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As I get into SW, I find the simples pleasures in life are really syn-laden.

I have discovered butter buds, and they help as a 0.5 syn butter flavouring/replacement.

I really miss my "proper" coffee, no sugar or cream. Plenty of sugar replacements, but skimmed milk is not the smae as single cream.

Similarly, creamy potatoes used to have full fat milk & butter. Again is there a tasty (but healthier) option for creaming potatoes or even coffee?

Finally for now, I have a hankering for the good old mince & dumplins. Fine mince, extra lean is one thing, but is there a alternative to beef suet? - I know I could reduce the suet to flour ratio, but not sure how that would affect the taste. Would vegetable suet suffice? (never used it).


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Your syns are there to be used..........on whatever you want..... so if cream in your coffee is what you want to spend your syns on, then do. thats the point of them, to not deprive yourself of them.
double cream is 3.5syns a TBSP, so you could have milk and some cream for the taste.

I personally hate skimmed milk and have semi skimmmed. Full fat milk is still on plan, just less of it for a HEA choice.

(but for a creamy mash potato, try beating a egg into it instead, makes it creamy and free - remember it is a raw egg though unless your recooking the mash eg on cottage pie)

and veg suit works just fine, but from a syn value dont think there is any benefit beef 11.5, veg light 9.5 per 28g
For the mashed potato, I find that adding some milk and a laughing cow EL triangle (either 1 syn or part of you HEA) makes it nice and creamy.


4. 8. 15. 16. 23. 42.
I often using laughing cow as a butter replacement on jacket potatoes and sometimes in sandwiches! Doesn't taste quite the same but does the trick. You could also try adding some fat free fromage frias to mashed potatoes.

I find the best way to find out all the healthier alternatives that suit your taste is to just experiement with whatever you've got that's free. Trial and error! :)

I think one of the recent magazines had a recipe for dumplings. I will have a look when I get home.

For mash I use semi skimmed milk and Fry Light butter spray for that lovely buttery taste.

I haven't tried using fromage frais think I ill give it a go next time.
I use the fat free natural yoghurt to make mash creamy - matter of taste, but one I really like now that milk and butter are a bit decadent.

When I get to target, I will look forward to butter dripping on toast, crumpets, ciabatta - mmm - dreaming here - think I have just remembered how I got to 14 stone in the first place!
Some replacements just don't taste the same as the original so I do second just planning that into your syn allowance. I can quite happily drink tea with sweetener but cannot stand coffee with so so allow syns for a tsp of brown sugar in the first coffee of the day and then drink tea afterwards.
With mashed potato I have found that using a small amount of extra light cream cheese mixed through can give you that "creamy" mouth feel without using any butter. And while I berrated the use of instant mash for many years I have found that sainsburys instant mash is actually rather nice just made up with water.
Have you tried making your coffee in the microwave?

Just a little milk
fill the cup up with water
zap (approx 2 1/2 mins but varies for different microwaves, can be as much as 4mins)
add a spoonful of coffee and any sugar/sweetner required.

Voila-frothy coffee, much better than with a kettle
I also would say syns are there for what you want, so if its cream in your coffee then its cream in your coffee!!

No idea of the syn value, but maybe check out the syns on Aunt Bessies frozen dumplings?? I don't attend class atm so can't check on-line but sure somebody woud help out if you gave a shout in the syns section :)
Thanks for some very interesting and good replies. The reason for alternatives is firstly to find out if there are any "hidden secrets" that may save syns.

The butter buds - I read various reports. Some people love them, some loathe them. I think they are amazing and bear in mind Lurpak got me into this mess in the first place lol. I have tried it 3 different times (mixed veg, jacket potato and scrambles egg - each time had the desired effect on taste. So I like 'em.

I only drink "proper coffee" not instant, but am happy to have just 1 per day. so perhaps cream could be factored in as syns, or I could find some of those catering types you get in cafes?

The cheesy-mash (Laughing cow would work - especially as there is such a generous allowance of them.

The dumpling thing I could do by trial and error. I am interested in any SW recipe that may help though - similarly, my milk allowance could be used with egg and fry light (for the tins) with the only syns being in the flour for Yorkshire Puddings.

I'm still trying to find a good sugar replacement too for both drinks and cereal. I think I may switch to semi-skimmed milk as I am not using the full allowance of skimmed.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I never tried natural yoghurt or indeed Fromage Frais, so something more to experiment with.

Any other suggestions eagerly accepted at this early stage.

I also would say syns are there for what you want, so if its cream in your coffee then its cream in your coffee!!

No idea of the syn value, but maybe check out the syns on Aunt Bessies frozen dumplings?? I don't attend class atm so can't check on-line but sure somebody woud help out if you gave a shout in the syns section :)
Hi we must have posted around the same time:) I won't touch Aunt Bessies stuff these days. Part of my "new leaf" was quitting processed foods and only cooking with fresh ingredients. So a lot of that stuff mash, Aunt Bessies, ready meals etc. are off the menu for now.

I'm also learning or re-learning to cook as not done much for years - I like the control over the content.

By the way, where do I get Fry Light Butter Spray and Salad Light Spray from? - my local Asda does Fry Light oils but not the others?
tesco and morrisons do them both:)
Typically, I shop as Asda lol. I do have a morrisons where i work though:)

if you cook your potatoes in some stock instead of water if gives them a nice flavouring and hence you therefore dont really need the milk/butter etc.
Great idea in theory - alas, I was weaned on buttered/creamed spuds. I fear the shock of losing that might do me damage. For 0.5 syn, butter buds will do for now.

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