of finding a companion.
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thanks for that CD I'm a member of dogs trust & neverknew they had a central site :doh: though it would seem logical.

Actually HATE the new name with a vengeance what was wrong with the dignfied & self explanatory 'National Canine Defence League'?

anyway the other thing you might try Dibspl is posting/contacting vets practises near your mum. If there are any family pets needing new homes theyare likely to know of them.


Silver Member
Join Dog Rescue Pages - UK rescue centre and shelter guide its a place where lots of resuces post like this forum and alot use foster homes and might have someone down your mums way but even so it lists alot of the smaller less known rescues and there is never a shortage of dogs looking for homes

Good luck to your mum and well dont her for taking on an older dog

oohhh and i just thought of the Oldies Club Oldies Club: Helping Old Dogs Across the UK

Let us know how she gets on


Radix lecti
Hi, thank for your suggestions, i'll go have a look around :)
Hi you should have a look at this weblink which is for older labradors that need homes:

Labrador Rescue South East and Central

it says that the dogs really need loving homes as they are old but still need a walk and attention, but may not be here that long,

its sad to think of any dog in this situation...........................

best of luck whatever you do

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