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Relatively Hungry.... Out of Ketosis?


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Hello All,

Bit of help needed as I have no ketostix.... I'm rather hungry which I find scary. Not "would push old ladies to steal their Mars bars" hungry but the semi-sick-with-hunger mode. Wouldn't this suggest being out of ketosis?

I can't imagine how I would be out of ketosis as I have entered my 4th week of 110% (no porridge in my country so 3 shakes a day at almost the same hour and at least 3.5 l of water -non flavoured as I thought that's dangerous to ketosis!). Not a sniff of a cheat. In fact, the only things I can think of that I did different this week were having a (ONE a day) cambridge mint before meetings with clients :) and 8 to 14 minutes of exercise on the wii fit.

Any clues why this is? (Oh as for the loss, this week it was only a disappointing 2 lbs so that slowed down as well.:eek:)
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From what you have put, i wouldn't have thought there would be any way you could be out of ketosis?
I have had sporadic hunger bursts very occasionally but have still been in ketosis.
Keep the faith, i bet next weeks loss will be HUGE!! x


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Oh I will! I wouldn't eat if I were 10 times hungrier and you paid me for it but I was just curious if anyone else had this. Glad to hear I'm not crazy. Maybe it is a response to burning more through exercise or maybe I slacked on the water intake. Or maybe I just overdid it on the fibers and my stomach protests the lack of shake traces LOL Whatever it is I just won't mind it.

Don't think next week's loss will be amazing, just normal 3 pounds would be great and keep me on target goal wise :)

Come to think of it, it's not that strange, I still crave a ciggy sometimes but the mere thought of inhaling makes me gag so I'd never do it.


can see the end in sight!
as vile as smoking is, i don't think i could do this diet without them!


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as vile as smoking is, i don't think i could do this diet without them!
I'm so happy I gave up smoking first to be honest.... Oh Gawd I would have gagged to read someone saying this last year at this time LOL but frankly it helped enormously with helping me build will power. I no longer am afraid of cravings or freaked out by dreams involving the object we're not allowed to have and so on.

If for no other reason, giving up the smokes has done wonders to my ability to abstain and know I can accomplish this.

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