restarting on wednesday, feeling very very nervous

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  1. gingernutlover

    gingernutlover Full Member

    :sigh:hi all

    i have an appt with a CDC on monday evening and plan to start CD on weds as I have a work thing on tuesday and dont want to tell anyone I am on the diet until I have got through the first week at least.

    I am feeling very very nervous about restarting

    I lost 3 stones with CD last summer and went from 14,7 to 11,7

    and have only put on about half a stone since but I am creeping towards that 12 stone mark and I dont want to go downt hat road, no way!

    My final goal, I think is somwhere between 10 and 10,7 which is bmi 24-25 for me, so I would officially be healthy. So that is a potential loss of 1.5-2 stones (dont really know my weight at the moment as my scales like to trick me)

    I think what is making me so nervous is the fact that many people were so negative last time, and also the fact that earlier this year i tried lighter life, My sis in law is a LL rep and gave me some packs, well i didnt make it past day 3 felt so crap and dizzy all the time.

    I am so worried that will happen again and I wont be able to stick to it.

    I dont want to be 12 stone anything, and I want all ym gorgeous size 12's that I bought to fit me again.

    Any adivce, tips, kicks up the bottom gratefully recieved.

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  3. spooky

    spooky Banned

    Good luck for your restart!!
    Keep reminding yourself of your reasons to lose weight and keep posting!! :D
  4. gingernutlover

    gingernutlover Full Member

    thanks spooky and congrats on your new one on its way

    if i can just get past week 1 maybe things will be okay

    cant get it out of head about the LL effort
  5. spooky

    spooky Banned

    Put it behind you :) Look forwards and not back. I am sure you will be fine, you have done it before! :D
  6. KBQueen

    KBQueen Yummy Mummy in the making

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    I am restarting on Tuesday after giving it up a few weeks ago (family problems and a holiday were my excuses to fail). I am nervous about it too but going to keep telling myself that I will never be a size 12 by Christmas if I dont do it ;)
  7. gingernutlover

    gingernutlover Full Member

    good for you moo moo we can encourgae each other

    i went today to see cdc and am starting weds as i have work lunch tomorrow and dont want anyone to know about the diet yet

    i was less on her scales too so have 18 lbs to lose til goal (although that might change i guess
  8. Percy greenfingers

    Percy greenfingers Silver Member

    18lb isn't alot, some people on here have been loosing 14lb in the first week. Not me though, I like to take it slowly. I lost loads with LL two years ago, put a couple of stone back on. Started CD and am slowly but surley getting there. It's been a relief to have an excuse not to eat sometimes. You can do it. Good luck.
  9. melh

    melh Member

    hi there i'm right with you on this, we both have the same amount to lose and are starting at roughly the same weight. Good Luck.
    Mel x
  10. gingernutlover

    gingernutlover Full Member

    hi melh good luck and keep posting, we'll support each other.

    14lbs in a week wow! Mind you with only 18 lbs to go and thinking it might not be that dramatic when i go next week. My cdc kinda hinted she expects me to start maintenance within the month though which is fantastic, might be nearly finished by xmas

    I start tomorrow morning, 18lbs to go :D but main goal is to get through first week
  11. Robin

    Robin New Member

    Dear Gingernutlover (theres a hellavalot of carbs & cals in them),

    Getting back on the diet is harder than starting the first time. I suggest that you focus initially on getting into Ketosis (ie; commiting to follow the diet for ONLY 3 days). By making that promise you have a visible & achievable target, after that you should have the incentive to continue to your goal. Let your counsellor know exactly how you're getting on, he/she should be very supportive. Its not luck it's determination to be where you want to be!
  12. gingernutlover

    gingernutlover Full Member

    thanks, yes, you are right, one day at a time and knowing when i do get into ketosis i will feel much much better

    my new cdc seems very supportive, she is a young mum like me and has said that if i feel the urge to eat, just phone her and she will talk me out of it. Some how knowing somone has made me that offer makes me feel more confident
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