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Restart Diary of a comfort eater (36lbs to lose)

Hi everyone, I'm restarting today. I previously lost 15lbs in a month and had to come off for an op.

Unfortunately I returned straight back to my old habits and self sabbotaged as I always do. I regained 11lbs! I mean I really binge ate and i have no idea why. I am really mad at myself but at least I am doing something about it now. I am 11st 2lbs now and aiming for 8st 7lbs by november for my hol in the Maldives so I am using that as my motivation.

I am really dreading the next few days as it feels so much harder this time around, i am trying so hard to get back the motivation i had last time.

I have decided to keep a diary on here this time as it will hopefully keep me motivated and would be great to look back on if i ever start to revert back to how i was.

I really want to retrain my thoughts on food and "treating" myself this time around, i never want to feel like this again. Also I want to make my husband proud and show everyone I CAN do it and stop yoyoing once and for all.

Wish me luck!
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Well I made it through day one. Wasn't too bad, just started to feel a bit cold and tired towards the end of the day. I keep telling myself it's just a couple of months of SS+. Hopefully I will have a good loss this first week so I feel a bit more motivated than i do now. I really never want to have to do this again!
Well, today has been interesting. Before I even had my first shake this morning I had uncontrollable diarrhea which was like water (so disgusting!). I was really worried as this didnt happen last time but then I found out this can be a side effect when you first start. It hasnt happened again although my stomach is v unsettled still. Also I've been getting hot and cold flashes. At least I've made it through day 2 and not come off CD even tho my hubby said I should as i was ill. I really just wanna get this over and done with! On to day 3 which I remember was the worst one for hunger pangs...
Just starting day 3 now and my stomach seems to have settled down finally. Bit worried that I haven't lost any weight yet though... I guess I'll find out on Tuesday at my first weigh in. Just to let anyone out there reading this know, i would love to hear any of your experiences, tips or advice or even motivation. Feel free to comment on any of my diary if you feel like it.
Onto day 4, I was starving yesterday and still am today, I really hope ketosis kicks in soon as I am starting to crave things but I am really determined to stick it out. Seem to have lost 1 lb so far, 4 more days til my 1st weigh in...
Hi Katy, congrats on getting to Day 4 with no slip ups. I am on Day 3 of my restart today and have been 100% so far. Got a weigh in tonight as I am weighing twice a week for a while to keep myself on track. I can't go a whole week alone without cheating! lol

I'm happy that this time around apart form a niggle of a headache I haven't had any side affects of getting into ketosis. I don't even feel very cold? My mouth is rank though and I've checked with ketostix so happy I am there.
Hi thanks for your reply. It's nice to hear how others are getting on. I really dont know whether I am in ketosis or not yet, my headache from yesterday has gone but the hunger is still there really. I'm surprised I'm actually finding it OK the second time around, I think it's because I learnt to use my willpower and do it 100% from the first time. I think because i only did it for a month last time and had to come off it, it really wasnt long enough to get myself out of the habit of comfort eating. I plan to be on SS+ for a couple of months this time and then move up the plans for a couple of months so hopefully that will give me long enough to see it as a lifestyle not just a diet. Good luck to you and well done so far, let me know how u get on.
Day 5 now, I was so hungry yesterday and I actually got really emotional and cried when my husband ate some chocolate. I could smell it on his breath and I don't think I even really wanted it but it was the thought of being left out and not being able to eat what i want. Anyway, he apologised and said he wouldnt do it again which was really sweet but made me feel awful! He says I should just eat healthy and exercise and lose 1lb a week and i see what hes saying but i told him i think i really should stick with this for at least a month or til I get below 10st as i need the motivation of big weight losses. Also i am afraid i would go straight back to binging on rubbish food. i need to get myself under control first.

Anyway I seem to be feeling a bit better this morning, a bit cold and tired but not as hungry so far. Just got to keep telling myself "Come on, you can do this! It's just food. Food doesn't control me or make me feel any better, but being slim will."
Hiya, I'm going into Day 4 today. I was naughty last night and had some ham, some chicken and 5 grapes!!! lol

My OH says exactly the same thing, that it should be less calories, helthier food and exercise. But I just want to get the first 3 stones out of the way first. Then I'll look at things. It probably means I've got to be on CD for a ocuple of months, but I just keep telling myself that all the things I want will be there once I finished, they aren't gone forever!
Exactly! that's what i keep telling myself too. Since ive started this Ive actually been craving fruit and wholegrain pasta and when i could eat what i wanted i never ate/craved healthy food! I really can't wait to be able to eat healthy food in the future, all those biscuits etc really didnt taste that great or make me feel great either, i think it was just habit.

I'm starting to realise now that most of the time i ate that stuff i wasnt even craving it it's just like i knew it was there so i thought "oh, i better eat it before someone else does". And thats really greedy, i want to learn how to limit myself and stop being in the mentality that i have to finish off everything in front of me til i am uncomfortably full.
Oh, completely agree. I am very, very greedy and I will gorge just so I know that I get it all. If I go away someone else might eat it all up!

Also, I don't think I know how to register being full? I eat until my stomach hurts or I know that, that one last mouthful will make me chuck up for lack of room down there. In my head, I don't feel satisfied until I actually can't eat anymore...which I know is wrong.
Also, I don't think I know how to register being full? I eat until my stomach hurts or I know that, that one last mouthful will make me chuck up for lack of room down there. In my head, I don't feel satisfied until I actually can't eat anymore...which I know is wrong.
I have found CD really good for this. On the days I have had a 'blip' and eaten quite a lot (only twice so far) it felt so horrible and uncomfortable being that full, that I realised how little I actually enjoy eating that much, and how nice it is to eat a meal and still be able to stand up at the end of it. I doubt few people have a 100% perfect track record on their CD journey, but in all honesty I've found those 'cheat' moments helpful as they reveal the truth of your relationship with food.

Keep going ladies, you're doing well! :)
Thanks for your input guys! I'm on day 6 now and I was absolutely starving last night and exhausted as well - i fell asleep at about 9.30pm! I don't know whether i am ketosis yet as last time the hunger had subsided by day 3. i just hope i dont stay this hungry.

Feeling a little better this morning, a bit less fed up. It's just really hard because i start craving things i wouldnt normally look twice at. I have to do the shopping later which is gunna be difficult but i'll just make sure i have my shake before i go so im not hungry while im there. Can't wait for my 1st weigh in on tuesday, but at the same time im trying not to get my hopes up coz i dont feel like ive lost much at all.
You've stuck to the diet, so there is no reason why you won't be chugged at weigh in! Have a good day, I hate doing the food shop at the best of times let alone when I'm on cd!
Day 7, family BBQ going on at the mo and my nan has brought round her amazing choc cake. Im really upset i cant eat what i want but i have to stay strong... it'll still be there in a few months. Started to notice my arms seem like im getting loose skin, probably from all the years of yo yo dieting, am hoping and praying they will eventually shrink back :-(

anyway, i havent had anything yet except water today, i will just be having meat and veg at the bbq but if i happen to eat a little bit more than 120g and 2 tablespoons i think itll be ok as long as its a one off. sooo hungry though!
thanks for your support guys. i ended up having a steak and some salad... hope i havent done too much damage! am really worried now. still got the rest of the day to go but with 3 shakes to last me i think i will be ok. its just when that cakes sitting there staring at me it gets really hard.
hi all, after having a steak at the bbq yesterday i wasnt hungry all day and only managed 2 of my shakes. i know its not good to skip a shake but i think itll be ok as a one off. anyway, day 8 today and i am feeling a lot better now. more energy, less hungry and more motivated. think it took me ages to get into ketosis! looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow! am finally feeling like i can do this
Day 9 and woo hoo! Just had my first weigh in, can't believe I lost 8.5lbs!!!! Well happy with that! Can really see myself achieving my target now :)
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