restarting- any tips please?

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    im a lurker and dont usually post! i started at end of january and was 13 stone 11 and got down to 11 stone 2 just before easter when i planned to go on holiday and have a break.

    well the break has lasted a month and now its times to restart. i weighed myself and am now 11 stone 11 llbs and my birthday is beginning of june so would like to be back where i was (or ideally more!)

    reasons i have been sabotaging my diet are numerous..................... i have a best mate diagnosed with rare bone cancer and we ate a huge curry and booze last night................a relative was murdered in a burgalry last month (tv appeal- crimewatch as well-news etc) and there was a meal at the widows place so couldnt refuse to eat (and didnt want to refuse the food) ............ am now in a size 14 and happy but the rate im going i will be back in 16s. other reasons are that ive started a new job and traveling has worn me out (way too much driving), need to meet new people and am worried that i will not be able to function if i start cd diet again (am in midwifery so cant really have a bad day iykwim) oh and the classic excuse...........the kids are driving me mad so i open a bottle of wine at night and comfort eat!

    so-sorry this is long but i need some advice. the cd counsellor is seeing me tomorrow afternoon and she has sugessted getting 2 shakes and a meal. I liked ss'ing but the first two weeks were incredibly difficult but i didnt cheat not once!

    thanks for any responses- really appreciate it :)
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    its so scary leaveing the lurkers room aint it
    i did that for the past 2 weeks knees knocking at the thought of posting

    sorry to hear about all your sad news its a right diet knocker aint it
    thats normally my reason for giveing up a diet i get bad news i get stressed and i think sod it and run in the kitchen for comfort food

    just think though in a few weeks - you'll loose weight
    your friend (s)will be so proud of you
    you'll cope with the kids /and work coz you'll have bags more energy and just that feeling you get as you get more confident about how you look inside and out

    id rather have that than a huge bar of galaxy

    and i love choccy :D

  4. ctdexw

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    thanks. todays ive been to see the cd counsellor who has suggested 2 shakes a day plus a mea and half pint of milk a day.

    i am also seeing a hypnotherapist at 2pm to stop me from sabotaging the diet with choc and booze in the evening!

    anyone interested in how it goes?
  5. hippoellie

    hippoellie CDC

    Yeah- tell us how the hypnotism went! I tried it for flying once- bit of a failure, but I really hope it works for you!
    Good luck!
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